It’s Time for You to Call a Truce with Food




Next round begins Winter 2016!

There you are, out to dinner at a trendy restaurant with your friend. This place is known for its burgers and they stream out of the kitchen like sizzling saucers. Your mouth waters. Your fork is perched over a side of salad dressing, inching closer to its creamy target.

I’m being good, you mentally monitor.

Your fork descends, then hovers briefly before tipping just so into the dressing. Mmmm, that is some damn good dressing. Go you for asking for it on the side. Crunch, crunch, more mental math. You can already tell this won’t be enough dressing. And, let’s face it, this wimpy salad is nothing without this dressing. Just-out-of-the-oven-bread? You shake your head NO! Puh-lease. Do you look like the kind of woman who eats bread?

Dressing on the side. Check! No bread. Check! “I’m being soooo good,” you monitor. Again.

You keep talking to your friend while suddenly, trying to find a loophole to being good.

You take a deep breath and mumble a mantra “My curves empower me.”

Oh this feels so stupid. And not how I really feel. I just want a piece of bread. I’ll make sure to go to the gym tomorrow.

“What’s that?” your friend pauses.

You bite your lip and imagine stabbing your fork into the table. I. AM. DONE.


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Believe it or not, this moment is actually great news. 

What do I mean?

What feels like resignation—perhaps mixed with frustration, sadness, and indignation—is actually a necessary surrender and a call to more…not out of a diet, but out of life.


But how do I know this?

Because this was me. For decades. 

I lived the whole “diet (and my real life) starts tomorrow” for 18 years. The constant mental negotiations. Was breakfast really four points? I bet it was only 3.5 and I can have one bite of cheesecake now… And the worst part is that no matter how much I went over and over it like some Rubik’s Cube, I couldn’t figure it out. How could I be successful in so many other areas in my life…and yet this “weight thing” kept following me like a storm cloud?

The long road I traveled—and one you don’t need to—to arrive at this better than I ever believed possible peaceful place is a different story, one I’m guessing you’ll relate to if you read on.

But before we dive deeper into what I can now look back on an adventure, let me introduce myself. ali-headshot

Hi! I’m Ali Shapiro, I often describe myself using the words of a client who dubbed me her Swiss Army knife of wellness“You’re like having a nutritionist, trainer, and psychologist in my back pocket!”

As a full-time health coach for the past eight years, I can attest that when it comes to calling a truce with food simple definitely doesn’t mean easy. I’d love to save you the time, frustration, and lost potential that piles on from failed dieting attempts. These “failures” aren’t your fault. While all dieting and lifestyle plans claim to come from different places, they’re all using the same formula. And none are looking at you as a whole person.

Many of my clients know dieting doesn’t work. But they don’t know what will.

The good news is these formulas aren’t worth continuing to figure out. If you’re like most of my clients, you’re smart and driven. If this were merely a logic problem or a matter of discipline, you would have figured it out by now. If you are anything like I was, you still cling to the belief that you will be the exception. This makes sense because you’ve been exceptional in so many other areas of your life. And yet, like me, you probably have to admit (with just a dash of shame) that full acceptance isn’t realistic because you really are happier when you’re thinner.

But losing weight doesn’t have to be as difficult as it’s been for you in the past if you use your exceptional nature not to go on another diet, but rather to challenge yourself to truce with food you probably can’t even imagine is possible right now (weight loss and peace are a side-effect of this process). This involves challenging what you think is “good” eating and the “good girl” stories you probably don’t even know you are living by…yet!

As Brené Brown (whom I love) says…

Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.

I couldn’t have said it better myself (and that’s why I didn’t). Yes, this kind of deeper work can feel like going into the darkness, but I’m here to shine a light, to be your guide (along with other fabulous women in the group).

I often ask women, “What is your food and/or weight loss goal asking of you?” If you could answer this off the top of your head then you may need to sink deeper. Most likely what will arise is a feeling that something has to change but you don’t know exactly what. Maybe you’re in a rut. Outwardly, you seem to really have your life together and others may even look up to you as a role model. But inside there’s something missing. You look around and think I’ve accomplished so much and yet does it always need to come back to this?

And what got you this far in life, won’t get you to where you want to go with your weight. There’s a gap between where you are and where you want to go.

I know this gap well. 

Unless you already figured out this food “thing” and aren’t anchored by your weight. Unless you are already soaring in the lighter life you were meant to lead…read on.

Will you step into the time machine with me? 

Ten years ago, I’m sitting on a doctor’s examination table in Philly. I’ve been greeted, paperworked, weighed, processed, and now I try hard—after so many years of being poked and prodded—not to imagine myself as a slab of meat sitting on top of this rolled out paper. The light above me flickers as if taking pictures of a body that—according to the scale I just stared down—is still 30 pounds from where I’d like it to be. The door of this tiny room is closed, my brick of a medical file hung behind it.

Time sloooows as I wait for my doctor. iPhones haven’t been invented and so I’m left with my iThoughts. I tell myself that May 22, 1992—the date I was diagnosed with cancer—was a long time ago. I tell myself that I’ve been “free” of cancer for over ten years. I’m here because I can’t seem to figure out what’s going on with my balloning body. Why despite my best white knuckling efforts and discipline, I’m continuing to gain weight. Fingers crossed, a wonky thyroid is the culprit or maybe my antidepressant? What is the thing that will fix me?

For so long I defined healthy as not having cancer. But now? There’s my recently diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome, acne, allergies, and depression. Life just feels heavy. My eyes drift back over to that medical file that’s as thick as a phonebook and giving the door hinges a workout.

I have a sudden realization: That is my medical file. I spring from the exam table, the butcher paper sticking to my thighs. I flip through my file as if reading a mystery. Little did I know at this time that this was all the evidence I need to start reclaiming my health and my full potential in that learning process.

There’s a knock on the exam room door. I have more questions than answers, but this is the start of something. There’s been an inner shift. Surely all of these ailments can’t be unrelated? Surely there has to be root causes? Surely there has to be a better way than point counting, constant monitoring, and more medication?

And so I said f— it! I’m tired of fighting myself. Maybe I’ll just be fat and alone forever. I may not have cancer, but I’m definitely not healthy.

After a binge on a bag of cookies, a clumsy search began. Given that dieting had been my main hobby for 18 years, I felt a bit lost. And freakin’ exhausted. I had no food or exercise plan, but instead found myself taking chances, testing new limits.

Rather than continuing all of the career striving, I made a lateral job move to eliminate a draining commute out to the suburbs and all of the international work travel. Even though my weight was no where where I wanted it to be, I said yes, to a date to a wonderful man who is now my husband (hint: if a man offers to carry heavy boxes and furniture into your new apartment after only knowing you for two weeks, he may be a keeper). I started taking art classes that wouldn’t “advance” my career, but fed me creatively (want to know how to bind a book, I can show you how). My curiosity peaked and I felt inspired. My weight took a back seat to the life I thought I’d have to wait for.


And that’s when five pounds dropped.

                     And then five more.

                                     And then another ten.

What the hell is going on? Now that my weight doesn’t matter as much, now it comes off? You and your dark humor life!

Looking back now after losing those initial twenty pounds with (seemingly) little effort isn’t surprising.

When I first started working with clients, I witnessed how changes unrelated to food had this same weight loss ripple effect.

Over our sessions together, as they started living their potential, they lost and maintained, 20, 40 and 90 plus pounds.  I wanted to chart what exactly was happening.

These women (and a few men) who sat across from me were smart, driven, and successful. They didn’t want more b.s. and fluff, they wanted to know why working with me would really be different. In those early years I got results for my clients, but I couldn’t map out exactly where we were going. Everyone was eating differently and making different changes. But what was changing psychologically? My nutrition and functional medicine training had been progressive enough to help them meet their specific goals, but I wanted to provide these women with finely honed tools for the elegant and lasting solutions they were looking for (and deserved).

So I embarked on figuring out what was happening in this unchartered territory. I returned to get my Masters in Coaching from the University of Pennsylvania. I continued to build my practice and business while attending classes over four years. Doing this was stressful, necessary, and a smart decision. I was able to apply the latest theories and research about how adults learned and changed behaviors immediately to my work with these incredible clients. These weren’t academic theories developed in a vacuum.

The results I was getting for my clients increased exponentially and stood the test of time.

While they were all traveling different paths, the women in Truce With Food were experiencing similar successes.


Yes, each week of this four month program covers the innovations in nutrition fundamentals that haven’t made it into mainstream media and cutting-edge coaching. But there is also something deeper at work. For starters women begin to understand that self-acceptance is the opposite of resignation. It’s challenging ourselves to understand, own and create new stories that unlock our full potential.

Again, easier said than done. Over time, many of us have written ourselves into the harmful stories others have told us about ourselves.

The challenge is that this isn’t so different than a fish that doesn’t know it’s in water. We don’t even recognize these stories because we’re submerged in them.

As Beth, a recent participant, says…

Through the program, I realized all the unhealthy myths I told myself for years about dieting, exercise, and dating just aren’t true!

If you’re like many past participants, you know this weight and food thing shouldn’t matter. You also suspect it’s not really about the food and weight…and yet, it is. Actually, I’m here to tell you that, paradoxically, it is and is not about your weight and food. It’s like a enigmatic dance…not a battle. 

The flash in the pan novelty of failed dieting formulas needs to be replaced with a slow burn of continuous curiosity. “Discipline” and “pushing through” need to be replaced with a love of learning and a more intuitive kind of knowing. The Truce with Food approach enables you to discover what food and movement work best for you while shining brightly along the way, not once you lose weight.

What the group comes to experience over the 16 weeks of the program is that while we each have our own unique stories, there ARE reoccurring themes. The main theme is how trying to be “good” at food, exercise and the rest of life leads to “bad” eating. You can sink below these opposites and find a beautiful sweet spot.

Ah, the relief that sets in from knowing we aren’t alone. It’s one of the reasons most accept the invitation to stay connected to the group even once the program has officially ended.

When you find that sweet spot in the program, you find that you embody a new way of being, that food and life become as exceptional as you have the potential to be. You forge your own unique path with me, your trusted guide, alongside you.

As Elizabeth says…

Ali’s positive, ‘isn’t that interesting, tell me more’ attitude allowed me to find a new level of how I could be more comfortable in my own skin. I’m now comfortable explaining food sensitivity issues to friends and family, better at managing interpersonal relationships that have lots of baggage, and I’m comfortable in social situations that normally would have caused stress and anxiety, and so much more. I’m so honored and humbled to call her my coach.

I am really big on walking my talk (it takes a lot of ovaries to ask clients to do things you haven’t done yourself!). While I had traversed this territory several times, I discovered as with all great adventures, there are always more discoveries to be made. In the years since I lost those original twenty pounds, I’ve since lost 10 more and found more peace with my body than I ever imagined.

My original question of “What will fix me” has evolved into “How good can you stand it?” And I don’t mean in terms of more stuff and happiness. Rather, the depth and meaning in my life has magnified. Without food taking up so much mental space, life is so much simpler and lighter.

Truce with Food is not a plan, but a lifesaving journey.

~Candace G.

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I want that for you. I’m committed to showing you how to find your way through a truce with food and into a life that feeds you. I can’t do the work for you, but I can make sure the work you do counts. I’m ready to walk alongside you. Let’s travel the most elegant path together.

Up until now, I’ve told you a bit about my story and how this program has evolved alongside my life and professional training. Why? It’s important that you know I’ve walked the walk and have the unique “Swiss Army knife” expertise to guide and empower  you.

Although we have yet to meet, I feel like we’re already in a conversation. But who are you? Do you feel like this program might be the right fit for you?

Read on to find out…

This program attracts driven women—especially on paper—who want to be challenged to be their best

You sense your type-A tendencies have gotten you far in life, but seem powerless against this kind of struggle. This program will challenge you but it won’t be hard work in the way you’re used to around food and exercise. This deeper investigation take courage over counting calories or points and exercising self-inquiry over bootcamps. So, while you may embark on this path a bit skeptical, you are equally excited to learn a new way of understanding food and your body.

The women I work best with tend toward the cerebral (and over-thinking!)…

This isn’t your first self-improvement rodeo. You are self aware and yet looking for a deeper way of understanding your body and motivations. You may have already been to traditional therapy and connected some of the dots, you may even believe you know why, but not how to make changes. You understand that living your best life isn’t all !!!!! all the time. Positive thinking and mantras have their place, but you’re looking for something for your body and mind. Some of the most rewarding moments in your life have come not from putting on a happy face, but from meaningful pursuits.

The women who get the most out of the program weren’t born yesterday…

Intellectually you know that pre-packaged plans don’t work, but you aren’t sure what will. You believe you’re nutritionally savvy—which feels like a blessing and a curse—but are overwhelmed with making sense of all of the noise (paleo? gluten-free? sugar-free? vegan?) You still get emotionally snagged into detoxes, new diet plans, and Facebook scrolling of your friends short-term weight loss successes. You are ready to take the longer view (even if begrudgingly) because you’ve been around long enough to know the quick fix hasn’t been one for you.

These women want food and weight loss to take up less mental and spiritual real estate in their lives…

My clients want the food version of having it all: losing weight and/or the ability to find peace and calm around food so they can enjoy their success (versus being afraid it will all go away). This is a great motivation because it’s actually the only way out of this food maze. So are you are tired of thinking about and feeling tempted by food all of the time? You know it shouldn’t matter, but you truly believe life would be better if you lost some weight or toned your stomach. You know that examining your overall physical and emotional health will provide the necessary clarity to expect more from the next phase of your life. You are sophisticated and know that a tailored (not one-size-fits all) approach will work in the long-term. You want an approach that considers all of you from your health history to a desire not to cook every meal from scratch.

Ready to dive into what you’ll experience?



truce-food-pathYou’ll receive 12 Lessons containing links to 12 Audio Classes with easy-to-print worksheets and exercises. You receive new content and assignments for the first three weeks of each month. The last week of each month is an integration week, to go deeper with recommendations or to catch up if needed. All course content, additional multimedia resources, and group participation will be housed in an integrated and seamless online learning platform. Your learning will be supported by me and your peers via our private online group.

In order to take the conversation deeper and to offer any necessary clarification of course materials, there will also be a live (and lively) weekly coaching call. You can participate from anywhere in the world (we are a global group). Call times will vary to accommodate as many schedules as possible. If for any reason you can’t make it to one of these live calls, you can send in your questions ahead of time. Afterwards, recordings of all calls will be made available to all in the group. 

Best of all, even after the program concludes, all course materials, online discussions, and the community will continue to be available to you from the “observation deck” for FREE and for as long as the Truce with Food program exists. Many former participants love dipping in for inspiration and staying connected to the incredible caliber of women who have answered the call to this adventure.

Now that I’ve given you a sense of the structure of the program, let me give you a taste of the topics and the story we will be writing together. It unfolds over four phases.

Phase 1: Am I On Track? Orient Yourself to What Works. For You.

  • Lessons 1 – 3: All my clients know a lot about nutrition. They think they know what to eat but just aren’t doing it. I have yet to meet one person who is actually eating healthy for their body. You will figure out what healthy is for you and clear up your daytime cravings.

Phase 2: Discover Your Route to Consistency.

  • Lessons 4 -6: It’s true that a Truce with Food and weight loss take time. But time well spent. Discover the emotions and stories that you can’t see (yet!) that keep you turning to “bad” carbs and looking in the wrong places. Here you’ll get unstuck from more of the same. You’ll know how to pick the route to your Truce with Food goal that leads to relief, inspiration and deep hope that this time can truly be different.

Phase 3: Monitor Your Potential (Not Your Food!).

  • Lesson 7 – 9: With your new awareness and insight, it’s time to get out of your lululemon stretch pants and put on that elegant outfit you’ve been saving. We’re writing your next chapter, the plot twist in your good girl story, where you are discovering your full potential. The great news is it’s about eliminating the unproductive efforts like thinking about food all day so you can live more.

Phase 4:  You Have Arrived!

  • Lesson 10-12: Don’t you love when the GPS says that? The new behaviors and ways of being you discovered that are as equally important as what you eat are becoming more natural. You challenge yourself to the bigger changes you now realize you want to make. You no longer see food as “good” or “bad” and yet you want to make the healthy choice. Food (even carbs!) and life feel easier. You have new, deeper goals. But before you are off to your next adventure, it’s time to take in the view and celebrate all your hard work.

Winter 2016 Bonuses

Guest Experts

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with the top thinkers and doers in wellness. To add to the comprehensiveness of the program, I’ve curated some of the best in the field to teach along with me in a series of master classes. Again, all of this content will be available regardless of your schedule.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from:

Andrea Nakayama from Replenish PDX will speak on thyroid disorders related to a sluggish metabolism and autoimmune issues. She’ll discuss the root cause of these disorders and which tests you should ask your doctor for to ensure you’re genuinely supporting your thyroid and it can then, support your health.

Brandon Mentore, an elite trainer, will speak on how to identify your body type and its influence on your exercise goals and identify the top exercise mistakes that cause people to gain weight. You’ll workout smarter, not harder.

Tara Sophia Mohr, a women’s leadership expert and founder of the Playing Big Program discusses how your inner critic can throw you off emotional balance, landing you in the dessert aisle and how to work with this voice to feel more powerful.

Bob Schoenholtz, M.S., ATR-BC, LPC, a leading visual imagery therapist, discusses how weight issues can be a result of unresolved pain lingering in the body. Just because your type-A personality has moved on, doesn’t mean the body has. You’ll learn how visual imagery therapy is different than talk therapy, the ways of knowing aside from thought that will help you release weight and how healing these old wounds restores your confidence, taking the pressure off of your weight loss goals so you can enjoy your wellness process.

Ali’s step-by-step approach opened my eyes to the other aspects of my diet that needed to be adjusted. The difference in how I look and feel is amazing. If you’re serious about changing your life through what you consume, I cannot recommend Ali’s program highly enough.


So, to recap, your program experience includes:

  • 12 Lessons containing links to 12 Audio Classes with easy-to-print worksheets and exercises.
  • An integrated and seamless online learning platform.
  • A live (and lively) weekly coaching call. Times will vary to accommodate as many people and time zones as possible (more details once you’re enrolled). Afterwards, recordings of all calls will be made available.
  • A private online group for consistent feedback and support.
  • 4 Bonus Master Classes with a wide array of experts.

Yes, you could go on yet another diet with the burning hope that you’ll get it “right” this time. Yes, you can over time hire an army of personal trainers, nutritionists, and psychologists. And yes, you can continue the battle.

BUT, I’m guessing if you’ve read this far, then you are looking for something different. You understand that a process-oriented approach that guides rather than dictates, that teaches you how to trust yourself will lead to the greatest, most freeing (and lasting) results.

This program is essential because…

  • Every time you try something else that doesn’t work, there’s more to unlearn. Yes, the baggage piles up.
  • In a culture where food has become a religion, you need a coach who no longer has her own food hang-ups. You need someone who will understand your unique history, needs, and goals. You need a guide, curator, and supporter…not a food police and dictator.
  • You need to move from “knowing what to do” to actually doing it. Many coaches can help you figure out what’s sabotaging you on a surface level, but fewer can provide the tools and insight to help you traverse the territory from where you are to where you want to be. Doing this requires sinking into the paradox of this simultaneously “being about the food” and “not about the food.” I have the academic, professional, and personal experience and training to teach you this enigmatic dance.

Is this program what you’re looking for? I hope so! But it may not be. Here’s how you’ll know . . .

Signs that this is your time to call a truce with food:

  • You’re ready to finally lose and keep off weight, but you’re NOT on a “need to lose 20 pounds for a wedding next month” deadline.
  • You have the sinking feeling that you just can’t stomach another short-lived dieting success with its boomerang weight gain.
  • You know that self-care goes beyond manicures, pedicures, and buying a new outfit. These things have their place, but you’re more interested in self-care that simplifies your life while connecting you to others who get you.
  • You know your ultimate success will only be sweet if it creates a life that makes you feel empowered. You don’t need someone to dictate from a megaphone. You do that enough in your head. Rather, you want someone who will challenge you from a place of compassion and understanding of what it’s like to live through the mental hell of a pre-occupation with food.
  • You’re excited about a learning process fueled by curiosity, experimentation, and humor versus only checking off boxes.
  • You want to gain wisdom to work smarter, not harder.


Now imagine it’s time to decide on dinner.

It’s 6 p.m. not later because you really understand that working harder doesn’t mean better output. Plus, your day was creative, productive, and you are energized because your priorities are present.

You didn’t think about food at all today, except when you unexpectedly had a friend ask you to lunch. You didn’t worry about going off your plan because you don’t have one now. Food is a much more neutral and natural part of your life. You suggested a great lunch spot that has healthy and delicious options you were actually craving. You had energy because you now know how to balance your blood sugar. And, you are no longer reading dieting advice and articles when you need a work break.

So, you actually feel like hitting the 6:15 yoga class. You no longer feel like only cardio counts as exercise and know instead of guilt for choosing yoga, you’ll feel reset for a great evening. While tonight you have plans with that friend who you met because she was the only one bold enough to tell you in the college cafeteria that you had broccoli in your teeth, you’d also be just as happy to go home because you feel at home in your body and life.

While nights often vary, it’s all based on a feeling of flow YOU created.

You are on fire, my dear heroine…

But if you travel far enough, one day you will recognize yourself coming down the road to meet yourself. And you will say — YES.  – Marion Woodman

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Truce with Food different from other weight loss coaching programs?

Truce with Food is the only program I know of that addresses the physical and emotional aspects of food and where those intersect. Many participants have told me it’s “paradigm shifting.” This is also a step-by-step process grounded in cutting edge nutrition, coaching, and psychology theory and practice, not just “hey, this worked for me.” My strength is in understanding all three parts and how they interlock. The programs I’ve seen tend to address things tactically, but not the strategic overlap. Truce with Food is like hiring one general contractor to manage a total renovation versus hoping a fleet of contractors are in sync. This holistic understanding is necessary for the degree of lasting change most people are seeking.

Can I get reimbursed for this program through my insurance?

If you have an FSA or HSA account, most likely. I’ve written dozens of receipts for participants’ FSA and HSA accounts. Most plans reimburse for any type of nutritional counseling and coaching. I recommend checking with your plan specifically for an exact answer. I’m happy to write you receipt.

If there’s no plan, how will I know what to eat?

A plan will certainly develop, but it’ll be based on your body, your health concerns (i.e. hypothyroidism, fatigue, depression, etc.) and so it will feel like you are in control because you are. Everyone’s body is different. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, instead think of it like a tailored dress that makes you radiate from the inside out.

Will I lose weight?

As you’ll learn in the program, lasting weight loss is a byproduct of the body and mind getting healthy. This often means reducing stress and deconstructing why you turn to food. While many people lose weight, given the nature of weight loss, anyone with respectable training will tell you it’s impossible to guarantee weight loss results. Many people also report weight loss after the program too. One of the things I’m most proud of is when I’m in touch with clients years after, they’re always in exponentially better places because they’ve taken the tools and new mindset they learned in Truce with Food for cumulative and exponential benefits.

I have medical conditions that make weight loss difficult (i.e. joint pain, autoimmune issues), will this program still work for me?

Absolutely. Weight loss is a side effect of a physiologically balanced body. The program focuses on creating the internal conditions for this balance, which support all health conditions. While health conditions are multi-factorial, you’ll understand how to nutritionally support these conditions.

I’m busy. Will I have time for this?

Life today is one constant busy season. Especially for the women who tend to gravitate towards Truce With Food. This program is designed for the on-the-go lifestyle. It does require about three hours per week for maximum benefit. Two hours for the content and Q&A calls (all recorded so you can listen at your leisure), and about an hour on “homework.” Many participants have said this program actually creates time for you by learning the foods to give you more energy and clarity. Plus the last week in each month is an integration week, where there’s no new content but opportunities to go deeper with the work, and catch up if you missed a week.

I’m not looking to lose weight, but do want to enhance other areas of my health. Can this program help?

Absolutely. In discussing digestion and blood sugar, the two foundational systems of the body that influence all of today’s chronic conditions, you’ll do that. And, being healthy isn’t just about being free of disease. It’s about emotional well-being, which Truce with Food focuses on heavily.

Do I have to become a master chef?

No! I’m actually referred to as the lazy chef’s guide to cooking. All the recipes are really simple (no exotic ingredients) or long prep times and can be cooked in big batches to last for multiple days. Plus, you’ll learn how to eat out and make the right choices so you don’t need to cook all the time.

I’m not really a group joiner. Will I benefit from the program?

I call myself a bad joiner myself so I understand your hesitation. I’ve had some people stick to themselves and get incredible benefits. However most participants are impressed by the caliber of women in the group and want to participate and get incredible value from the support and ideas of these other intelligent and caring women.

What if I sign up and change my mind or what if my life just gets super busy?

Truce with Food has a higher than average completion rate for online programs. Second, all instructional materials are yours for life—so even if your schedule happens to change, you can still get the full value of the program when you’re ready. However, if within the first 30 days of the program, you find it isn’t working for you, and you have completed the program materials and worksheets we’ve done up until that point, let us know and your tuition will be refunded.

I’m having technical trouble signing up.

No problem. We can help. Just email and she’ll get you all set up.

Honestly, I feel nervous about signing up. I don’t want to waste any more money on a diet or plan that isn’t going to work.

You definitely aren’t alone. Side-by-side the hopes of things really being different are the voices of, “I’m just always going to struggle with my weight.” or “I’ll wait till there’s a better time.” And both of those can be true. But here’s what I have found: the longer you wait to change your relationship to food, the more entangled and complex it becomes. And that is lost time you will never get back. I still mourn the lost years and opportunities I felt held back by my weight. Truce with Food is truly different than anything you’ve ever tried—I don’t have a slick marketing bone in my body.

I’m still not sure.

I get it. I am a Pittsburgh born-and-bred smart shopper. Here’s what I tell my clients when they are navigating these decisions that feel pivotal. Feel it in your body. Try on the decision for a day. How does it feel to know you are enrolled in Truce with Food? Do you feel hopeful, curious, and already supported? Or does it feel heavy, “off” and another item to check off? Ultimately, you have to be ready, open, and willing to make the commitment. There’s no right or wrong. My hope is that you go with the decision that bets on yourself and not your fears.

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About the Program Creator & Your Guide

Ali Shapiro,

Truce With Food is a plot twist
and you are the heroine.
We take flight Winter 2016!

A client once described Ali Shapiro as the Swiss Army knife of wellness because she’s like having the tools of a nutritionist, therapist, and personal trainer all working together for you. Combining her background in functional medicine and holistic nutrition, she created Truce with Food™ an innovative health coaching program while at the University of Pennsylvania earning her Masters degree in the field of Coaching. She’s combined her different fields of expertise into an elegant and inspiring wellness process that makes food, our most important medicine, a joy. She is also a 23-year cancer survivor. 

Ali has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Shopping, Huffington Post, Redbook Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Philadelphia Magazine. She was also a regular health contributor to the NBC 10! Show.

In her “off-hours,” Ali can be found laughing on meandering walks with her husband Carlos. She escapes into nature as often as possible. When in the city, she is always on the lookout for newly sprouted farmers’ markets. She is a life long learner who can spend hours in bookstores. She enjoys yoga and dancing (she loves being twirled). She’s always ready for a great conversation and she savors BIG ideas. Her recently purchased professional microphone radiates promise.

 What Participants of Truce with Food are Saying…

Truce with Food is such an insightful program and, so far, I’ve lost 44 pounds that I know won’t come back. Ali leads you through the steps in such an encouraging way that it doesn’t feel hard or scary. It just fits! She gives you the tools and understanding to pick the path that works best for you. There’s no one way to do things or rules. It’s the best time and dollars I have ever invested!


~Pat P.

As a result of working with Ali and her Truce with Food approach, I have made peace with food. My body feels so good, there’s no way I could fill myself up with the foods that make me feel sluggish. When I cut gluten out of my diet, my crippling PMS went away. And this one is my favorite: I found the courage to leave a job that was toxic and limiting. Now, I have much more energy to give to the people in my family and community. I am calmer. I am kinder. I am more adventurous. I trust myself. (And I thought at the outset that we were just going to talk about calories!) My time with Ali was life-changing.



~Karen G

The questions Truce with Food raises were excellent at helping me analyze parts of my thought process I had never questioned and beliefs I hadn’t realized I was living by. A huge weight has lifted from my shoulders and the way I look at food has changed dramatically. It doesn’t hold all the power it did before.



I took Truce with Food to help me break years of bad eating habits. I knew the proper way to eat but haven’t been doing what is necessary to keep myself healthy. I also felt I needed help with behavior modification. This program ended up being much more of an emotional evolution about how I see myself, others, and the world around me. A side-effect of this evolution was after a long absence from exercising, I began exercising again to strengthen my body, to feel more confident, and to keep my eating in check. Next, I started dating again.  I was telling myself that at this weight, I wouldn’t be attractive to the opposite sex.  Through the program, I realized all the unhealthy little myths like this that I told myself for years, just aren’t true.



I signed up for Truce with Food thinking I had finally found the thing that would “fix” me. Instead, I embarked on a journey of health and wellness, and realized there was nothing to be fixed, only to be understood.  I understand the remarkable impact my food choices actually have on me, witnessed the inner critic at work, and discovered I’m not alone in this process. Ali sticks right alongside you with beautiful and wise insights, and the other women celebrate and support you in all your ups and downs. My journey is far from over, but I left Truce feeling better equipped to find ways to work with, celebrate, and support myself. This program is more than just food…it’s about life!



Before Truce with Food, I found myself bingeing while I was on the road for work. I knew what healthy habits I needed to follow—I’d been trying for YEARS. This program was eye opening and enabled me to figure out what was really going onSince Truce, I have not binged at all—not once! I now recognize and honor the challenges of traveling for work and rather than binge, I find other ways to take care of myself. I am much more kind, gentle, and at peace with myself. I’m on a quest to bring my own radiance to life and this program brought this need and desire to light. Ali and the whole group have helped me find my radiance that was buried for years. I am forever grateful.


~Tina Boogren

Before Truce with Food, I had a long history of food and weight struggles. I lost 60 pounds but wasn’t motivated enough to lose the rest of the weight and figured out how to ‘work the system’ at my current weight. I constantly asked myself why I kept working the system, was frustrated, knew what I needed to do but found myself preoccupied by food.

Truce with Food was what I was looking for but didn’t know it. It is absolutely amazing and takes a different approach to anything I had done (or heard of) before.  My cravings reduced significantly and I no longer need to eat 5-6 times a day.  Once I started to understand the stories and could see them play out, the pull to food started releasing using the tools Ali provides. This program has changed my life in a way I never expected.



I was getting too tired to work out after my job and my life was all about work and workouts M-F, boring. Now it’s as if Truce gave me permission’ to find ways to have fun again after work. I do not own a scale for fear of obsessing like I have unfortunately done at some point in the past but my husband confirmed, while hugging my hips, that some inches are gone. Each component, the group sharing, the recipes, the workbook, your approach, was valuable.  Groups have so much power—you were good Ali, the way you gauged the group and did not let your beliefs overpower other’s that at times were different. The sharing was powerful.



Yes, I could have focused on just the food but it was much, much more than food. Emotional triggers came into play that I never realized would have such an impact. The support from the group really helped me to better understand and accept these emotions and the toll they were taking on my health. The best part is the program offered a really well thought out and balanced approach to making peace with your emotions along with strategies to live the healthiest journey you can live. It’s changed my outlook and I’m now on a better path.


~Jen S.

I have permission to listen to my body and not the magazines! It’s a really a sweet combo of ease and awareness! I have much less judgment and more empathy for myself and others.



Striving for perfection in the way I eat only led me to deprivation, feelings of guilt, and ultimately just hating my body. Truce with Food taught me how to stop being so hard on myself.


~Kim B

The Truce with Food program taught me so much about my relationship with food. I learned not to beat myself up about how I eat. I learned how to prepare well-balanced meals that keep me full and energized. I learned to recognize food’s influence on my everyday choices. I now have a healthier and stronger understanding of my relationship with food.



I am someone who seems to have it all together except this one area of food, weight, and body issue. I enjoyed this program beyond belief!   I came to Truce with Food seeking moderation and to eat less sugar. I succeeded in both and learned how to find peace on the journey. Before, every meal seemed like a battle. Meals are now, just that. A meal. Truce with Food is a paradigm shift to find freedom with yourself. Ali gives you the tools to work on the food and all it represents.  It is worth every penny and I am so glad God brought her into my life.



I can’t believe the progress I’ve made in Truce with Food compared to 10+ years of unnecessary dieting. This program can help people with different issues (overeating, over-exercising, over-analyzing, or people who need more nutritional guidance) using relatively the same method. On the other hand, there was no one-size-fits-all approach and that was welcomed.



I couldn’t be happier that I found you and your tribe, Ali Shapiro. After decades of dieting, Truce with Food was the biggest insight and change into my eating habits. Your support in Truce with Food is invaluable. I now know myself so much better and what issues I’ve been carrying around for decades. Your insights are brave and profound and I couldn’t be more grateful. You made me feel more comfortable in my skin, know why I eat the way I do, and given me a lifetime of knowledge I can keep going back to.


~Abby R.

In Truce with Food, I have solidly learned that food is not my issue. Since about week 4, I put down my sword and quit fighting with that imaginary demon. As a result, I stopped thinking about food at all—until I was hungry—and then made the best choice available. Yet, I haven’t eaten out of packages, mostly, and have stayed away from gluten, eaten my biggest meal at lunch, a lot, and pretty much avoided sugar. Even on a cross-country road trip, I chose a banana at rest stops where healthy choices were minimal! This has never happened to me in my life. I have not gained an ounce and now, have lost my scale. Most of all, I have learned/discovered that on my new journey I do not have to DO anything, but I need to FEEL everything.



I used to focus on fad diet after fad diet, hoping that I would find the golden ticket to results and happiness. Ali helped me relax around food and trust that I could make my own decisions, without a diet dictating what to do. She showed me how to deconstruct my cravings and insatiable appetite by helping me understand what parts of my life needed work in order to receive joy from things other than food. Through our work, I redesigned my life to be more meaningful and inspiring. In turn I was happier and lost the need to overeat and obsess over food. Before I used to put a lid on the pot that I called “wants and desires,” now I openly embrace them. I’m living with a greater awareness around not only health and nutrition, but my life.


~Juliet Burgh

Praise for the Deep Dive option in Truce with Food

(Best for those seeking an additional layer of accountability. Includes checking your weekly homework, a monthly food diary review and four private sessions with me throughout the course.)

I took Truce with Food because I was so sick of stressing out about food and weight. I got so much out of it! I ended a 5-year daily Starbucks habit. I discovered what I thought was emotional eating was my blood sugar crashing and now know how to prevent this from happening. I don’t see certain foods as “bad” anymore and I don’t feel guilty when I eat them (which leads to me eating less of them). And by learning how to let “bad” food days go, I now naturally want to eat the healthy, but not out of deprivation or punishment, the next day.


I did the emotional work and feel emotionally lighter. I’m able to stop negative thought patterns quickly. I know it’s not about the food for me now.  Having the accountability from the homework review and 1:1 sessions were really key for me getting exactly what I needed out of the program.


~ M.S.

I took Truce with Food to find peace within myself around not only food, but all that food represents—emotions, safety, and peace. I learned how to idenfity and ‘tone down’ my inner critic—especially in social situations that would trigger me to over drink or eat the wrong foods for my body. As a result, I reclaimed my own definition of beauty and found a sense of calm that I never had before. I discovered my own native genius—harmony—and how to apply this gift to areas of my life outside of work that I never thought about before to make life more enjoyable. And, I now LISTEN to myself and my body so that I can make decisions about food and my lifestyle based on how I FEEL and not what I ‘should’ do/be. Thanks to the clarity from my homework and 1:1 sessions with Ali, I was also able to stay on track and fine tune what I needed to do to effectively take control of my Premenstural dysphoric disorder (PMDD) nutritionally and emotionally. I have weeks of my life back!


~ T.B.

Fed up with fad diets, point counting, and other coaching programs that only scratched the surface when it came to my food sensitivities and emotional eating triggers, I embarked on Truce with Food.  Best. Decision. Ever. Truce with Food, and Ali’s positive, “isn’t that interesting, tell me more” attitude allowed me to find a new level of “here’s how I can become more comfortable in my own skin.”  And that work took on many forms—comfort in explaining food sensitivity issues to friends and family, comfort in interpersonal relationships that have lots of baggage, comfort in social situations that normally would have caused stress and anxiety, and so much more.


Ali used the homework review and 1:1 coaching sessions to guide me toward a deeper understanding of the course material and to raise questions about how I was using that new knowledge in my everyday life. This incredibly valuable feedback made me feel like my journey in the program was an exploration – in other words, Ali made the work fun and exciting, which led to progress, and a craving for more progress (versus a craving for food).


I am more self-reflective and now know how to reframe situations that normally would have triggered emotional eating.  Now, “reframe” is my favorite word and the tool in my kit that comes out most often.  Ali’s encouragement and skill at handling sensitive subjects—particularly during the 1:1 coaching sessions—gave me not just the wings to fly, but also the strength to really soar. I’m so honored and humbled to call her my coach, and to be continuing on my journey with her.


~ Elizabeth

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