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SF + LA workshop registration open + this drink saved me from sugar

I’m working on a post-Inauguration piece but it’s not ready.

It felt weird to email you without acknowledging to so many of you, and certainly me, that last week was rough with the inauguration.

So stay tuned for where do we go from here if maintaining or improving your health (emotional too) are a priority.

In the meantime…

Details are set and registration is open for my in-person A Path Forward workshop in San Francisco and LA. You can save $50 on early bird registration. Get all the details here.

In a Path Forward, you’ll discover your True Goal to lasting success.

80% of Truce with Food clients no longer believe willpower or discipline is their issue after going through the foundational Truce with Food step attendees in A Path Forward will go through.

There’s so much relief, ease and relaxation once you realize why nothing else has lasted long-term.

I’ve booked cool venues, delicious healthy food, and am keeping the number of attendees small to ensure personal attention and connection with like-minded people.

Clients are always pleasantly surprised at the soul and humor our community here contains. We tend to hate surface talk and love getting into enlivening conversations. This experience will facilitate that, even for you Introverts.

In staying sugar free last week, which was more challenging as I felt so much sadness at the change of power in this country,  I realized I wasn’t getting enough fat at lunch. Part of my cravings were physical.

Which is true of most of my clients and why they often crave carbs after lunch.

I created this magical drink to enable me to up the fat at lunchtime without a lot of fuss to keep my cravings away.

You can get the recipe below.

Sugar-free tip #8 & #9. Water! Many people crave sugar when they’re tired, as a pick me up. And we’re often tired because we’re dehydrated. Aim for half your body weight in ounces of filtered water each day. More if you drink caffeine or sweat from the weather or working out. Tip #9 is my favorite so far! It’s a rift on traditional Tibetan butter tea. You can use tea. Instead of tea, I use swiss press decaf coffee. I love the taste of creamy coffee. Except I don’t do well with dairy. And I’m a lazy cook so don’t always know how to get all the fat in I need at lunch. Without enough fat at lunch, you’ll crave sugar in the afternoon. So many of my clients can’t believe how much they underestimate how much fat they need and are eating (you probably are too). Here’s the recipe: decaf coffee with 1 T of coconut oil, ghee (clarified butter) or grass fed butter. Blend! Days my lunch is really lacking fat, I do about 2 T. Tastes delicious. And the bitter flavor of coffee (which you can actually taste when you don’t use sugar), like the sour flavor, also helps decrease sugar cravings. Have you ever tried using healthy fats in your coffee? Did you like it?

A photo posted by Ali Shapiro, MS, CHHC (@alimshapiro) on

It’s delicious and so comforting, in a healthy way, if you need to add more fat at lunch. Give it a try and see if you reduce afternoon cravings.

I’ll be back soon with post-Inauguration thoughts.

Be well,


P.S. Remember to save your spot at a Path Forward workshop if you’re in San Francisco or LA. Space is limited and there’s early bird pricing now.



Episode #59: Jacquette Timmons: How You Eat Mirrors How You Spend

Jacquette M. Timmons is a financial behaviorist who works with everyone from the middle class to the 1% – helping them manage their choices around money.

Most of her clients currently have or desire to have an entrepreneurial stream of income. In particular, she integrates financial and behavioral analysis to help them blend the emotions of money with the math of money, let go of their money “baggage” and start to move forward with financial goals more clear — feeling confident and in control so they can save more, remove debt, invest smarter and earn more.

Jacquette is the founder of Sterling Investment Management, Inc. (a financial coaching and education company) and the author of Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate. Her work has been featured on “Good Morning America,” CNN, HLN, FOX, Black Enterprise, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal.

In this episode we discuss how often times the same emotions that cause people to overeat, contribute to people mismanaging their finances. We also dive into how to feel in control with your money, understand the emotions that come with this loaded topic and Jacquette’s surprising tip that has nothing to do with saving more.

To make better, smarter choices with your money, download Jacquette’s Financial Wheel.

You can also find her on Twitter @jacqmtimmons

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30 Day Sugar Detox

I’m thrilled about the response to my A Path Forward workshop in Pittsburgh, LA, San Fransisco, Philly, New York City and Denver.

I’m still working out details so that’s why there’s no official way to sign-up. Yet! I’ll have most of the details worked out in the next couple weeks.

Thank you for those who let me know it’s San Fransisco, not San Fran 8-) I always aim to be culturally sensitive.

After we got back from Florida, Carlos said he was going off sugar. I said I’d join him. For 30 days. This is not a new year’s resolution. This is not extreme for me; it mostly means no after dinner treat and saying no to dessert at times when we go out to eat.

Because I’ve worked through my own Truce with Food, this is genuinely for my health and doesn’t feel restrictive or way to shame/”motivate” myself.

Since the election, I’ve had symptoms like poor sleep and feeling really combative. Anger can be healthy, up to a point. Sugar contributes to both of these symptoms.

So I’m getting off sugar to return me to my rested and rooted norm. This will make me more effective for my current life goals, which includes defending the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Most small business owners like myself depend upon the ACA.

I’m the first person to try and not use my health-insurance or our disease-management/health-care system. But like all of life, there’s a lot of gray that makes it imperative that I have insurance.

Despite being healthier than 99% of Americans and no current diagnosis or medications, I previously couldn’t get insurance because of my cancer history. And I’m certain without it, the rates if I’m even eligible, will be out-of-reach.

So yes, I’m feeling all the feels right now as I navigate the uncertainty. Going off sugar is one of my tools to not just get by, but have agency in this situation.

My first tip for going sugar-free?

When setting #health #goals, weight loss or reversing a condition like depression or acne are too long-term and not enough of a daily benefit. Adults need to see result immediately or they won’t stick with new habits. You need to know how your life will get better and easier now. Immediately. For me, I haven’t slept well since the election. When I don’t understand something, I process by seeking to understand. So I’ve been reading and paying closer attention which has made me even more on edge. @carlosqueiros said he’s not sure where my optimism has gone (it’s in the actions I’ve been taking instead of assuming we have no power). And, that was a wake up call that I’ve been kind of crumugeny (anger is very healthy and useful to a point). Intellectually, I know I’m more of a hypochondriac/paranoid than most and yet you can’t think your way out of your bodies physicality. So I’m hoping going off sugar will help me sleep through the night, make me calmer and give me more energy as I get more involved in my community and balance running a business and my life. I will notice these changes in a few days and they’ll make my life easier as long as I stay off #sugar Do you know the benefits of going off sugar for you? What are they?

A photo posted by Ali Shapiro, MS, CHHC (@alimshapiro) on


While weight loss and reversing health conditions like depression are often reasons people want to go sugar-free, adults need much faster results than the roller-coaster of a long-term goal pursuit.

Feeling fully rested and calmer moods are mine. What are yours?

And don’t worry if you don’t know. Many of my clients aren’t sure until they start changing their food how something like sugar affects them. The key is to pay attention to your daily internal experience, versus if you’re being “good”, to find out!

I started on Monday and am sharing my 30-days, along with really useful tips and tricks on Instagram and my Facebook page. I hope you’ll join me there.



Episode #58: Top 5 Episodes: The First Year of Insatiable

Insatiable 2016, that’s a wrap! We couldn’t be more thrilled with where this show has taken us this past year. In this episode we reveal the top 5 episodes, based on listener downloads, updating you on what we’ve learned since those episodes aired and what’s in store for the year 2017.


A Path Forward + I’m Coming to LA, San Fran, Philly, NYC and Denver

Are you feeling 2017 yet? I’m slowly stretching my way in as Carlos and I kicked off the year in sunny Florida with his family.

I’m traveling much more in 2017 to bring my Truce with Food methodology across the U.S. I’m hearing from so many people who are tired of girlfriend advice, such as “take a bubble bath”, to soothe their body discomfort and pissed off at plans/gimmicks that make weight loss seem so simple when it is not about calories in, calories out.

So, I’m going across the country to share the good news by hosting A Path Forward workshops. I will be in Pittsburgh January 28th at 9:15 am at the Frick Building Penthouse downtown, LA and San Fran in late February; in Philadelphia and New York in March (note: we rescheduled our Insatiable retreat to March 11); then onto Denver in May. I will also be hosting a virtual workshop in early March!

If you’re in LA or San Fran and are interested in attending, please email me and let me know. I’m gauging West Coast interest.

Details to come shortly. If you have ideas about spreading the word in these cities, I’d appreciate the support, connections, and recommendations to media and/or those of influence and interest.  While I’m no wallflower, it’s intimidating to pitch myself and my ideas in communities where I am not as well known. So, I’m asking for help!

roadresizedA Path Forward workshop was inspired by an intuitive shift I’ve felt in the collective readiness to understand the emotional side of the food equation.

And, I have to thank my clients from this last round of Truce with Food. They have engaged so deeply; and their results, which I’ll share soon, are incredible. We laughed so much that during one of our calls, my laughing turned to crying!

As Truce with Food client AT said, “I’ve made more progress in three weeks with your approach than 25 years of therapy.”

This excites me. I want nothing more than for us to value our health, be liberated from dieting and realize that the battle with food can be a birth canal to more agency and power, which feels like ultimate food freedom, if you choose.

This is a delicate balance. But it can be done with the right support and tools.

The first step in a Truce with Food is what we will focus on in A Path Forward . In this workshop, we’ll discover what your true goal is when it comes to your weight and health goals.

Goal setting like “cut out sugar” or “lose 30 pounds” is the wrong way to set goals for the seasoned, frustrated dieter.

You already know what you need to do. Eat less sugar. Be happier!!! The real question is, “But how?”

How do I stop the crazy eating?

How do I stop eating the foods that contribute to my depression?

Why do I rebel against the regimes of the diet programs I willingly pay for?

How do I actually call my friend and not buy the large peanut M&Ms and eat them in my car?

How do I come home from a draining work day and not eat an entire pint of organic, coconut ice cream while watching “Orange Is the New Black” on the couch?

The answer to “but how” is actually rather simple. And we all know simple doesn’t mean easy.

The answer is to change the focus from the problem with food to the real issues.

If you continue to create goals based on food do’s and don’ts, you are destined to fail. 

We’ll turn this around once and for all in A Path Forward by setting goals that do work so you can succeed.

As one Truce with Food client, who lost 30 plus pounds over the year of our working together by first identifying her true goal, joked with our group, “People notice my weight loss and ask me, ‘What are you doing?’ I’m like, ummm…how do yfooter-groupou explain this [Truce with Food]?”

We all laughed and I suggested responding, “I pierced my soul.”

I hope you’ll join me live in these upcoming workshops as I travel to a city near you in the coming months (see above) or in a virtual version I will host in March.

I cannot wait to meet so many of you in person and continue to build our movement of trailblazers, idealists and achievers who are freeing themselves from food to be able to make an even bigger impact in their lives.

Let’s do this!

Be well,


P.S. Quick recap: A Path Forward workshop is coming to LA, San Fran, Philly, Pittsburgh, NYC, Denver and there will be a virtual one in March. It will teach you how to set your true goal for health and weight-loss success.

In the meantime, if traditional New Years resolutions don’t work for you, this Insatiable podcast episode, The Unexpected Path to Successful Healthy New Years Resolutions will give you an instant mindset shift around resolutions.

And, if you’re itching for a real change now, consider Truth Serum.  Physical and mental health are not separate. What you eat influences how you feel and how you feel influences how you eat. Truth Serum is my pioneering approach to map out what diets work best for you and understand the emotional story that may be blocking the health and weight-loss goals that are well within your reach.


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