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About the Lessons:

Lesson 1: What’s Best for Me – Vegetarian, Mediterranean or Paleo?


Discover whether you do best with a Vegetarian, Mediterranean or Paleo inspired diet, and what types of proteins – plant, animal or a mix – work best for your body. You’ll learn what to eat at breakfast to want to make the healthy choice at lunch, and two simple morning lifestyle changes for a craving-free day.

Lesson 2: Power Lunch to Prevent Afternoon Cravings

With a more energized, focused and craving-free morning, it’s time to learn how to support your metabolism at lunch including two gentle lifestyle changes to guarantee craving-free afternoons and nights.

Lesson 3: Eliminate Your Sweet or Salty Tooth

Feeling less hunger and cravings, you’ll figure out how much you need of this #1 missing food that prevents cravings, especially after your meals.

Lesson 4: I Get to Eat Carbs?! How Much?

Without the right carbs for your metabolism, we binge or overeat on bad carbs. Discover which and how many carbs are right for your body to prevent cravings and provide the energy for the life you want.

Lesson 5: Evening Eating – The Key to Craving-Free Days

How we eat at dinner and afterwards sets up cravings for the next day. Learn how to tweak your dinner so you feel satiated, get a good night’s sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed (instead of groggy).

Bonus Lesson: Real Life Tweaks – PMS to Post-Binge

Many diets and plans seem to forget: You live in the real world. Learn these key food tips when you don’t get enough sleep, have PMS, are recovering from a big work presentation – or after a binge.

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To get your questions answered and learn from others to drastically shorten your learning curve. Adult learning is influenced by connection, safety, and experimentation. The live group format offers an invaluable environment for exponential growth and progress. Calls are Wednesdays from 12 – 1 pm EST June 3- July 1 and are recorded.

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You’ll be able to connect with others in our live FFC group and have support in between our Q&A calls in our private, easy to use, separate from social media and ad-free platform.

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You’ll receive five weeks free during our live group and can access the powerful content library on topics related to having a Truce with Food and becoming an empowered advocate for your health. 

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Results include:

  • Wake up energized without a kick-start of sugar or copious amounts of coffee
  • Feel satisfied all morning, after lunch and through dinner — no snacking necessary!
  • Decrease your need for mini-meals, snacks, and after dinner eating
  • Arrive at the end of your work day energized to get to the gym or evening plans
  • Fall and stay asleep with improved overall restfulness
  • Know the right amount of fats, protein, and carbs to stay satisfied and nutritionally supported in a variety of different food situations — no anxious food planning necessary!
  • Be in control of your hunger and reprogramming your body to crave the foods that support you
  • Put your hormones on a healing path to balance hormone-related cravings and emotions

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Included in this offering:

  • 5, 20 minute lessons in easy downloadable audio podcasts and transcripts, plus a bonus lesson
  • 5, 60 minute live Q&A calls to get your questions answered, learn from others and have accountability (calls are Wednesdays from 12 – 1 pm EST June 3- July 1 and recorded)
  • Food experiments with easy and simple recipes included in each lesson to guide you through the above process (all ingredients can be found at most regular grocery stores)
  • Instructional videos to fast-track your learning by seeing real life clients’ food diaries. You’ll see how this process helped them to recognize and course-correct their blood sugar crashes (not their “weakness” around food)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Have a question not addressed here? Feel free to write to me: ali@alishapiro.com


Here’s what others who have experienced Freedom from Cravings are saying:

“I lost 10 pounds. I never thought this was possible!”

“I’m down three pounds, my mood is better, and my thinking changed so I can implement even more change and stay motivated.”

“I know how to eat for my body!”

“I feel satisfied and those “shark” moments are gone!”

“I eat and sleep better, I’m regular for the first time in my life, I have more energy and my afternoon cravings are pretty much non-existent.”

“I followed the breakfast tips and it kept me away from temptation all damn day. Yesssssss!!!”

“I was shocked I don’t need snacks… and I sleep better, have more energy and look forward to veggies in a way that is new to me.”

“My energy is up and I don’t feel like I need an afternoon nap.”

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