Imagine an Afternoon Without Cravings*

*macaroons sold separately

It’s Wednesday 2 p.m. and, right on schedule, you’re craving something sweet.

Over the next half hour, you strain yourself with mental gymnastics: I’ve been pretty good with my eating so far this week. And I’m really tired. I’ll have just a couple M&Ms. Really, just a small handful. How much more do I have to do today? I really shouldn’t. But I love M&Ms. But I shouldn’t! I always do this! Okay, final offer: Half a bag and I’ll get to the gym tonight, or tomorrow morning at the latest. 

A whole crumbled bag later, you peer down and find you are literally red-handed. Guilt. Regret. Frustration. You can already feel the crash coming on. You feel exhausted from losing your mental food fight. Now you’re scattered, anxious, and even more hungry than before you gave in. Life feels harder than it should. Your mind turns towards your dinner plans. You fantasize about a night cap to unwind from the chaos of the day. The gym? Umm, you’re ready to follow a trail of M&Ms into the sunset.

You make a firm resolve: I’ll get right back on track…tomorrow.

Perhaps you already suspect the perfect eating of tomorrow will never come. And yet, you’re already “gearing up” to try it all over again tomorrow.

If you’re like a lot of my clients—before they know what’s truly going on here— you consider this vicious cycle normal.  It’s no wonder. You look around and everyone else is tired, drinking Starbucks and munching on vegan cookies.

We’ve been given a lot of generic health information, much of it conflicting and none of it customized. We rarely hear, for instance, that hunger doesn’t necessarily announce itself in your stomach.

Cravings, preoccupied thoughts of food and low moods are hunger signs. You probably don’t realize that this type of hunger is all connected to your blood sugar and how it tries to get your attention that it’s starving, which happens when it isn’t balanced.

But when you learn the mechanics of blood sugar and how to correct imbalances, your cravings diminish and eventually vanish as a natural side effect of addressing this root cause. You feel energized, productive, hopeful, and focused. With this new mental clarity, food doesn’t occupy nearly as much mental real estate. You’re free to use your time on something more productive (and as a bonus, you have less food to prepare!)

As someone who struggled with food and weight for over 18 years, my afternoon cravings were the downward spiral, when all my best laid diet plans were tripped up by my preoccupation with food, especially carbs.

Even though I could have had a Ph.D. in dieting from all the health books and articles I read, I had never truly connected how blood sugar affected me in my everyday life. I thought I loved food and was just being “bad.” As much as I knew getting off carbs could (in theory) help me lose weight, in practice I needed a more immediate benefit to stick with changes, especially when my schedule got hectic.

Curbing my afternoon cravings enabled me to connect the blood sugar dots to feel better almost immediately. Not when I lost weight, but right now.

As much as I loved the relief from my cravings, what I realize now is that the most important benefit of understanding my blood sugar is that it opened up entirely new possibilities for me. Suddenly I saw I didn’t need to think about food all day or eat perfectly to get results. I traded in all of the plans for principles that were flexible enough to work in the real world .

In fact, the rigid plans and pre-fab diets were the problem. In many ways, they have our eventual failure baked right in. Why? They don’t acknowledge that each of our bodies has different needs based on several key factors. I would have never believed this had I not experienced it—and the side effect of weight loss—for myself.

These positive results opened me up to the idea that my body—despite having had cancer, asthma, stubborn acne, depression, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome—was not the enemy here. And once you knock down a big assumption like that, the domino effect can be incredible. Suddenly I thought maybe this eating thing doesn’t have to be “hard” in the way I’m making it out to be. I would have never accomplished a complete truce with food had I not trusted this first stepping stone of learning about my blood sugar.

My clients agree. “Understanding blood sugar was half the equation,” they often tell me after they emerge victorious from calling their own truce with food. And the best part? The practical principles and guidelines in Curb Your Afternoon Cravings are easier than you may think. There’s no battle, just understanding yourself.

I know firsthand the attraction of always thinking things will be different, that some magical plan will finally “fix” me, only to leave me feeling more broken than before I started. I’ve designed this program to give you real, not false hope.

After completing my Curb Your Afternoon Cravings program, you’ll discover the ways your hunger shows up. You’ll connect causes to their effects; this means you’ll finally feel better (and more secure) knowing the positive outcome is rooted in what’s right for you. You’ll have a consistent supply of afternoon energy that make carbs and caffeine obsolete. You’ll have the focus that comes from not always having food on your mind. All that misdirected energy could finally be invested in more worthwhile pursuits.

You’ll learn how to eat so that you feel deeply satisfied from lunch. The parameters offered in this program provide a flexible structure that acknowledges you live in the real world with its unpredictable days. We tackle potential pitfalls head-on. Whether it’s a bad night’s sleep, a hectic travel schedule, or the week before your period, I’ve got you covered with specific suggestions on how to best adapt. The approach here is gentle, yet effective.

Imagine feeling satiated after lunch and right up until dinner without needing a little extra “something” to get you over that gap. Imagine arriving at the end of your day with enough energy to do something beyond zoning out on the couch with a glass of wine. Imagine not needing dessert after dinner because your blood sugar isn’t rebounding from a day of being ignored. Best of all, imagine waking up in the morning filled with energy that doesn’t need a kickstart of sugar and coffee.

All of this is possible.

Learning to curb your afternoon cravings isn’t just about not “caving” to your cravings or not falling into that dreaded downward spiral. It’s about thinking about food less and feeling incredibly more optimistic and energetic.

And, rather than just thinking this time will be different you’ll feel it and know.

It’s time for a lasting win: It’s time to clear your cravings!

I feel satisfied and those "shark" moments are gone!

Imagine any shark movie you've ever seen, where they drop something bloody into the water and the sharks go crazy. That was me each afternoon as I was overtaken by the urge to eat anything sweet I could find. After taking Curb Your Afternoon Cravings, I feel satisfied and those "shark" moments are gone!

Tiffany Coffman

I lost 10 pounds. I never thought this was possible!

I had put weight around my middle which I attributed to getting older but nonetheless, wanted to take control of my weight. Ali guided me to do things in efforts to balance my blood sugar. I’ve lost 10 pounds. I never thought this was possible! I'm awestruck and thrilled, actually, and eternally grateful.

Dan G.

The Design

This at-home, self-paced coaching program is strategically divided into four acts so you’ll have the time to learn and implement. The suggested changes have a flexible design that adapts to your lifestyle, whether you are on-the-go or don’t have time to prepare food.

  • Act 1: Discover the physical and emotional ways hunger shows up for you—these often go beyond a growling stomach. We’ll explore how to reduce (and eventually eliminate) symptoms like anxiety and a preoccupation with food.
  • Act 2: Feeling better, you’ll now feel inspired to make these two surprising X-factor changes. These changes are simple and powerful. They determine whether your afternoon is upbeat and productive or if you crash and tumble into the downward spiral.
  • Act 3: Next, we go deeper to learn how you eat at one meal sets you up for the next several hours. We’ll focus on the surprising morning changes that you can make to ensure your afternoon is smooth sailing into your dinner time.
  • Act 4: In this final act, we confront what so many diets and plans seem to forget: You live in the real world. Learn how to adjust your eating for those times when you don’t get enough sleep, have PMS, are under stress from a big work or travel week—or all of the above!

You’ll receive:

  • Four brief and easy-to-understand audio lessons you can take with you.
  • Edited audio transcripts. Great for visual learners or those who are hard-of-hearing.
  • Instructional videos to fast track your learning by seeing real life clients food diaries. You’ll see how I helped them recognize and course correct their blood sugar crashes (not their “weakness” around carbs).
  • Easy-to-implement tips, action items, and recipes to lead you through each lesson.
  • Access to a private online community.
  • A private monthly Curb Your Afternoon Cravings coaching call. These calls ensure you’ll never be lost. They’ll help keep you inspired by connecting you with others adventuring to curb their cravings. I’ll be sure to answer your questions and coach you through any difficulties.

I’m down three pounds, my mood is better and my thinking changed so I can implement even more change and stay motivated

I was struggling with keeping my blood sugar balanced for several months and was getting nowhere; I tried to figure out the eating on my own as well as working with doctors who kept telling me my levels were fine.

After taking the Curb program, I better understand how to better balance my blood sugar through diet and emotional/behavior shifts. Having lost about 60 pounds on Weight Watchers then plateauing for several months, Ali’s approach jump-started my weight loss. I’m down three pounds, my mood is better and the program helped my thinking so that I can implement more change and stay motivated.

Jennifer Lawrence

I followed the breakfast tips and it kept me away from temptation all damn day. Yesssssss!!!

I am LOVING this, Ali! Thank you! I followed the breakfast tips and purposefully planned a 'balanced meal' (not a 'good' vs. bad meal) and am so pleasantly surprised that it fulfilled me and kept me away from temptations all damn day. Yesssssss!!!


My energy is up and I don't feel like I need an afternoon nap

After Curb Your Afternoon Cravings, my energy is up and I don’t feel like I need an afternoon nap.



  1. Will this help with my nighttime cravings?
    Yes. But you can’t eliminate evening cravings until you curb your afternoon cravings. They are interconnected in balancing your blood sugar.
  2. Will this help with my pre-lunch cravings?
    Yes. In Week 3, you’ll learn the root cause of mid-morning cravings and how those lead to afternoon cravings. Now you’ll know how to design your entire day without cravings!
  3. What if I have questions as I get into the program?
    We’ve got your covered! A monthly coaching call is included for you to ask any questions. You’re invited to participate for the life of the program.
  4. Is this a group program? Yes and no. There are four Acts (lessons) in the program. You take them at your own pace. However, I’m in the classroom answering questions. There are also others who are working through the lessons and will support you too (for example, we have some travel experts that are sharing their tricks of the trade with others!). So many of my clients think they are alone in this food “thing.” I promise you: you are not alone and there are other incredible people who are struggling with their cravings too.
  5. How long do I have to take the program? Once you opt-in to the program, you’re “in” for life. You can participate in the online classroom or call in every month for as long as the program exists and I’ll answer your questions. You’ll also have access to the materials for life. However, if you do the work in the program, you will soon know exactly what works for you.
  6. What makes this different than other plans that say their different too? Most nutrition plans are one-size-fits-all approaches. They offer absolute solutions where the reality is the answer is, it depends! For example, most people will tell you fruit is healthy. That’s not true for everyone (especially if you have weight around your middle or have diagnosis like hypoglycemia, PCOS, PMDD or metabolic syndrome). This program allows you to identify what “healthy” is for you. Until you learn that, you will feel stuck.
  7. I know I have emotional eating issues. Will this help me with that? Dozens of clients have told me after deeply understanding their blood sugar that they realize half their emotional eating wasn’t emotional eating at all! Rather, it was their blood sugar dropping. Because unbalanced blood sugar is so tightly connected to our emotions, it’s easy to link cravings with emotional eating. However, it’s a huge weight that gets lifted off their shoulders when they see they just need to re-balance what they are eating! The neat thing is that once you understand blood-sugar, you have renewed inspiration to tackle the bigger emotional eating issues not associated with blood-sugar.

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I'm blown away! It's like you're in my head!

I’m currently reading your afternoon cravings program and I’m blown away! It’s like you’re in my head!


All the cookies...

It’s eerie. All the cookies in the office are suddenly uninteresting.