Episode #45: Is Your Fitness Tracker Lying To You?

Everywhere you look wearable devices are being marketed and sold as a way to hack your fitness and nutrition, however how can we trust that the metrics they are aiming for are accurate and will work in our favor? Does tracking your steps, heat rate and calories support more weight loss or does it backfire into weight gain? A new study that came of the University Of Pittsburgh claims that activity trackers are ineffective for sustaining weight loss. In this episode we dive into the world of wearable tracking devices.


Episode #44: Does Golden Tumeric Milk Cure Everything?

What has now become a trendy and tasty beverage has been traditionally consumed in both Chinese medicine, as well as Ayurvedic medicine for a thousand plus years. Uses for golden milk, include healing inflammation, diseases and general wound healing. Incorporating this drink into your routine can help curb cravings and decrease stress. Sounds good right? This could be the trick to help replace that pumpkin spice latte obsession.

Quick and easy recipe Ali tried from Wellness Mama


Episode #43: Are You Authentic, or Are You A Fraud?

Jamie Greenwood is a life coach who focuses on emotional resiliency. Her passion is coaching driven, soulful women to reconnect with themselves for greater presence in their lives. Jamie is a featured speaker and trainer for companies across the U.S. and her writings have been featured on The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and Tiny Buddha. In this episode Jamie reveals the magical 3 p’s: Presence, Peace and Power and how these lead to authenticity within yourself. You will also learn the tell-tale symptoms of when you are being a fraud and not living into who you actually are. This conversation will leave you rethinking the thoughts you tell yourself and hopefully you will begin to question those voices in your head and transform, what once was negative self talk into positive reinforcement that will allow you to change for the better.

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the weight loss discipline secret not even on your radar


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I just returned from my “East Coast Love” tour!  My Philly in-person stop kicked off Truce with Food. It was challenging, and included so much laughing!

After just one session, 80% of participants polled no longer attributed their problems to lack of discipline.

The power of clarity!

The challenge with many of my clients is that while they are really smart, super well read in nutrition and have a high bullshit meter, they enter the program totally convinced that all they need for positive changes in their lives is a more discipline. And I know many of you do too.

How’s that workin’ for you?

As someone who hates inefficiency, I’m frustrated for you!

If you ever want to get past tracking your food or being good during the week only to let go on the weekends, you have to accurately “diagnose”  your problem.

For example, one of my Truce with Food clients originally thought one of her bad habits was that she lacked self-control, since she rewarded herself at the end of the day with cashews. Lots of them.

In filling out her Good Girl Gridlock, which “x-rays” what’s really going on underneath bad habits, we explored if “rewarding” herself with food was really the habit.

She had extreme discipline during the day.

Where did it go at night?

And were cashews really that much of a reward? That’s child’s play to the “me” I was back in the (food battle) day!

Through coaching, she discovered her discipline was part of the problem. And those cashews were the solution to feeling depleted. Being depleted was her issue, not her lack of discipline. Trying to use more discipline here just depletes her further!

She needs a discipline. But not with food. She needs it to explore and transform her beliefs about feeling depleted that cause her to make choices unaligned with her goals.

In a nutless shell (I couldn’t resist; cashews don’t have shells!), it’s the power to explore her beliefs and a sense of experimentation that is needed!

Dr. Nicole Lipkin, an executive coach and master of change, joined us on our Insatiable podcast to discuss the role of this type of discipline in weight loss. I’ve had several listeners tell me it was so good they’ve listened to it multiple times.

Nicole Lipkin-Headshot (2)In the Role of Discipline in Weight Loss podcast, you’ll also learn:

  1. How willpower is a finite resource and the “alternative” for making healthy food choices
  2. How long new habits take and the “21 days to change” myth.
  3. And the best way I have ever heard to stop telling yourself, “I deserve this (insert favorite food or beverage).”

Juliet and I both walked away feeling empowered, especially from #3.

Listen in to focus your energy in a more clear direction.


Be well,






Episode #42: Sober School with Kate B

What if you were asked to go 90 days without alcohol? Does this sound scary? If so, this episode is for you. You may not be a candidate for AA meetings, but that doesn’t mean alcohol isn’t an issue for you. Kate B of the Sober School talks about the myths we tell ourselves to make drinking acceptable. Do you use your booze for liquid courage or to make social outings more enjoyable? Or how about that long and stressful day and “needing” a glass of wine? Learn if alcohol is something you should cut back on, or cut out completely and some tips to get started. This episode puts our habits into question and puts a different lens on something that is socially acceptable, but should it be?

Kate Bee is the founder of The Sober School, a website dedicated to helping women navigate sobriety without feeling deprived or miserable. The Sober School provides modern, inspiring and accessible support for high-functioning women who are fed up with drinking too much. Kate’s mission is to remove the stigma, misinformation and fear that surrounds addiction. Her work is informed by her own struggle with alcohol and her determination to recover outside of AA and the 12-step system. Kate drew on her own experience to create an online coaching program, Getting Unstuck. The course helps women understand why they really drink, so they can change their relationship with alcohol for good. Kate is also a freelance journalist. She lives near Manchester in the UK.

Enjoli article mentioned on this episode

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