Diets are a losing battle.
It’s time for YOU to have a Truce with Food


 An online coaching course to transform your relationship to food

2017 session begins in March!

There you are, out to dinner at a trendy restaurant with friends. This place is known for the gourmet pizza they stream out of the kitchen like sizzling saucers. You want a pizza so badly. Yet your fork is perched over a salad.

I’m being good ordering the grilled chicken salad, you mentally monitor.

Crunch, crunch, more mental math. You can already tell this salad won’t satisfy you.

You try and focus on the conversation when suddenly, the server brings some just-out-of-the-oven bread to the table.

The steam rising off the bread is like a smoke signal that your good eating is about to go up in flames. You (of course!) find a loophole to being good. I’ll just go to the gym tomorrow.

No, you mentally monitor.

I’m eating clean and that bread is not on the plan. I’m being sooooo good. And strong.

These mental gymnastics continue.

Plus, what will these people think if I do eat the bread? Especially after ordering a salad!  Oh this feels so stupid.  I just want THAT. BREAD.

You skip the bread. The official evening out ends. You go home, devour the gluten-free, organic cookies while wondering,

What the F@#$? Why do I do this? I’m so tired of this. So tired.



Believe it or not, this moment is actually great news. 

Breaking points are turning points.

When you feel the most frustrated, sad and lost, is when you’re truly open to change.

If you’re like my clients, you know you weren’t put on this Earth to diet. You have big, important stuff to do and this food and weight “thing”, is holding you back.

As the farmer and writer Wendell Berry said,

It may be that when we no longer know which way to go that we have come to our real journey.

But how do I know this?

Because dessert trays and my weight haunted me for 18 years. 

I lived the whole “diet starts tomorrow” starting at age 11, my first Weight Watchers weigh-in. The constant mental negotiations. Was breakfast really four points? I bet it was only 3.5 and I can have an extra Snackwells now… 

And the worst part is that no matter how much I went over and over it like some Rubik’s Cube, I couldn’t figure it out.

How could I be successful in so many other areas in my life…and yet not with food?

Before we dive deeper into how food finally stopped ruling my life, let me introduce myself. 

I’m Ali Shapiro. I know diets are a losing battle. As a full-time health coach for the past nine years, I’d love to save you the time, frustration and lost potential from failed dieting attempts. These “failures” aren’t your fault.

While all dieting and lifestyle plans – even many holistic ones – claim to be different, they all use a formula dependent on discipline and “wanting it badly enough.”

Many of my clients want relief from food so badly it’s the center of their lives!

What I know is that people who are smart, driven and accomplished never find a Truce with Food through discipline and ambition.

If this were merely a logic problem, you would’ve conquered this by now. But it’s counter-intuitive.

Don’t believe me?

How many times have you tried to eat good based on magazines, books and experts?

Clients will always ask me, “Why can’t I just fix this?”, implying that it’s them.

There’s nothing wrong with them. And there’s nothing wrong with you.

It’s your ideas about what you should and shouldn’t eat that’s wrong.

Will you step into the time machine with me? 

Ten years ago, I was struggling with asthma, allergies, acne, depression and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). In learning to use food as medicine, not only did I reverse those diagnosis, I also lost 15 pounds as a by-product. I discovered the secret I had been looking for.

When you struggle with food, you struggle with life.

Looking back on my life, I have so much compassion for how long I struggled.  I didn’t have the right information. I didn’t know what foods were right for me and I didn’t know how to manage my food stress without food!

There’s no reason to struggle any longer. Right now, right here, you can call a Truce with Food®.  

The Truce with Food program

This three month life-changing program shows you:

  1. What foods combinations work for you
  2. How to feel completely satisfied from your food
  3. What’s underneath your bad eating
  4. How to make healthy eating natural, not a struggle
  5. How to stop the sabotage cycle and free up energy to live your life

The Truce with Food approach enables you to discover what foods are healthy for you and what exhausting diet rules you’re still living by – and aren’t true! They’re actually getting in the way of your weight loss.  

As Beth, a recent participant, says…

Through the program, I realized all the unhealthy myths I told myself for years about dieting, exercise, and dating just aren’t true!

Although we have yet to meet, I feel like we’re already in a conversation. But who are you?  Are you ready for Truce with Food?  What does “ready” mean?
This program is tailored to those who are driven, cerebral (hello over-thinking!), accomplished women (except around food)—who want to be challenged to be their best.

Signs that this is your time to call a Truce with Food:

You can’t stomach another short-lived dieting success with its failure and boomerang weight gain.

You’re exhausted. You’re tired of your weight weighing on you and thinking about food 

You know you should reduce how often you treat yourself to sugar, alcohol and pizza yet you continue to overindulge

You’re sad that food causes anxiety every time you travel, go on vacation or have a social event coming up

You want to experience the deepest level of self-acceptance: self-kindness. You’re looking beyond manicures, pedicures, and buying a new outfit. These things have their place but you want to learn how to be kind to yourself when you’re less than perfect.

You do need to know this program isn’t for you if you’re on a “need to lose 15 pounds for a wedding” in June type of deadline.  I know that place well. There’s no judgement. This program is designed to get to the root of the problem and avoid another cycle of self-sabotage and pain.

So what does calling a Truce with Food involve? What will you experience?


Phase 1: Reboot Your Mindset

IMG_20151030_201008Week 1: X-Ray you’re Good Girl Mindset to identify the core beliefs that cause stress around food and your weight

Week 2: Identify today’s disconnect from your bravest self and discover your metabolic type so you know what proteins and amounts work for you

Week 3: Connect to your most courageous self and the healthy fats and amounts for your metabolic type

Week 4: Identify new metrics for success and the healthy carbs and amounts for your metabolic type



Phase 2:  Make The Healthy Choice: Build a Boss Mindset


Week 5: Start-up mode is never perfect so learn how to navigate imperfection and learn the foods that keep you calm

Week 6: Beta-test your beliefs to make healthy eating natural and add this #1 missing food to smooth your stomach!

Week 7: Learn to evaluate, not judge yourself to unlearn your beliefs faster and what healthy “bad” foods help now

Week 8: Bet on yourself so you continue to find your path to success and learn the gold standard for figuring out food sensitivities and allergies

Phase 3: Create Your Lighter, Bolder, Beautiful Life


Week 9-12: All Bosses know you have to test and evaluate your new ideas (in this case, beliefs). Welcome to the “go to market” of belief transformation. Now it’s time to go out into the world and test your new beliefs. I’ll be there each week to support you in creating this new, lighter life!

For three months after the program ends, our group will have a monthly call to check-in. I’ll continue to coach you to help you solidify all the change and answer new questions that arise with your new Boss mindset.



You’ll receive 8 Audio Classes with easy-to-print worksheets, coaching exercises and easy recipes.

Our first lesson is live (and recorded) to provide the laser coaching to ensure you’re Good Girl Mindset is clear and accurate. New this year: there will be an in-person and virtual first session. The in-person session is Saturday, September 24th from 10-2 p.m. (lunch included) and will be hosted in the Philadelphia-area (you’ll receive all details upon registration). For those not in the Philadelphia area, we’ll have your first session live and virtual on Monday, September 19th from 7 pm EST-10 pm EST.  All other lessons are pre-recorded and released on Fridays.

There is also be a live weekly coaching call to integrate the work more deeply, get personal coaching and have your questions answered.

You can participate from anywhere in the world (we are a global group). Call times will vary to accommodate as many schedules as possible. If for any reason you can’t make it to one of these live calls, you can send in your questions ahead of time. Afterwards, recordings of all calls will be made available to all in the group. 

All course content and group participation will be housed in a private online learning platform. You’ll also receive online support in between calls here.

This program is essential because…

  • Every time you try something else that doesn’t work, there’s more to unlearn. Yes, the blind spots get bigger.
  • This isn’t a diet, it’s about knowing what to eat for your metabolism
  • It’s about how to stay connected to your goals so you make healthy choices
  • Truce with Food provides the education and resources to feel satisfied from your food
  • A struggle with food goes so much deeper than what you eat or don’t eat
  • You need to move from “knowing what to do” to actually doing it. Many coaches can help you figure out what’s sabotaging you on a surface level, but fewer can provide the tools and insight to change the iceberg below the proverbial tip.

Truce with Food is not a plan, but a lifesaving journey.   – Candace G.

HTOTME2TTPNow imagine you’re at that same pizza place.  You didn’t think about food all day. So when you sit down to order, you don’t already feel worn out. You check in with yourself and feel like pizza and a salad.  You order two slices with free-range chicken and spinach on top and get a salad with extra dressing so that your blood sugar stays in check. You know when your body is balanced, your portions stay in control.

The bread basket comes. And doesn’t phase you. You’re engaged in the experience as the self-monitoring voices are absent. You enjoy your food and the experience. The night ends and so does your eating.

You have organic cookies in the house but don’t even stop in the kitchen because you don’t feel like them. You feel full on multiple levels from such a great night. You get an amazing night of sleep and awaken refreshed.

And while you’re grateful food doesn’t hold the weight it used to, you’re even more grateful for yourself and who you’ve become to create that ease.

Ali’s step-by-step approach opened my eyes to the other aspects of my diet that needed to be adjusted. The difference in how I look and feel is amazing. If you’re serious about changing your life through what you consume, I cannot recommend Ali’s program highly enough. – Delena Parsons

I am someone who seems to have it all together except this one area of food, weight, and body issue. I enjoyed this program beyond belief!   I came to Truce with Food seeking moderation and to eat less sugar. I succeeded in both and learned how to find peace on the journey. Before, every meal seemed like a battle. Meals are now, just that. A meal. Truce with Food is a paradigm shift to find freedom with yourself. Ali gives you the tools to work on the food and all it represents.  It is worth every penny and I am so glad God brought her into my life. – Britney

After years of a war with food,  peace was elusive despite the abundance of information and help available. That all changed with Truce with Food. I have found a new way of eating that is enjoyable, healthy and sustainable, relief from chronic depression, a renewed sense of curiosity and adventure and a body that feels better both physically and image-wise. Most significantly, I now possess the tools that are needed to maintain feelings of hope and clarity which ensure that the peace will last.

Has it been a smooth, easy ride? No. Have all of my issues (both with food and emotions) disappeared? Not even close. Did I drop 30 pounds magically within 3 months? No way. But, I am losing weight in a sustainable way. And the truth is even if I never lost another ounce, I’d still be thrilled. I’m forever grateful. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Ali!   Robin – Rockledge PA

The relentless cycle of dieting and self loathing had consumed me for over twenty years. I also had seasonal allergies, a sluggish thyroid and painful IBS. Truce with Food was an internal journey challenging my patterns and behaviors. Ali gave me tools to concede perfection doesn’t exist and I discovered you have to be a little rebellious to shift those stubborn pounds for good!

By learning what foods are right for me, I’ve banished seasonal allergies, glide around the supermarket listening to a loving inner voice advising me on healthy choices and I get to dinner without devouring the entire contents of my fridge! I’ve dropped a dress size and feel an overall better sense of wellbeing! – LM, United Kingdom

About the Program Creator & Your Guide

article7A client once described me as the Swiss Army knife of wellness because I’m like having the tools of a nutritionist, coach, and personal trainer all working together for you. I combined my background in functional medicine and holistic nutrition to create Truce with Food™, an innovative health coaching program while at the University of Pennsylvania earning my Masters degree in Organizational Dynamics, with concentrations in coaching and change management. I also resolved my own 18-year battle with food and am a 24-year cancer survivor.

I’ve been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Shopping, Huffington PostRedbook Magazine, Cosmo, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Philadelphia Magazine. I was also a regular health contributor to the NBC 10! Show in Philadelphia.

My curiosity and quest for truth shape my life. I love to read, do the jumbles (which my Grandmother got me into) and scheme up ways to make the world a more hospitable place to women. I love to dance, discuss BIG ideas and am having a ball with my new podcast, Insatiable.

And 90% of the time, I’m laughing with my incredible husband Carlos. We recently moved back to my hometown of Pittsburgh after 18 years away! I still miss my adopted hometown of Philadelphia and all the amazing clients and wellness practitioners I know there!

Fall 2016 Bonuses

Guest Experts

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with the top thinkers and doers in wellness. To add to the comprehensiveness of the program, I’ve curated some of the best in the field to teach along with me in a series of master classes. Again, all of this content will be available regardless of your schedule.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from:

Andrea Nakayama from Replenish PDX will speak on thyroid disorders related to a sluggish metabolism and autoimmune issues. She’ll discuss the root cause of these disorders and which tests you should ask your doctor for to ensure you’re genuinely supporting your thyroid and it can then, support your health.


Brandon Mentore, an elite trainer, will speak on how workout for you body type. You’ll identify the top exercise mistakes that cause people to gain weight leaving you to workout smarter, not harder.


Tara Sophia Mohr, a women’s leadership expert and founder of the Playing Big Program discusses how your inner critic can throw you off emotional balance, landing you in the dessert aisle and how to work with this voice to feel more powerful.


Bob Schoenholtz, M.S., ATR-BC, LPC, a leading visual imagery therapist, discusses how weight issues can be a result of unresolved pain lingering in the body. Just because your type-A personality has moved on, doesn’t mean the body has. You’ll learn how visual imagery therapy is different than talk therapy, the ways of knowing aside from thought that will help you release weight and how healing these old wounds restores your confidence, taking the pressure off of your weight loss goals so you can enjoy your wellness process.


How is Truce with Food different from other weight loss coaching programs?

Considering the diet failure rate is 95%, Truce with Food takes a different approach. Most programs use techniques. We don’t. In Truce with Food you’ll get to the root cause of your challenges because we are an adaptive program.

Ronald Heifetz, adaptive change expert at Harvard, explains that the biggest mistake when trying to change is to try and solve adaptive challenges with technical solutions. Truce with Food corrects this mismatch, which makes it radically different (with the results to prove it!).

What is your completion rate?

Great question. I’ll break this into two parts. First off, do people show up and do the work? 80% of people show up and do the work. This is far above average than most programs.

 This question also implies how many people have sustainability after the program. Both of these are important questions. If you’re asking: can I do this, can I show up, can I do the work? Can I continue to make the changes in my life?  Yes. I assure you you can do this. This isn’t a diet. This isn’t a plan. This doesn’t require willpower like you imagine.

 This is for anyone who wants to stop the insanity of fighting food and get off the merry-go-round. Truce with Food is a completely new orientation to how you think, act and respond to your relationship to food. The change is self-evident and creates a desire to continue to do the work because you’re finally getting results from the effort you put in.

How do you know if someone is ready?

The number one thing I look for is exhaustion. Have you tried enough solutions like Shakeology or Weight Watchers, gone through the roller coaster of “yes, this time will be different” and come down and realize, nope, it’s not? My weight is still weighing me down.

With the exhaustion, there’s usually a simultaneous fear and excitement at the idea of joining Truce with Food. Many of my clients say my approach resonates. And they’re up for the internal challenge.

This program is not girlfriend advice to buy flowers or steps to upgrade your life – although you will. It just won’t be all puppies and rainbows like some coaches promise…and then tell you “you’re blocked by self-limiting beliefs” when that doesn’t work.

Being comfortable won’t get anyone the results they really want, like freedom and sovereignty with their body. Like anything meaningful in life, this will be challenging and rewarding. But it’s not about willpower or discipline but rather, the challenge to stay open, curious and experimental.

Will I lose weight?

This is not a weight loss program. There are already a million solutions to lose weight. However, unlike other health coaching programs that focus on your relationship to food, you’ll learn what foods work best for you from a medical perspective. And, I do acknowledge that your weight is weighing you down. I’m not going to tell you you shouldn’t want to lose weight. So we do focus on what’s underneath wanting to lose weight.

I’ve found that weight loss is a side-effect of healing your body physically and why your weight weighs you down. As you do this, your grip on your weight loss loosens. Paradoxically, that’s when it happens. But in the meantime, you feel empowered and like you’re working towards weight loss so you’re no longer pre-occupied with it. It’s why clients who still want to lose more weight post-Truce with Food will say, “I still have more weight to lose but I know it will happen without me worrying about it anymore.”

I’m terrified of never being able to not eat my favorite foods again. I would miss that so much. Will we deal with that fear?

Truce with Food takes the stance that one serving of your favorite foods, once in awhile, is no big deal. What we transform are the reasons you eat two, three or four servings of your favorite food. When you legitimately heal your relationship with food, you no longer are caught in the extremes of all or nothing. Yes you can eat your favorite foods again – and without guilt or fear that one piece of cake will turn into two, three or a week of bad eating.

I’m busy. Will I have time for this?

Life today is one constant busy season. Especially for the women who tend to gravitate towards Truce With Food. This program is designed for the on-the-go lifestyle. It does require about three hours per week for maximum benefit. Two hours for the content and Q&A calls (all recorded so you can listen at your leisure), and about an hour on “homework.” Many participants have said this program actually creates time for you by learning the foods to give you more energy and clarity. Plus the last week in each month is an integration week, where there’s no new content but opportunities to go deeper with the work, and catch up if you missed a week.

I’m not looking to lose weight, but do want to enhance other areas of my health. Can this program help?

Absolutely. In discussing digestion and blood sugar, the two foundational systems of the body that influence all of today’s chronic conditions, you’ll do that. And, being healthy isn’t just about being free of disease. It’s about emotional well-being, which Truce with Food focuses on heavily.

Do I have to become a master chef?

No! I’m actually referred to as the lazy chef’s guide to cooking. All the recipes are really simple (no exotic ingredients) or long prep times and can be cooked in big batches to last for multiple days. Plus, you’ll learn how to eat out and make the right choices so you don’t need to cook all the time.

I’m not really a group joiner. Will I benefit from the program?

I call myself a bad joiner myself so I understand your hesitation. I’ve had some people stick to themselves and get incredible benefits. However most participants are impressed by the caliber of women in the group and want to participate and get incredible value from the support and ideas of these other intelligent and caring women.

What if I sign up and change my mind or what if my life just gets super busy?

Truce with Food has a higher than average completion rate for online programs. Second, all instructional materials are yours for life—so even if your schedule happens to change, you can still get the full value of the program when you’re ready. However, if within the first 30 days of the program, you find it isn’t working for you, and you have completed the program materials and worksheets we’ve done up until that point, let us know and your tuition will be refunded.

Can I get reimbursed for this program through my insurance?

If you have an FSA or HSA account, most likely. I’ve written dozens of receipts for participants’ FSA and HSA accounts. Most plans reimburse for any type of nutritional counseling and coaching. I recommend checking with your plan specifically for an exact answer. I’m happy to write you receipt.

Is there private, 1 on 1 support during the program?

Yes. Once you enroll in the program, you’ll have the choice to purchase 4 additional private sessions at accessible rates to be used during the program.

I’m having technical trouble signing up.

No problem. We can help. Just email and she’ll get you all set up.

Have a question that isn’t answered here?

Email me at
I’ll personally get back to you.

 What Participants of Truce with Food are Saying…

Truce with Food is such an insightful program and, so far, I’ve lost 44 pounds that I know won’t come back. Ali leads you through the steps in such an encouraging way that it doesn’t feel hard or scary. It just fits! She gives you the tools and understanding to pick the path that works best for you. There’s no one way to do things or rules. It’s the best time and dollars I have ever invested!


~Pat P.

As a result of working with Ali and her Truce with Food approach, I have made peace with food. My body feels so good, there’s no way I could fill myself up with the foods that make me feel sluggish. When I cut gluten out of my diet, my crippling PMS went away. And this one is my favorite: I found the courage to leave a job that was toxic and limiting. Now, I have much more energy to give to the people in my family and community. I am calmer. I am kinder. I am more adventurous. I trust myself. (And I thought at the outset that we were just going to talk about calories!) My time with Ali was life-changing.



~Karen G

I took Truce with Food to help me break years of bad eating habits. I knew the proper way to eat but haven’t been doing what is necessary to keep myself healthy. I also felt I needed help with behavior modification. This program ended up being much more of an emotional evolution about how I see myself, others, and the world around me. A side-effect of this evolution was after a long absence from exercising, I began exercising again to strengthen my body, to feel more confident, and to keep my eating in check. Next, I started dating again.  I was telling myself that at this weight, I wouldn’t be attractive to the opposite sex.  Through the program, I realized all the unhealthy little myths like this that I told myself for years, just aren’t true.



Before Truce with Food, I found myself bingeing while I was on the road for work. I knew what healthy habits I needed to follow—I’d been trying for YEARS. This program was eye opening and enabled me to figure out what was really going onSince Truce, I have not binged at all—not once! I now recognize and honor the challenges of traveling for work and rather than binge, I find other ways to take care of myself. I am much more kind, gentle, and at peace with myself. I’m on a quest to bring my own radiance to life and this program brought this need and desire to light. Ali and the whole group have helped me find my radiance that was buried for years. I am forever grateful.


~Tina Boogren

Before Truce with Food, I had a long history of food and weight struggles. I lost 60 pounds but wasn’t motivated enough to lose the rest of the weight and figured out how to ‘work the system’ at my current weight. I constantly asked myself why I kept working the system, was frustrated, knew what I needed to do but found myself preoccupied by food.

Truce with Food was what I was looking for but didn’t know it. It is absolutely amazing and takes a different approach to anything I had done (or heard of) before.  My cravings reduced significantly and I no longer need to eat 5-6 times a day.  Once I started to understand the stories and could see them play out, the pull to food started releasing using the tools Ali provides. This program has changed my life in a way I never expected.



Yes, I could have focused on just the food but it was much, much more than food. Emotional triggers came into play that I never realized would have such an impact. The support from the group really helped me to better understand and accept these emotions and the toll they were taking on my health. The best part is the program offered a really well thought out and balanced approach to making peace with your emotions along with strategies to live the healthiest journey you can live. It’s changed my outlook and I’m now on a better path.


~Jen S.

In Truce with Food, I have solidly learned that food is not my issue. Since about week 4, I put down my sword and quit fighting with that imaginary demon. As a result, I stopped thinking about food at all—until I was hungry—and then made the best choice available. Yet, I haven’t eaten out of packages, mostly, and have stayed away from gluten, eaten my biggest meal at lunch, a lot, and pretty much avoided sugar. Even on a cross-country road trip, I chose a banana at rest stops where healthy choices were minimal! This has never happened to me in my life. I have not gained an ounce and now, have lost my scale. Most of all, I have learned/discovered that on my new journey I do not have to DO anything, but I need to FEEL everything.



I had tried everything from Weight Watchers to Shakeology/work outs 7 days per week. Each plan worked for a short period of time. Eventually, my self-trust broke. Truce with Food gave me the tools to understand what foods work best for me. This was such a huge breakthrough for me; once I started to trust myself, eating the “right” foods for me was easy. It’s now what I want to do, not what I feel like I have to do to be “good.”

Truce With Food also gave me the tools to understand why I tend to eat or drink to comfort myself. Ali’s approach helps me help myself by digging in to get to the root of what’s triggering my behaviors. The process wasn’t easy or fun. But through it, I learned how to manage difficult emotions rather than use food or alcohol to numb out and ignore them.

Here I am, on the other side of the six months and feel incredible – LIKE A BOSS!  I wouldn’t have believed that I would be feeling this way if you told me in the beginning of the program the physical and mental impact would be this broad.  I’ve dropped a dress size, my body (and face) are less bloated, and my energy is probably the best in my life. – Linda, Philadelphia

The questions Truce with Food raises were excellent at helping me analyze parts of my thought process I had never questioned and beliefs I hadn’t realized I was living by. A huge weight has lifted from my shoulders and the way I look at food has changed dramatically. It doesn’t hold all the power it did before.



I signed up for Truce with Food thinking I had finally found the thing that would “fix” me. Instead, I embarked on a journey of health and wellness, and realized there was nothing to be fixed, only to be understood.  I understand the remarkable impact my food choices actually have on me, witnessed the inner critic at work, and discovered I’m not alone in this process. Ali sticks right alongside you with beautiful and wise insights, and the other women celebrate and support you in all your ups and downs. My journey is far from over, but I left Truce feeling better equipped to find ways to work with, celebrate, and support myself. This program is more than just food…it’s about life!



I was getting too tired to work out after my job and my life was all about work and workouts M-F, boring. Now it’s as if Truce gave me permission’ to find ways to have fun again after work. I do not own a scale for fear of obsessing like I have unfortunately done at some point in the past but my husband confirmed, while hugging my hips, that some inches are gone. Each component, the group sharing, the recipes, the workbook, your approach, was valuable.  Groups have so much power—you were good Ali, the way you gauged the group and did not let your beliefs overpower other’s that at times were different. The sharing was powerful.



I can’t believe the progress I’ve made in Truce with Food compared to 10+ years of unnecessary dieting. This program can help people with different issues (overeating, over-exercising, over-analyzing, or people who need more nutritional guidance) using relatively the same method. On the other hand, there was no one-size-fits-all approach and that was welcomed.



I used to focus on fad diet after fad diet, hoping that I would find the golden ticket to results and happiness. Ali helped me relax around food and trust that I could make my own decisions, without a diet dictating what to do. She showed me how to deconstruct my cravings and insatiable appetite by helping me understand what parts of my life needed work in order to receive joy from things other than food. Through our work, I redesigned my life to be more meaningful and inspiring. In turn I was happier and lost the need to overeat and obsess over food. Before I used to put a lid on the pot that I called “wants and desires,” now I openly embrace them. I’m living with a greater awareness around not only health and nutrition, but my life.


~Juliet Burgh

I couldn’t be happier that I found you and your tribe, Ali Shapiro. After decades of dieting, Truce with Food was the biggest insight and change into my eating habits. Your support in Truce with Food is invaluable. I now know myself so much better and what issues I’ve been carrying around for decades. Your insights are brave and profound and I couldn’t be more grateful. You made me feel more comfortable in my skin, know why I eat the way I do, and given me a lifetime of knowledge I can keep going back to.


~Abby R.

I took Truce with Food because I was so sick of stressing out about food and weight. I got so much out of it! I ended a 5-year daily Starbucks habit. I discovered what I thought was emotional eating was my blood sugar crashing and now know how to prevent this from happening. I don’t see certain foods as “bad” anymore and I don’t feel guilty when I eat them (which leads to me eating less of them). And by learning how to let “bad” food days go, I now naturally want to eat the healthy, but not out of deprivation or punishment, the next day.

I did the emotional work and feel emotionally lighter. I’m able to stop negative thought patterns quickly. I know it’s not about the food for me now.


~ M.S.

I took Truce with Food to find peace within myself around not only food, but all that food represents—emotions, safety, and peace. I learned how to identify and ‘tone down’ my inner critic—especially in social situations that would trigger me to over drink or eat the wrong foods for my body.

As a result, I reclaimed my own definition of beauty and found a sense of calm that I never had before. I now LISTEN to myself and my body so that I can make decisions about food and my lifestyle based on how I FEEL and not what I ‘should’ do/be.  I’ve also taken control of my Premenstural dysphoric disorder (PMDD) nutritionally and emotionally. I have weeks of my life back!


~ T.B.

Fed up with fad diets, point counting, and other coaching programs that only scratched the surface when it came to my food sensitivities and emotional eating triggers, I embarked on Truce with Food.  Best. Decision. Ever. Truce with Food, and Ali’s positive, “isn’t that interesting, tell me more” attitude allowed me to find a new level of “here’s how I can become more comfortable in my own skin.”  And that work took on many forms—comfort in explaining food sensitivity issues to friends and family, comfort in interpersonal relationships that have lots of baggage, comfort in social situations that normally would have caused stress and anxiety, and so much more.

My journey in the program was an exploration – in other words, Ali made the work fun and exciting, which led to progress, and a craving for more progress (versus a craving for food).

I am more self-reflective and now know how to reframe situations that normally would have triggered emotional eating.  Now, “reframe” is my favorite word and the tool in my kit that comes out most often.  Ali’s encouragement and skill at handling sensitive subjects—gave me not just the wings to fly, but also the strength to really soar. I’m so honored and humbled to call her my coach.

~ Elizabeth

  • Yes, I could have just focused on just the food but it was much, much more than food. Emotional triggers came into play that I never realized would have such an impact.  The support from the group really helped me better understand and accept these emotions and the toll they were taking on my health. The best part is this program offered a balanced approach to making peace with emotions along with strategies to live the healthiest journey. It’s changed my outlook and I’m now on a better path.

    Jen S.
  • Ali’s big picture approach helped me unlock the mystery of my seemingly unconnected fatigue and stubborn pounds: a gluten allergy. After working with Ali, I feel healthier and more even. I am smarter about nutrition and overall health. I lost weight and know I won’t gain it back. I have slowed down, am even more mindful of what and how I eat, and I am less stressed about diet and exercise.

    Kim Bondy Media Producer and Consultant
  • As a result of working with Ali, I have made peace with food. My body feels so good, there’s no way I could fill myself up with the foods that make me feel sluggish. When I cut gluten out of my diet, my crippling PMS went away. And this one is my favorite: I found the courage to leave a job that was toxic and limiting. Now, I have much more energy to give to the people in my family and community. I am calmer. I am kinder. I am more adventurous. I trust myself. (And I thought at the outset that we were just going to talk about calories!) My time with Ali was life-changing.

    Karen G.
  • I’ve always valued living a healthy life, but I wanted teach me how to make the right choices for my individual lifestyle. Ali’s advice has helped me to not only be more knowledgeable about the foods I eat, but also how to live an emotionally healthy life. I’m now making better choices and dedicating more time to the values and activities that make me who I am. I have more confidence in myself and am happier and less stressed. You will feel empowered each time you speak with her.

  • When I first met with Ali, it was an emergency situation. At 26, my cholesterol was over 280 points, my triglycerides were out of control, and I was 40 pounds overweight. I had stomach problems, migraines, and a variety of other issues. I had seen doctor after doctor, but none could give me an explanation or relief. Ali immediately recognized a pattern in my symptoms and suggested I try eliminating gluten for 2 weeks. Since I eat out for almost every meal, it was hard at first. But then I started to feel better, and realized I had a lot of options. After 3 months of being completely gluten-free, I felt better than ever. I dropped 4 dress sizes and 96 points from my cholesterol simply by shifting my diet and incorporating simple exercise. I’m an entirely new person who looks forward to eating, buying clothes, and living a healthy life – all thanks to Ali!

  • Ali’s approach is significantly more transformational than what to eat. We went deep into which life aspects feed me. This was something that no one before had ever mentioned or discussed. Ali’s strength, support, compassion and guidance changed my life forever.

    Jessica Procini

Ali’s step-by-step approach opened my eyes to the other aspects of my diet that needed to be adjusted. The difference in how I look and feel is amazing. If you’re serious about changing your life through what you consume, I cannot recommend Ali’s program highly enough. – Delena Parsons

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