"I'll start tomorrow!"
The beginning and end of most diet stories.
How about today?
How about losing the weight & freeing
your mind?
Not with another diet...
Truce with Food is a plot twist and you are the heroine.


Experience the power of subtle changes.



Who Knew 3 p.m. Could Feel So Good?


Imagine an Afternoon Without Cravings*

*macaroons sold separately

The 3 p.m. craving wave is right on schedule, crashing through your office. The current is strong. What do you reach for? Will the macaroons float you to safety? How about a quick paddle over to the office candy dish? Is the vending machine sucking you in like an undertow?

Imagine an afternoon of calm craving-free waters. Imagine floating on a wave of natural energy. Imagine 3p.m. feeling so good.

Cravings are not weaknesses. They are bodily cues that something is off balance. By pulling your cravings up at the root, you could eliminate them for good. In addressing your physical and emotional imbalances, healthy choices like going to the gym or doing something in the evening just for fun become a natural by-product of having more energy. A productive afternoon filled with energy is possible.

Do you:

  • Have a hankering for something sweet or “carby” after lunch?
  • Have a plan that doesn’t include afternoon snacking, but somehow always come up with a list of reasons why you deserve it just this one time?
  • Fight with yourself mentally about your cravings only to cave more days than not?
  • Experience exhaustion in the afternoon?
  • Feel hungry most of the afternoon?
  • Plan for a treat in order to have something to look forward to in your afternoon?

Your afternoon cravings are a barometer of whether or not the foods you’re eating at lunch are working for you.

Make your afternoon cravings an adventure of learning what foods and habits you need to adjust. You will sail through the afternoon and into evening by:

  • Feeling deeply satisfied from your lunch.
  • Feeling full until you arrive home for dinner.
  • Having a consistent supply of energy that makes sugar and caffeine obsolete.
  • Creating a calm and content mind that isn’t fixated on food.
  • Making subtle yet powerful emotional shifts that ensure your afternoon becomes its own treat.

I created this program because clearing your afternoon cravings is the easiest way to get a big win in your quest for a healthier lifestyle. When I cleared my own stubborn afternoon cravings, I discovered a whole world of control over my health I never dreamed possible.

It’s time for a win: it’s time to clear your cravings.

I feel satisfied and those "shark" moments are gone!

Imagine any shark movie you've ever seen, where they drop something bloody into the water and the sharks go crazy. That was me each afternoon as I was overtaken by the urge to eat anything sweet I could find. After taking Curb Your Afternoon Cravings, I feel satisfied and those "shark" moments are gone!

Tiffany Coffman

All the cookies...

It’s eerie. All the cookies in the office are suddenly uninteresting.


This video coaching series is strategically paced into four acts so you will have the time to learn and implement. After signing up, you choose whether you’d like the acts delivered weekly or bi-weekly. I’m not into data dumps that leave you overwhelmed.

  • Act 1: Connect the Body & Brain (Balancing Blood Sugar)
  • Act 2: Restore Motivation (Eating Rhythm)
  • Act 3: Face Cravings (Lifestyle Shifts)
  • Act 4: Resolution (Untox Challenge)

In this at-home, self-paced program, you’ll receive:

        • Four brief and easy-to-understand video lessons
        • Edited video transcripts
        • A guidebook with tips, action items, exercises, and recipes to lead you through each lesson
        • Exclusive access to the private Curb Your Afternoon Cravings Facebook page. This will ensure you’re never lost and can connect with others adventuring to curb their cravings

View introductory video below for further program details

I lost 10 pounds. I never thought this was possible!

I had put weight around my middle which I attributed to getting older but nonetheless, wanted to take control of my weight. Ali guided me to do things in efforts to balance my blood sugar. I’ve lost 10 pounds. I never thought this was possible! I'm awestruck and thrilled, actually, and eternally grateful.

Dan G.

I’m down three pounds, my mood is better and my thinking changed so I can implement even more change and stay motivated

I was struggling with keeping my blood sugar balanced for several months and was getting nowhere; I tried to figure out the eating on my own as well as working with doctors who kept telling me my levels were fine.

After taking the Curb program, I better understand how to better balance my blood sugar through diet and emotional/behavior shifts. Having lost about 60 pounds on Weight Watchers then plateauing for several months, Ali’s approach jump-started my weight loss. I’m down three pounds, my mood is better and the program helped my thinking so that I can implement more change and stay motivated.

Jennifer Lawrence

I really did not need or want anything before dinner

I saw that I could really go without my evening snack, which was awesome and I really did not need or want anything before dinner.


My energy is up and I don't feel like I need an afternoon nap

After Curb Your Afternoon Cravings, my energy is up and I don’t feel like I need an afternoon nap.




1. Will this help with my nighttime cravings? Yes. As you’ll learn in the program, cravings have physical and emotional roots. You work on both levels in this program. You will learn to set yourself up for success by controlling your blood sugar and receive insight into what emotional adjustments help to eliminate nighttime cravings.

2. Will this help with my pre-lunch cravings? Yes. In Week 4, you’ll learn the root cause of mid-morning cravings and how those lead to afternoon cravings. Now you’ll know how to reverse this downward spiral into an entire day without cravings!

3. What if I have questions as I get into the program? We’ve got your covered! Facebook support is included for you to ask any questions and receive answers and group support on your cravings adventure.



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