Episode #75: Your Green Juice Doesn’t Make You Worthy

Clients often come to me frustrated from everything they’ve tried and exhausted by the lack of results. They also believe it requires too much energy and effort to do ALL.THE.THINGS to lose weight, be healthy and oh yes, fit in your life too. In today’s episode, I’ll reveal the mindset that keeps you working hard not smart, the opportunity you have when you realize not all efforts are equal and the trick to sticking with healthy living and your weight loss path.


Episode #74: Consistently Inconsistent with Kevin Geary

In today’s episode, I sit down with friend and colleague Kevin Geary from the Rebooted Body to get his take on consistency.

You’ll discover:

  1. Why Kevin doesn’t believe in long term goals and only to focus on the short term,
  2. The three manipulators that cause inconsistency,
  3. The inner personas that block us from being in touch with our authentic self and sets us up for unhealthy habits.

And I bring up an extra “step” women need to consider when they’re told to tap into their “authentic self”.

Kevin is the founder of RebootedBody.com, host of the top-ranked Rebooted Body Podcast, and a leading authority on the psychology of eating. He has worked directly with men and women in over 35 countries around the world and has influenced countless more through speaking and writing.


Episode #73: Why Is No One Talking About Agency and Out of Control Eating?

Agency is a word rarely associated with weight loss and healthy eating. Yet it’s a root cause of emotional eating and binging. In this episode, Ali shares:

  1. What agency is and why it’s critical to weight loss and health
  2. How the degree of agency we have determines if we overeat or full out binge
  3. Coaches Insatiable listener Stephanie Cahill on where she’s lacking agency today and beginning steps to transform into someone with more agency and power to eliminate “I deserve this” eating.

Stephanie Cahill, I am a Boston area native and now live in southern New Hampshire. I am an oncology nurse, manager with Beautycounter, and special needs mother to my two year old son Benjamin. I love to cook and am a self-proclaimed podcast junkie. I can be reached on Instagram @cleanerstephanie.

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This held me back the longest from my own Truce with Food

Each round, I hear from some of those considering Truce with Food, “I’ve got a lot going on. I’m going to wait till next year.”

I don’t doubt that any of us don’t have a lot going on. My definition of being an adult is when you finally accept that it’s always going to be something!

For most people, this “I’ll wait till next year” is the voice of fear in their head. It’s often a procrastination habit.

Another voice I’ve heard from many of my 1:1 calls with those interested in Truce with Food is “Can I do this? Will this really work for me?”

This is often the voice of an identity that “I’m different”.

I know this one well because it held me back in my own healing. “Why am I the one with the sensitive digestive system that has to stop eating by 7 p.m. so I don’t wake up with heartburn like I’m a 90-year old Grandma?” is one tiny example of how this voice dominated my food thoughts.

While I cherished being different in some ways in my life, it also made me believe I was the exception to the reality of what it takes for life-changing transformation.

This protective voice will always be there when we’re on the brink of making healthy, transformational changes in our lives. No one is exempt!

My mentor calls it the “Dweller of the Threshold”, that comes up to stop our evolution. In mythology, the dweller is everything that rises up to stop you when you’re crossing a boundary. Crossing the bridge you will meet your mental trolls. Making changes that will transform your life will always evoke a counter force.

If your voice says “I won’t have enough time,” you can tell it to chill out because the experiments in Truce with Food don’t take anymore time. You’re going to have to eat anyway. And with the emotional work, your life is your classroom.

If the voice says, “You shouldn’t spend money right now,” you can tell it thank you but that’s not necessarily true because you never know what gains you will make by making these positive changes. Let me be clear: I would never recommend anyone going into credit card debt to do this program or any program.

And as Linda said in her recent Insatiable podcast episode, “Truce with Food more than pays for itself. I probably saved the program amount in not buying wine and eating out, alone. The program is invaluable.”

Because Truce with Food is a process, not a formula, it works for everyone. The first step is your willing to make this decision to meet the dweller, face the troll, tell the voice to sit down and relax. Yes, you have to leave your comfort zone.

What you will find is that your body is a dynamic and amazing mystery that follows elegant truths.

Just for a moment…

Imagine the Fourth of July weekend is coming up. You’re heading out with your favorite group of people to enjoy the holiday. You are looking forward to celebrating, relaxing, and enjoying all of it. Your days of stressing about your weight, your failures, your “shoulds” are a memory now. You walk confidently out to catch your plane, or the onto the boat, or run and jump in the ocean. Imagine your loved ones smiling as they see you in this new light.

Listen to Coco, a past Truce with Food client describe this:

Truce with Food was SOOO helpful for me. It offers a refreshing different/holistic approach to emotional health as it relates to food and my relationship with food.  I have more ease and freedom around food and with myself.  I no longer get out of bed in the morning with my first waking thoughts centered around what sort of rigid “plan of attack” I’m going to have today to “get through” food. I have clarity around my triggers and will continue to practice, learn and re-learn when it comes to the “reset” button:)

This is just a taste of what’s possible for you when you embark on your own Truce with Food.  But you have to act now. Today is the last day to register.

When you are fighting with food – meaning you want one thing but do something else – food always wins. There’s another, better, more fun way!

I hope you’ll bet on yourself to face that dweller and dissolve the habits which hold you back. It’s your turn to join this program, the supportive community, and life changing tools so you can step into life you’re meant to live.

Be well,



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Truce with Food FAQs

I’ve gotten fantastic questions about Truce with Food. I’m sharing them here in case you’ve been wondering the same thing.

Can I be reimbursed through my health insurance? Yes, if you have an FSA or HSA account. Please check with your plan to verify health coaching or nutritional counseling can be deducted. If it can, you can submit your receipt to your plan.

How is this different than intuitive eating? I’m in alignment with the end goals of intuitive eating, to be your own best expert. However, I have very different views on how to become your own best expert.

It different in two ways:

First, intuitive eating focuses on discerning between emotional and physical hunger. That is a great start. However, in Truce with Food we get to the root of the story that creates the emotions that pull you towards food. By seeing and understanding your story, you eventually eliminate the stress source that’s driving you to eat. It’s why clients often refer to Truce with Food as life-changing.

Second, intuitive eating aim is to give yourself permission to check-in and eat what feels intuitive. Truce with Food teaches how to eat from a “food as medicine” perspective. When clients feel better as their depression lifts, sleep improves and they regain energy based on what foods are their best medicine, they feel so good, they don’t need to spend months or years giving themselves permission to eat whatever they want until the food feels neutral (an intuitive eating strategy). Food has a biological function and we don’t ignore that. It incorporates intuitive eating but is more holistic.

Are there people who should not be in this program? There are situations where people have an illness like cancer or schizophrenia that need to be treated in a different professional capacity.

For Truce with Food, you need to have the capacity to reflect and follow instructions.

That said, Truce with Food has been a life changing process for people who struggle with long term challenges that stem from patterns originating from a Mother or Father’s own weight issues, instability in a childhood home, being bullied as a kid, etc.

The effectiveness of Truce with Food is it combines best practices in seeing your story and provides practical tools and skills to apply to today’s current challenges so you start to see and feel results immediately.

You say your clients are really accomplished. I don’t feel accomplished right now. Will I be out of place?

No! It isn’t unusual to feel “unaccomplished” even though you’ve had past successes. There’s a painful split between who you know yourself to be on the inside and who you often present yourself to be on the outside. The more conflict you have with food the more you can be sure there’s hope. I created Truce with Food because I knew there was a way to approach the situation differently. I wanted the same thing you want. To feel accomplished and aligned. For life to be easier and more meaningful.

I’m not really a group person although I am intrigued. I joke we are a group of “bad-joiners”. Because my clients are analytical and empathetic, there’s a disdain for dogma and ignoring nuance. We don’t believe everyone needs to be Paleo nor will anyone site the China Study to you like it’s a holy book (we may discuss it though!). So if you’re looking for a group of bad joiners who finally feel like they’ve found a home that won’t oversimplify life, you’ll love the group dynamic. The benefits from the group is one of the most surprising and welcome parts of the program to participants.

I hope these questions help. If you have a remaining one that still hasn’t been answered here or in the FAQs on the program page, I have a few spots on my calendar for Monday to get clear if Truce with Food is a right fit for you.

Remember, there’s four days left to register.

Be well,



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