Personal reflections on 10 years in the wellness world + business shifts!

This past Sunday was my birthday. But I also have my business birthday coming up on October 15. Ten years ago on that day, I left my corporate job and became a full-time health counselor (that’s what we were called back then).

As one of my favorite artists Paul Simon says, 10 years come and gone so fast I might as well have been dreaming …

I had no idea what discovering the radical truth for my body was about to bring.

I felt so liberated in my body, I wanted to spread the good news. Helping people was literally my business plan. I have appreciation and hysterical laughter for my naivety.

Building a methodical body of work on such a complex dynamic between food and our feelings hasn’t been easy. Especially in a culture that largely values the surface of things. But the most meaningful things in life are rarely easy.

I wouldn’t have survived the darkest days or took the big, scary leaps without the otherworldly devotion from my parents, my entrepreneurial idol and sister, Julia, and of course, Carlos.

Carlos: I love you more today than the 12.5 years ago we met. Thank you for loving all of me, especially during launches!

And of course my Grandma, who planted the seeds of my work with her progressive spirit; she “got” nutrition 50 years before Whole Foods was a glint in the Universe’s eye. I feel her love of philosophy and people everyday in my work.

I’m humbled and awed at the generational, team effort involved in the freedom to fully pursue the longing in our hearts.

Another huge thank you goes to Kristin. She was first a client and for the past five years, has been an amazing support and advocate for my work as my Operational rock-star. Her operational brain and social justice perspective and efforts keep me focused on what matters, in all ways.

I sooo appreciate those of you reading this. Thank you for engaging with my work. For those who listen to the podcast and share Insatiable with your health-care providers, friends and family. I delight in all the conversations it has sparked!

And to my clients. Whether you’ve taken a workshop, worked with me privately or have participated in one of my programs, my work doesn’t come alive without you.

Your leap of trust in yourself and me, I have never taken lightly. I’m honored our paths have intertwined. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for taking agency with your body so you can show others what’s possible beyond the diet culture. I imagine how much more efficiently we can get results when more of the world “gets it” 8-)

Together, we are breaking new ground, going where science and society will eventually catch up to the transformative truth of a holistic approach (and what indigenous cultures have always known).

Until we value our emotions as much as what we eat and how we workout, an unimaginative vision of what’s possible for our health will be the controlling narrative.

You’re living proof of what humans are capable of at their best. Your unfolding is what has kept me fascinated and devoted all these years.

Thanks to my clients and the data we’ve generated together, lots of shifts are coming here:

I’ll be licensing Truce with Food to coaches of all stripes (health, life, etc), therapists, and other health professionals who want a new set of transformational change tools to incorporate into your practice for those struggling with food and implementing healing protocols. I know many of you here are in the health-care and wellness fields. If this interests you, stay tuned!

I’ve also been doing organizational speaking events and institutional health-care consulting. If you are in an organization that is looking for speakers or consulting around making healthy changes stick, please reach out to me.

And for those of you here, I will continue to be rolling out new types of blog posts and podcasts that align with what I stand for: Radical Truth for Every Body.

I’ll be back shortly with 10 Truths I now know having been at my work for 10 years.

To think this 10-year milestone is just the beginning excites me to know end. But first, a nap!

In deep gratitude and awe…

Be well,


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