Imagine an Afternoon Without Cravings*

*macaroons sold separately

You just finished a healthy lunch.

And right on schedule,  you’re craving something sweet. Or maybe Pirate Booty.

Over the next half hour, you strain yourself with mental gymnastics: I’ve been pretty good with my eating so far today. I’ll have just a couple M&Ms. Really, just a small handful. How much more do I have to do today? I really shouldn’t. But I love M&Ms. But I shouldn’t! I always do this!

A whole crumbled bag later, you peer down and find you are literally red-handed. You can already feel the crash coming on.

Your mind turns towards your dinner plans. You fantasize about a night cap to unwind from the chaos of the day. And on that trail is your inner mean girl yelling: “Why can’t you just fix this? What is your problem?”

If you’re like I was and a lot of my clients— you consider this vicious battle normal.  

Here’s my “journal”, which always turned into a weight loss/food diary in 1999.

I was 19 (read: higher metabolism), 150 pounds, and desperate to lose 15 pounds.

It looks like I was on Weight Watchers. I wasn’t. I had just done it so many times that points were ingrained into me.  I was trying to lose weight in a healthy way, after eating way too much cabbage soup to unsustainable results.

The blind spot was my definition of “good” and “bad” foods were flawed.

I’d never learned that food and how we gain weight is a biology game. I thought if I avoided “bad” food and ate “good” food everything would be okay.

And this is what I see with my clients, who could have a Ph.D in dieting. Their ideas of good and bad food are based on what they’ve read, not what they’ve experienced.

Did you know your so called “bad habits” like eating way too many samples at a grocery store, needing sweetener in their coffee or wanting to grab a handful of chips – are actually signs your body is starving because you aren’t eating “healthy” according to its rules.

Craving carbs and preoccupied thoughts of food is a hunger sign- based on your blood sugar levels.

You probably think you should work harder on correcting all your so called bad habits. But it’s not you or your bad habits at the root. It’s simply that your biology and food are mismatched.

When you learn the mechanics of what your body needs to correct imbalances, your definition of healthy – what is good and bad – changes. Cravings and snacking vanish and you’ll feel energized, productive, hopeful, and focused.

Curbing my afternoon cravings enabled me to know what foods were healthy and good for me.
I should've been enjoying working in Paris. Instead, I was preoccupied by my continual weight gain.

I should’ve been enjoying working in Paris. Instead, I was preoccupied by my continual weight gain.

It would take me seven years to figure out what was healthy for me. I would go on to gain 20 pounds in this process and weigh the most I ever weighed in my life.

I discovered something about the food biology connection and everything started to fall into place. The food biology connection is the right percentage of proteins, fats and carbs.

Rather than feeling like I had to stick to a plan, I had a plan I could bring with me wherever I went.

I would have never believed this had I not experienced it—and the side effect of weight loss—for myself.

My clients agree. They often tell me after they emerge victorious from cravings and continual snacking they just thought was “how they were wired.”

Some lose weight. Many notice their clothes fit better as they flush out the bloat from inflammation, caused by the wrong combination of proteins, carbs and sugar. All feel the relief of clarity knowing they’re finally on the right track.

After completing my Curb Your Afternoon Cravings program, you’ll:

  • Know what foods are good for you, eliminating cravings all day
  • Put your hormones on a path to healing so your period doesn’t send you off the eating rails
  • Be in control of your hunger
  • Crave the healthy foods that are good for you
  • Easily stay on track as with a system of protein, fat and carb amounts that you can recreate at home, on-the-go or out to eat
  • Have the confidence to know what food changes to make when real life, like poor sleep or extra stress, happen so you stay on track

Here’s what the right combination of proteins, fats and carbs looks like on daily basis:

  • Feeling satisfied after lunch and right up until dinner without needing a little extra “something” to get you over that gap.
  • Not needing to plan mini-meals or tons of snacks because you’re not hungry all day.
  • Arriving the end of your work day with enough energy to get to the gym instead of zoning out on social media with a glass of wine.
  • Coming home and not needing to beeline to the cheese and crackers.
  • Not craving dessert after dinner because your blood sugar isn’t rebounding from a day of being ignored.
  • Waking up in the morning filled with energy that doesn’t need a kickstart of sugar and enormous amounts of coffee.

All of this is possible.

Learning to curb your afternoon cravings isn’t just about not “caving” to your cravings or not falling into that dreaded downward spiral. It’s about changing your biology and feeling incredibly more optimistic and energetic.

And, rather than just thinking this time will be different, it actually will be

It’s time for a lasting win: It’s time to clear your cravings!

I eat and sleep better, I'm regular for the first time in my life, I have more energy and my afternoon cravings are pretty much non-existent.

I was totally surprised to learn that what I thought was healthiest for me in fact, wasn't! As a result of working through the food experiments, I eat and sleep better, I'm regular for the first time in my life, and I have more energy throughout the day. And my afternoon cravings are pretty much non-existent.  
None of this should be taken lightly. After an eating disorder, years and years of therapy, it hasn't been until now, getting into the nitty gritty of what's happening internally with my body, have I had such a fantastic mindset shift around food and its relationship to my body. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
Liz M., Philadelphia

I know how to eat for my body!

I have read about blood sugar but never understood how it presents in the body until I started working with Ali. Curb Your Afternoon Cravings has enabled me to understand not only how to eat for my body but how to feel satiated, clear and focused. All the unhelpful thoughts around food have started to disappear. I can’t recommend this program enough.

S. Joseph

I was shocked I don't need snacks...and I sleep better, have more energy and look forward to veggies in a way that is new to me.

In the past, I would design my daily menu around morning and afternoon snacks and still didn’t feel satisfied. After only a few days of being in Curb Your Afternoon Cravings, I was shocked I didn’t need these snacks! Not only did I manage to avoid the temptation of afternoon holiday office treats, I now look forward to lighter and healthier dinners (without the usual stealing chicken nuggets off my children’s plates)!   

I also sleep better, have more energy, and look forward to veggies (kale! Brussel sprouts! Spinach!) in a way that is new to me. 

Linda Kiraly Gilbert

The Design

In four weeks, you’ll be on your way towards a craving free day.

This at-home, self-paced coaching program is strategically divided into four lessons so you’ll have the time to learn and implement. The suggested changes have a flexible design that adapts to your lifestyle, whether you are on-the-go or don’t have time to prepare food.

  • Lesson 1: Discover whether you’re a fast, medium or slow burner. This determines what types of proteins work best for your body. You’ll learn what to eat at breakfast so you to arrive at lunch wanting to make the healthy choice.
  • Lesson 2: With a more energized and craving-free morning, it’s time to learn what you need to eat at lunch to support your metabolism. This includes the #1 missing food you must add to make afternoon a craving-free delight.
  • Lesson 3: Without the right carbs for your metabolism, you’ll binge on bad carbs. Discover how the right carbs at lunch prevents cravings!
  • Lesson 4: All metabolisms are maximized with these two easy lunch lifestyle tips.
  • Bonus Lesson: Many diets and plans seem to forget: You live in the real world. Learn the one food change you must make to adjust your eating so you don’t crash with cravings when you don’t get enough sleep, have PMS, are under stress from a big work or travel week—or all of the above.

You’ll receive:

  • Four brief and easy-to-understand audio lessons, plus the bonus lesson, to listen wherever you are.
  • Edited audio transcripts. Great for visual learners or those who are hard-of-hearing.
  • Instructional videos to fast track your learning by seeing real life clients food diaries. You’ll see how I helped them recognize and course correct their blood sugar crashes (not their “weakness” around carbs).
  • Easy-to-implement tips, action items, and recipes to lead you through each lesson.
  • Access to a private online community who also want to lose weight in a healthy way and to get all your questions answered.

I’m down three pounds, my mood is better and my thinking changed so I can implement even more change and stay motivated

I was struggling with keeping my blood sugar balanced for several months and was getting nowhere; I tried to figure out the eating on my own as well as working with doctors who kept telling me my levels were fine.

After taking the Curb program, I better understand how to better balance my blood sugar through diet and emotional/behavior shifts. Having lost about 60 pounds on Weight Watchers then plateauing for several months, Ali’s approach jump-started my weight loss. I’m down three pounds, my mood is better and the program helped my thinking so that I can implement more change and stay motivated.

Jennifer Lawrence

I followed the breakfast tips and it kept me away from temptation all damn day. Yesssssss!!!

I am LOVING this, Ali! Thank you! I followed the breakfast tips and purposefully planned a 'balanced meal' (not a 'good' vs. bad meal) and am so pleasantly surprised that it fulfilled me and kept me away from temptations all damn day. Yesssssss!!!


My energy is up and I don't feel like I need an afternoon nap

After Curb Your Afternoon Cravings, my energy is up and I don’t feel like I need an afternoon nap.



  1. Will this help with my nighttime cravings?
    Yes. But you can’t eliminate evening cravings until you eliminate afternoon cravings. They are interconnected in balancing your blood sugar.
  2. Will this help with my pre-lunch cravings?
    Yes! You have to work on those to not have afternoon cravings.
  3. What if I have questions as I get into the program?
    We’ve got your covered! You can ask any question you have in our private online community and I’ll be happy to answer it.
  4. Is this a group program? Yes and no. There are four lessons in the program. You take them at your own pace. However, I’m in the classroom answering questions. There are also others who are working through the lessons and will support you too (for example, we have some travel experts that are sharing their tricks of the trade with others!). So many of my clients think they are alone in this food “thing.” I promise you: you are not alone and there are other incredible people who are struggling with their cravings too.
  5. How long do I have to take the program? Once you opt-in to the program, you’re “in” for life. You can participate in the online classroom for as long as the program exists and I’ll answer your questions. You’ll also have access to the materials for life. However, if you do the work in the program, you will soon know exactly what works for you.
  6. What makes this different than other plans that say their different too? Most nutrition plans are one-size-fits-all approaches. They offer absolute solutions where the reality is the answer is, it depends! For example, most people will tell you fruit is healthy. That’s not true for everyone (especially if you have weight around your middle or have diagnosis like hypoglycemia, PCOS, PMDD or metabolic syndrome). This program allows you to identify what “healthy” is for you. Until you learn that, you will feel stuck. And, you learn through experiments, the fastest way to change what you eat, not just learn. There’s a profound difference between learning and changing. With my background in adult education, this program is designed to change as fast as possible.
  7. I know I have emotional eating issues. Will this help me with that? Dozens of clients have told me after deeply understanding their blood sugar that they realize half their emotional eating wasn’t emotional eating at all! Rather, it was their blood sugar dropping. Because unbalanced blood sugar is so tightly connected to our emotions, it’s easy to link cravings with emotional eating. However, it’s a huge weight that gets lifted off their shoulders when they see they just need to re-balance what they are eating! The neat thing is that once you understand blood-sugar, you have renewed inspiration to tackle the bigger emotional eating issues not associated with blood-sugar.

Have a question not addressed here? Feel free to write to me:

I lost 10 pounds. I never thought this was possible!

I had put weight around my middle which I attributed to getting older but nonetheless, wanted to take control of my weight. Ali guided me to do things in efforts to balance my blood sugar. I’ve lost 10 pounds. I never thought this was possible! I'm awestruck and thrilled, actually, and eternally grateful.

Dan G.

I feel satisfied and those "shark" moments are gone!

Imagine any shark movie you've ever seen, where they drop something bloody into the water and the sharks go crazy. That was me each afternoon as I was overtaken by the urge to eat anything sweet I could find. After taking Curb Your Afternoon Cravings, I feel satisfied and those "shark" moments are gone!

Tiffany Coffman

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