Season 2, Episode 1: The Missing Key to Sustainable Food Changes: Jess Ivin’s Story

While the health-care and diet industry would like you to believe we are all the same, the truth is:

You are a wonder, not a widget 

You don’t need a plan to rebel and restrict you. You need a dynamic framework that changes as you and your body do.

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk with my client Jessica Ivins about the truth she discovered was required for lasting results AND continued progress.

In today’s episode, we’ll discuss:

  1. What questions she had entering our work together that kept her stuck and what questions she knows to ask now
  2. How she’s shifted her approach to her Endometreosis diagnosis
  3. Her empowering experience being fat shamed
  4. How she’s embraced the continious tweaking of being a dynamic human in a dynamic body

In this episode, we referenced this article Jess wrote about being fat shamed.

Here’s more about Jess:

Jessica is a user experience (UX) designer and educator in Chattanooga, TN, USA. She is a faculty member at Center Centre, a school that prepares students to be industry-ready UX designers.

Jessica is a life-long learner and an avid reader. She’s used books to teach herself everything from healing her back pain to managing endometriosis without Western medication.

After years of unsuccessful diets and excessive exercise regimens, Jessica joined Ali Shapiro’s Truce with Food program in 2014. Since 2014, Jessica has worked with Ali to break away from the dieting-and-exercise-as-punishment mindset. Jessica has designed a personalized, holistic approach to healthful eating and living, an approach she continues to refine every day.


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