Last day and is this the real reason you’ve been stuck around food all these years?

Registration for Truce with Food 2018 closes today. 

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One of my 2018 goals is resuming a retirement savings strategy. I started one during my Corporate job. Then I left for the start-up life and my financial focus was paying for graduate school and living on the cheap.

For the past couple of years, I could’ve and should’ve resumed retirement investing.

My Mom recently informed me the number one reason most people don’t save for retirement is inertia.

This hit me powerfully. - Truce With Food Program. "IT’S TIME FOR A DIETING TRUCE FIRE. IT’S TIME FOR A TRUCE WITH FOOD."

It wasn’t that I was incapable of figuring out my needs or didn’t have time to figure this out. It’s that I was confusing inertia with excuses, including I’ll get to that eventually and I love my job. I don’t mind working till I’m 80!

Inertia is what will undermine many people who want a genuine Truce with Food. Everyone is capable of doing this work (it’s freeing and meaningful, so you won’t stop trying). And the resource of time usually appears when we value the results we get.

But the side of us that doesn’t want to change, and we all have that side, will come up with reasons not to take action. Sometimes those reasons are legit. And many times, it’s inertia disguised as self-doubt and self-criticism.

Even trickier, many of us will confuse learning with change. In other words, we will think we are changing and headed towards results when really, we are just learning more of the same old, same old, reinforcing the very behaviors we must change to end the food battle.

For example,

Learning: Headed to a Super Bowl party, worried about the food so you must meditate before you go, find a recipe that’s a healthy version of something you’ll enjoy and then try and check-in with yourself to see if eating badly is worth it. Maybe you win, maybe you lose the battle. And you definitely didn’t fully enjoy the party.

Change: Prevented the food battle in the first place by reducing the stress in your life during the week so your weekends aren’t your excuse to “go crazy” and treat yourself. You know you’ll find something that works for you once you get there and actually have fun during the game because of the Super Bowl, not the food.

Learning: Recommitting to MyFitnessPal to track your calories and join a Facebook support group to hold you accountable.

Change: Using MyFitness Pal to revisit your portion sizes while ignoring the archaic, one-size-fits all algorithm for what’s too much fat and protein for you and not feeling shame when you go over your goal.

Rather, you know how to X-ray the auto-eating spiral of why you went over and know what to do differently the next time. You don’t need to be held accountable because you’ve tasted food freedom and it keeps getting better and better overtime. Why would you stop?

Inertia or doing the same old, same old, is familiar. And while it might make us miserable, staying with what’s familiar is the safe choice. At least in the beginning.

When I finally met with a financial advisor that I trust to guide me to my goals, I felt so much relief. And of course, asked myself what took me so long. And there was a good week at being mad at myself for not resuming being strategic, sooner.

But like we learn in Truce with Food, clarity and compassion is healing. I feel supported and using my inertia as research and reminder that getting started is often the most uncomfortable and then momentum takes over.

Most importantly, I’m confident my money is working to support me instead of determine my future. Because I probably don’t want to be forced to work till I’m 80.

I want food and your body to support your life, not something that holds you back and determines what you do or don’t experience. Food can be a wondrous tool or a battle.

If we can recognize inertia, including learning more of the same, for what it is, we can feel the relief and results of food freedom.

The Truce with Food train is leaving the station today. Are you getting on? Betting on yourself by investing in a “ticket” is when the inertia ends and the momentum begins!

Be well,


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