Season 2, Episode 2: Freedom from the Downward Eating Spiral

The new year offers us a fresh start. But we don’t come in with a clean slate.  We’re all coming into the new year with a backstory, patterns and behaviors.

The way for this year to truly be different with your food and healing?

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Free yourself from the downward eating spiral. 

To do that, whether you struggle with overeating, binging or falling of the wagon, is to face your story. When you do this, you can be more free and fulfilled than what our culture has offered or wants you to know. Because a liberated body doesn’t comply with the rules.

If you’ve struggled with food and your body for a long time, you know it’s not enough to ask yourself if the food is worth it (it actually is in the moment!).

Because Insatiable Season 2 is about the feminine perspective, or what’s missing in our conversations, I’m going to be share with you:

  • Why it is “worth it” to eat bad food in the moment
  • Why traditional emotional eating approaches cause us to eat more overtime
  • The 5 stage anatomy of a downward eating spiral
  • Examples so you can get clarity in your own unique auto-eating spiral and start to free yourself immediately

Let’s do this! In a radically new way. And by radical, I mean sensible!

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