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Episode #65: Protein Powder Master Class: Everything You Need To Know

Do protein powders actually work or even apply to most people? Or are they only for meat heads in the gym? This episode will tell you who will benefit from protein powder, how to figure out the best quality to buy and the 3 questions you don’t even know to ask to get the most bang for your body and buck.

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Episode #64: What Do I Do About Trigger Foods?

Do you find that certain foods are a gateway for you? You can’t just have one? Why are there certain foods that trigger us? And they are never carrots and green smoothies. In today’s episode we talk about the key questions to ask yourself that will enable you to finally be around your trigger foods and not eat them. There is a physical and emotional component that we have to take into account and we want to teach you how.

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Episode #63: How Stifling Your Story Causes Crazy Eating with Justine Musk

Justine Musk is a writer of fiction + nonfiction, a speaker of two TEDx talks and a divorced feminist mother of 5 boys (who are awesome). Her work has been published by Penguin, Simon + Schuster and Marie Claire, among others; an answer she wrote about self-made billionaires on went viral and received attention in the New York Times. She blogs at about how we can learn from what’s inside us to live with depth, speak art to power and tell the stories that will transform the culture. In today’s episode, Justine and I discuss how telling and healing our story is essential to ending emotional eating and how to not lose your voice when it gets hard. We also talk about how Justine survived the online vitriol that came when her divorce to Elon Musk went public and why creativity is one of the most important prescriptions to discovering and expressing your story.

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Episode #62: Why Is Weight Loss So Hard with Sas Petherick

Sas has a Master’s degree in Coaching & Mentoring from Oxford Brookes, and is a Certified Dr. Martha Beck Life Coach. She has also been coaching women leaders for the past 6 years in adaptive challenges. Find out why it’s great news that you only made it to day 9 of your Whole30 cleanse or your resolutions have already gone to shit. It turns out even though you think Weight Watchers, Whole 30 or Ketogenic diets are all different, the way the approach nutrition is actually the same, which gives the power to the food. In today’s episode learn the difference between technical and adaptive change and why weight loss is an adaptive problem that we try to use technical solutions for like cleanses and marathon training. But it simply doesn’t work!

Sas Petherick is unconditionally committed to your self-belief. She is a Coach for Thinking Humans and Mentor for Thoughtful Coaches and deftly guides her clients out of the mire of self-doubt. Sas’ approach is heartfelt and effective, deeply intuitive and immediately applicable to your life.

Find out how to amplify your life with curiosity and kindness at


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