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Truce with Food begins again in February 2019!


There you are, out to dinner at a trendy restaurant with friends. This place is known for the gourmet pizza that streams out of the kitchen on sizzling saucers. You want pizza so badly. Yet your fork is perched over a salad.

I’m being good ordering the grilled chicken salad, you remind yourself.

Crunch, crunch, more mental math.

You know this salad won’t satisfy you.

So far, you’re able to manage your pizza craving and enjoy the conversation. Then the basket of just-out-of-the-oven bread arrives. The rising steam is a smoke signal that your good eating is about to go up in flames.

I deserve a piece of bread after this day. I shouldn’t. But everyone else gets to eat bread

Here we go again.

Believe it or not, this is a moment of triumph. Because when you’re this frustrated and flummoxed by food, you’re truly open to something different.


For many of us, our relationship with food can be summed up as a battle:

  • Making healthy food choices is winning
  • Controlled eating is winning
  • Skinny is winning
  • Choosing bad food is losing
  • Mindless eating is losing
  • Gaining weight is losing

Every time we eat, we’re either winning or losing our battle with food.

Consider this…


If you’re fighting with food each time you eat (something we need to do to stay alive) – of course you’ll be battle-weary!

And even more importantly, you know you weren’t put on this Earth to monitor your food intake.

Food shouldn’t be this hard. Yes, your intuition is onto something…

The question isn’t “How do I resist tempting foods?”. The real question is “How do I become a person who is no longer tempted by food?”

Every time you go “off” with your eating, there’s been an invisible process I call the auto-eat spiral, at work, that causes eating out of alignment with your goals. The auto-eating spiral has very little to do with food:


Trigger — Story — Stress response — Behavior — Unaligned Eating

This creates a vicious cycle of loss of self trust, making you more sensitive to your trigger each time.

We don’t see the Auto-Eating Spiral until we learn how to see it. And until then, we become increasingly self-critical, and less self-aware.

This spiral can build all day, and release at night with overeating or binging. Or, it can build all week, and release on the weekend with #sorrynotsorry food choices. It takes root quietly and forcefully – long before you’re calculating calories in that warm basket of bread.

I had tried everything from Weight Watchers to Shakeology/work outs seven days per week.

Each plan worked for a short period of time. My self-trust broke. Truce with Food gave me the tools and self-discovery process to get to the root of why I ate food to comfort myself. I learned how to manage difficult emotions rather than use food or alcohol to numb out and ignore them.

Linda G.

First, let me assure you: this is not about willpower. We’ve been tricked into thinking we can outsmart our bodies to achieve an ideal shape. This is not a 21-day fix or a ‘lose 15 pounds fast’. 

Truce With Food® is the result of decades of study in both nutritional science and the psychology of change.

I’ve developed a proprietary program blending coaching, experiential learning, and body awareness that guides clients through rediscovering food, balancing their biology, rewriting their food stories and becoming a champion for body agency.

The six-month self-discovery program reveals your triggers and your stories for what they really are – finally! You discover what you need, when, to be satiated. You also get to strip away the cycles of self-criticism built up over years, maybe decades, of battling your food.

Truce With Food® is designed to reveal:HTOTME2TTP

  • What foods work best for your body
  • How to feel completely satisfied from your food
  • How to stop judging ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food
  • How to stop eating from stress
  • How to gain lasting food freedom
  • What’s holding you back from what you most want in life, and how to grow into the person who can change and live life on your terms


Truce with Food helped me uncover the unconscious story that drives my eating and how I show up in the world.

With this new awareness, I feel empowered to choose to do things differently instead of life just happening to me. It’s not easy work but very, very useful. So important that I’ll continue this work so I can have even more choices in how life unfolds.


I wanted to break years of bad eating habits

I felt like I needed help with behavior modification because I knew the proper way to eat. I just wasn’t doing it. Truce with Food ended up being an emotional evolution about how I see myself, others, and the world around me with pleasant side-effects like exercising again, being able to keep my eating in check and dating again.



While I have the academic credentials (graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Dynamics, a functional medicine mentorship, graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition/Columbia’s Teachers College and the Institute for Psychology of Eating…) what set me on figuring this food thing out was my own battle with food.

I grew up with a familiar comfort of discomfort that I was different. Weight Watchers at 11? Check. Cancer at 13? Check. Depression and IBS? I was convinced my body was more broken than everyone else’s.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing unique about my inability to use food or emotions powerfully. That’s not something you learn at school or in your doctor’s office. And there are a billion industries from diet companies to Big Pharma hoping you don’t figure it out. I was a cash cow for both.

So I spent 18 years tracking points, calories and macros, never developing the necessary mindset and skills to transform my triggers into more rewarding outcomes than the closest bread basket.

When I finally grasped that I needed greater self-awareness, not more self-criticism, food freedom came within reach. Growing resilience around my triggers propelled me into feeling more powerful and spirited today than ever in my life.

So now I’m academically, professionally and empathetically aware of what is required to end the food battle. And I’m seeking brave people everywhere with an invitation to escape the cultural and personal limitations they face, to rebel, reform and transform on their own terms.



Phase 1:  Compost Your On/Off -Track Food Mindset

Making food choices out of alignment with your goals is not about food. It’s a direct result of the Auto-Eating Spiral. We’ll identify the 4 components of your Auto-Eating Spiral, to provide clarity and prepare the soil for change.

Phase 2:  Grow a BOSS Mindset

Through food and coaching experiments, you’ll learn what foods work best for you by learning how to balance your blood sugar and gut health. There’s no plan to follow, only your body.


When these two systems are in balance, cravings disappear while good moods and energy increase. Making healthy choices stops being about deprivation, and becomes all about making life easier.

You’ll also start to experiment with the Truce with Food tools to plot-twist your old stories. Instead of the Auto-Eating Spiral, we grow a new feedback loop:

Trigger — New Story — Healthy Response – Rewarding Behavior—Freedom

Self-trust grows and the same trigger feels less stressful each time.


Phase 3: Being Out In the Wild

In our last two months, there’s no new course material. Rather, you’ll integrate everything you’ve learned and create a food template that works for you in all situations, not just when you’re cooking at home. You’ll also master the skills and tools you’ve been using to respond to your triggers in new, exciting and brave ways. Your new radical truths will be all about elegant solutions, freedom from food focus, and brave liberation.

Program Design & Dates

How the Truce with Food experience works

Your Truce With Food® comes with:

Audio classes (upbeat and likeable, like a podcast), transcripts, worksheets, coaching exercises, easy recipes and even grocery lists!

A new lesson for the first four weeks, and then every other week for next three months, delivered through a private online classroom. The last two months we will integrate, deepen and master the mindset and skills you’ve cultivated.

Live Q&A calls to deepen your learning and change. After you practice with the experiments in each lesson, you’ll have new questions about what worked, what didn’t (“failure” is built into this program. It’s necessary to learn more about your patterns) and we’ll answer them here.

Access from anywhere in the world (we’re a global group).

All course content and group participation, housed in a private online learning platform. You can reach out for online support in between calls here too.

Dates & Times

Not sure if Truce with Food is the right fit for you? Schedule a complimentary 60-minute call with me to find out. I’ll answer your questions. This isn’t a sales call either; this work is challenging and if it’s not the right fit, I don’t want either of us to waste our time.



“I get so pissed off when people say it’s as simple as ‘eat less, exercise more’. It’s just not that easy.”

“I’m so over the magic bullets that never work. Those quick fixes fall apart as soon as real life gets in the way.”

“I hate scare tactics, extremes and this idea that there’s one way that will work for everyone. They just make you go crazy.”

“I know I am not contributing what I’m capable of because I feel held back by my weight.”


Truce with Food is not a plan ...

... but a lifesaving journey.


This course is worth $1 million

Truce with Food enabled me to understand what drove me to binge. As a result, I no longer binge eat or even enjoy the sugary, toxic foods I used to shove down my throat. I have better boundaries with other people and most importantly, with myself. If you're looking to make serious changes and overcome your self-imposed limitations, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Truce With Food and Ali's coaching.



Prior to Truce with Food, I was in a constant cycle of binging or eating poorly and then getting angry and spending so much energy figuring out how to "fix" myself. Thanks to the Truce with Food tools, I can’t remember the last time I binged. I feel more free in my life as the program helped me transform my perfectionist mindset. The program is challenging yet it changed my life. It was completely worth it and I am so thankful!


My cravings are gone, I no longer need to eat 5-6 times a day and I know what foods best support my body

Truce with Food is absolutely amazing and unlike anything I've experienced before despite a long history of weight struggles and working the (Weight Watchers) system. It gets to the heart of any challenge around food. It's extremely freeing to identify my auto-eating spiral. My cravings are gone, I no longer need to eat 5-6 times a day and I know what foods best support my body. I can't recommend the program enough! It has changed my life in ways I’ve never expected!



You’re back at the pizza place. It’s the first time you’ve thought about eating all day, despite a work curve ball.  When you sit down to order, you’re not worn out from fighting food or stress.

While work took an unsettling turn, you have the tools to manage. Plus, you feel more confident at work because you’re contributing in ways that align with your true talents.

You check in with yourself and feel like pizza and a salad. You order two slices with free-range chicken and spinach on top and get a salad with extra dressing so that your blood sugar stays in check. You know when your body is balanced, portions are easy.

The bread basket comes. And. It’s just a bread basket.

The night ends and so does your eating.

You have organic cookies in the house, but you’re not interested. You get an amazing night of sleep and awaken refreshed to engage with your life in new found, powerful ways.

You continually surprise yourself. Food and life become increasingly fulfilling in ways you didn’t know were possible. And while you’re grateful food doesn’t hold the power it used to, you’re even more grateful that you’ve become the person who developed that ease, confidence and power. You walked off the battlefield. The food feuds are over. You’ve called your truce and found your truth.

Not sure if Truce with Food is the right fit for you? Schedule a complimentary, 60-minute call with me to find out. I’ll answer your questions. This isn’t a sales call either; this work is challenging and if it’s not the right fit, I don’t want either of us to waste our time.


I've spent so much money on this already. How do I know Truce with Food is really different?

Diets, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and candidly, most other health coaches, focus on the food. Rather than tell you to chew 20 times or don’t bring trigger foods into the house, Truce with Food focuses on you. How do you become the person who feels powerful around food (versus having to resist it?)

Truce with Food is also an adaptive program. Ronald Heifetz, change expert at Harvard, explains that the biggest mistake when trying to change is to try and solve adaptive challenges with technical solutions. Most diets and health coaching programs are technical solutions. Truce with Food corrects this mismatch, which makes it radically different (with the results to prove it!).

How does Truce with Food compare in price to the industry?

Truce with Food is proprietary intellectual property created and tested over 10 years of academic research and real-life clients; there’s no other program like it. However, here’s a sense of the value:

What is your completion rate?

Great question. I’ll break this into two parts. First off, do people show up and do the work? 80% of people show up and do the work. This is far above average than most programs.

 This question also implies how many people have sustainability after the program. Both of these are important questions. If you’re asking: can I do this, can I show up, can I do the work? Can I continue to make the changes in my life?  Yes. I assure you you can do this. This isn’t a diet. This isn’t a plan. This doesn’t require willpower like you imagine.

 This is for anyone who wants to stop the insanity of fighting food and get off the merry-go-round. Truce with Food is a completely new orientation to how you think, act and respond to your relationship to food. The change is self-evident and creates a desire to continue to do the work because you’re finally getting results from the effort you put in.

How do you know if someone is ready?

The number one thing I look for is exhaustion. Have you tried enough solutions like Shakeology or Weight Watchers, gone through the roller coaster of “yes, this time will be different” and come down and realize, nope, it’s not? My weight is still weighing me down.

With the exhaustion, there’s usually a simultaneous fear and excitement at the idea of joining Truce with Food. Many of my clients say my approach resonates. And they’re up for the internal challenge.

This program is not girlfriend advice to buy flowers or steps to upgrade your life – although you will. It just won’t be all puppies and rainbows like some coaches promise…and then tell you “you’re blocked by self-limiting beliefs” when that doesn’t work.

Being comfortable won’t get anyone the results they really want, like freedom and sovereignty with their body. Like anything meaningful in life, this will be challenging and rewarding. But it’s not about willpower or discipline but rather, the challenge to stay open, curious and experimental.

Will I lose weight?

This is not a weight loss program. It can be a side-effect of going through Truce with Food. Our culture tends to put the cart before the horse, thinking life will begin once we lose weight. But, we need to put life first to effectively approach weight loss.

However, I do acknowledge that your weight is weighing you down. I’m not going to tell you you shouldn’t want to lose weight. However, we focus on what foods and emotional shifts will best support you to eat in alignment with your weight loss goal.

As a result, you feel empowered instead of defeated. And, after Truce with Food, you know what foods and tools will best work for you for a customized approach rather than feeling overwhelmed with so many choices. It’s why clients who still want to lose more weight post-Truce with Food will say, “I still have more weight to lose but I know it will happen without me worrying about it anymore.”

I’m terrified of never being able to not eat my favorite foods again. I would miss that so much. Will we deal with that fear?

Truce with Food takes the stance that one serving of your favorite foods, once in awhile, is no big deal. What we transform are the reasons you eat two, three or four servings of your favorite food. When you legitimately heal your relationship with food, you no longer are caught in the extremes of all or nothing. Yes you can eat your favorite foods again – and without guilt or fear that one piece of cake will turn into two, three or a week of bad eating.

I’m busy. Will I have time for this?

Life today is one constant busy season. Especially for those who tend to gravitate towards Truce With Food. However, your life is your classroom. In other words, you’ll be experimenting with meals you’re already eating and new ways of being in your life. It’s not “separate” from your life.

And This program is designed for the on-the-go lifestyle. It does require about three hours per week for maximum benefit. Two hours for the content and Q&A calls (all recorded so you can listen at your leisure), and about an hour on “homework.” Many participants have said this program actually creates time for you by learning the foods to give you more energy and clarity.

I’m not looking to lose weight, but do want to enhance other areas of my health. Can this program help?

Absolutely. In discussing digestion and blood sugar, the two foundational systems of the body that influence all of today’s chronic conditions, you’ll do that. And, being healthy isn’t just about being free of disease. It’s about emotional well-being, which Truce with Food focuses on heavily.

Do I have to become a master chef?

No! I’m actually referred to as the lazy chef’s guide to cooking. All the recipes are really simple (no exotic ingredients) or long prep times and can be cooked in big batches to last for multiple days. Plus, you’ll learn how to eat out and make the right choices so you don’t need to cook all the time.

I’m not really a group joiner. Will I benefit from the program?

I call myself a bad joiner myself so I understand your hesitation. Most of my clients are “bad joiners” or non-dogmatic people.

I’ve had some people stick to themselves and get incredible benefits. However most participants are impressed by the caliber of women in the group and want to participate and get incredible value from the support and ideas of these other intelligent and caring women.

What if I sign up and change my mind or what if my life just gets super busy?

Truce with Food completion rate blows other online programs out of the water. Second, all instructional materials are yours for life—so even if your schedule happens to change, you can still get the full value of the program when you’re ready.

However, if after fully participating for 30 days of the program, including listening to the lessons and completing the experiments, you find the program isn’t working for you, I’ll refund you your tuition. You must commit for the first 30 days to be refunded.

Can I get reimbursed for this program through my insurance?

If you have an FSA or HSA account, most likely. I’ve written dozens of receipts for participants’ FSA and HSA accounts. Most plans reimburse for any type of nutritional counseling and coaching. I recommend checking with your plan specifically for an exact answer. I’m happy to write you receipt.

Is there private, 1 on 1 support during the program?

Yes. Once you enroll in the program, you’ll have the choice to purchase 4 additional private sessions at accessible rates to be used during the program.

I’m having technical trouble signing up.

No problem. We can help. Just email and she’ll get you all set up.

I love your work Ali. But I don't know if Truce with Food will work for me.

I totally get this.You trust me, not yourself.

So many programs promise to be different and yet underneath, they’re all different ways to cut calories or give you a formula (often not based on research) that create more restriction that only leads to rebellion.

This is a process you can’t fail. It doesn’t require willpower in the traditional sense. In fact, the imperfection is actually built into the material and expected so we can research what’s happening. Most science and life breakthroughs happen when we learn from what isn’t working.

Having said that, this process is challenging. But the challenge is being willing to be a beginner and continue to show up when you’re new (i.e. not the best at) at building a new skill set. This can be uncomfortable for perfectionists and those with an all-or-nothing mindset. It’s about being devoted to yourself.

Many clients express it’s “uncomfortable in the most freeing way”. That might seem paradoxical. But paradox is truth. Once you can be with your emotions, you feel powerful and free. You get the kind of results that make you willing to become devoted to challenging yourself. Our emotions control us whether we understand them or not. So to finally have choices other than eat in discomfort, is life-changing liberation.

If you can commit to showing up when you feel imperfect, this process will work for you. There’s not a formula for success or failure here. There process meets everyone exactly where they are in their self-awareness and lifestyle. It’s the opposite of having a bunch of rules to follow that only fuel the battle and a sense of failure.

 What Participants of Truce with Food are Saying…


Truce with Food was SOOO helpful for me because it offers a refreshing different/holistic approach to emotional eating. I no longer get out of bed in the morning with my first waking thoughts centered around what sort of rigid “plan of attack” I’m going to have today to “get through” food. I have freedom and ease around food and in being myself. I also have the clarity around my triggers along with the tools and motivation to continue to practice and learn for more results. – CoCo

I now have the agency to create a fulfilling, relaxed, fun, and creative life for myself 

Truce with Food felt like my last hope, having tried all the popular diets on the market. Now, rather than feeling like the end of the line, it feels like the beginning of my life.  The emotional healing we did paired with nutrition work was the perfect approach and Ali and the caliber of clients she attracts are an incredible support network. The hardest and most enlightening part was facing some deep rooted emotions and realizing I’d been holding myself back through a narrative of my own creation. I now have the agency to create a fulfilling, relaxed, fun, and creative life for myself. A healthier relationship with food and exercise is a pleasant bi-product of that. I am so glad I took the leap.  – ST

I have the tools and techniques to help me manage my cravings and to trust myself again

As a 10 year veteran of Weight Watchers, I felt I would always have “weight issues” and I’d always need to count calories, because I fundamentally couldn’t trust myself. Truce with Food taught me the tools and techniques to help me manage my cravings and to trust myself again.  There are hard parts at times, but that is what makes this programme so different and so successful. This approach is so much healthier (and way more freeing) than anything I have tried before. It’s scary, real, challenging, overwhelming, rewarding, grounding and exhilarating. – Laura B.

Food and drink are now a source of nourishment to help me achieve my goals.

Over the years, I’ve stabilized my weight. But, I was still obsessed with food. I could’ve never imagined the depth of emotional healing Truce with Food has offered me. I spent so much time trying to find the thing that would fix me and now I understand I don’t need to be fixed and I’m willing to work with, not against myself. I am willing to put my true self out there and am thrilled to see the connection that happens when I do. I am clear on what I want from my life in a way that I’ve never been before and have the tools to make that happen. Food and drink are now a source of nourishment to help me achieve my goals. I value and enjoy, rather than fear, what I put into my body.  Ali’s support, encouragement and wisdom have been a true gift along my path of self-discovery and healing.   – Breanne W.

Meals are now, just that. A Meal. 

I am someone who seems to have it all together except this one area of food, weight, and body issue. I enjoyed this program beyond belief!  I came to Truce with Food seeking moderation and to eat less sugar. I succeeded in both and learned how to find peace. Before, every meal seemed like a battle. Meals are now, just that. A meal. Truce with Food is a paradigm shift to find freedom with yourself. Ali gives you the tools to work on the food and all it represents.  It is worth every penny and I am so glad God brought her into my life. – Britney

A percentage of proceeds from this round of Truce with Food will be donated to Black Lives Matter and the Southern Poverty Law Center.  We are a community committed to a world where all bodies can be free to be who they are.

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