Season 2, Episode 7: Food, Body and Our Moms with Bethany Webster

We all came from a woman and so have a Mother (some of us have two either from same-sex marriages or adoption). We all have Bodies. And we’ve all grown up under patriarchal conditions that tell us women are less than men and our value is often in how we look.

This reality can create quite a tangled web of body image and weight issues. But, according to Bethany Webster, a pioneering coach and writer, it’s not the body image and weight issues we need to address. Rather, we are all struggling with what Bethany calls, the Mother Wound.

I wanted to have Bethany on because no one walks around thinking their body and weight issues saying, “It’s because I have a mother wound.”

We might joke that we – or the people we date and know – have Mommy issues, but how is this actually influencing how we feel about our bodies?

We are going to get into that in today’s episode and so much more, including the political implications of the Mother Wound and how every time Bethany and I talk about a certain topic, we lose subscribers and followers! I might even lose some listeners here once we discuss it AND, it is what it is.

Part of why I wanted to have Bethany on is because her process and expertise goes deep.  I found it fascinating how many seemingly disconnected issues can be traced back to the Mother Wound.

Her process is also radical in that healing the mother wound isn’t about blaming our mothers but rather, looking at the larger safety dynamic it set up within us and taking responsibility to expand how safe we feel in our lives so we can step into our power and increase our impact in the world.

And selfishly, I wanted to ask Bethany if the Mother Wound is really the Parental wound. Are we just focusing on women when our safety is tied into our family unit and community? You’ll hear her answer and powerful steps to start exploring your own relationship with your mother in a constructive, empathetic and helpful way.

We also discussed this incredible piece Bethany wrote about “What’s Going on with Men?” I highly recommend reading it.

Bethany Webster is a writer, transformational coach and international speaker.  Her work is focused on helping women heal the mother wound so that they can step into their full power and potential. She teaches workshops, an online course and offers a coaching program for women leaders. For Bethany’s articles, interviews and resources, check out her website at


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