Episode #52: Eat Pretty Everyday with Jolene Hart

In this episode, we’re going to talk to Jolene about her latest book and …

Her own story as a top beauty editor for InStyle magazine and despite having access to every beauty opportunity, struggled with cystic acne

How beautiful skin starts with your fridge, not at your dermatologists or the drug store aisle and tips to get started today, especially to support your skin in the winter

How beauty is about your bodies ability to detoxify naturally, the surprising place scientists discovered this happens in your body and the top 5 ingredients to avoid in your personal care products so you can detox much better and support prevention of serious illnesses.

Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP is a health coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a former magazine beauty editor, and founder of the pioneering beauty coaching practice Beauty Is Wellness. She is the author of Eat Pretty, a seasonal guide to looking and feeling beautiful using nutrition and self-care, as well as the companion journal Eat Pretty, Live Well, and the new book of daily inspirations Eat Pretty Every Day. At the heart of Jolene’s work is her desire to empower women with knowledge of their own ability to shape their lifelong beauty and health with the healing powers of food and self-care. Her private coaching looks at many areas of life, from stress and hormones to diet, digestion and safe personal care products, to help women build a lifestyle of beauty that enables them look and feel their best from the inside.


Episode #51: Non Traditional Portion Control Tips for the Holidays

Conventional wisdom tells you to visualize success in order to achieve a goal, but in this episode we will reveal a better technique that’s more effective than just positive thinking. How can you gracefully get on the same page with your hosts and hostesses when it comes to wanting to eat healthy at a holiday gathering? And, lastly what to measure so you can eliminate your guilt from over indulging over the holiday season.

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2 easy tips to stay on track with your eating over Thanksgiving

For many of us, the upcoming holidays are going to be filled with too many, and sometimes awkward, gatherings. Election tension adds an additional emotional element this year that could easily turn eggnog into an eggnog flavored bourbon.

Juliet and I recently interviewed Randi Buckley on how to navigate the emotions that make us overdrink, overeat and overspend.


Your emotional stability – and the amount you eat – rest on boundaries.

But if you’re a kind and caring person like most of my clients, traditional boundary advice is hard to follow. It can feel mean, cold and as Randi says, “like an ass”.

So you don’t even bother. Who needs more guilt?

But Randi’s genius is in reframing how we think of boundaries. She sees boundaries not about distancing certain people or conversations from your life but “boundaries as a user guide for the world to get you at your best”.

Doesn’t that sound more inspiring and fulfilling?

In this episode (you can play it at the bottom of this post) we get into the nitty, gritty of healthy boundaries so you can stay true to your truth and be kind to others without eating from the anxiety of it all.

Randi’s worked with Deepak Chopra, has hot tubbed with Jerry Garcia, has been a Hollywood double for Demi Moore and Penelope Cruz and shares my mutual love of the Dukes of Hazard. In other words, she brings a range of experience to her work!

Two other easy tips Randi offers, especially if you feel awkward about dietary restrictions or wanting healthy options:

  1. Before you arrive at Thanksgiving or a party, ask your host what they’d love to get out of the experience. Not what can you bring per se, but what their hopes are as a host.

This clarity then allows you to respect their wishes and how that fits into your dietary or other needs. Having this conversation alleviates the anxious assumption that your needs are in conflict or a burden to your host.

  1. Channel your wiser, emotionally healthier self with this question when things get tense, “a year from now, how do you wish you would have handled this?”

I love this because as I share with my clients, when you’re over-analyzing what to eat or saying “F@#$ it”, it’s often the frustration, sadness and/or anger of our younger, wounded selves who are deciding what to eat. This question reminds us that we’re not the 10 year old who is in pain even though certain events time travel us right back there.

We dive more deeply into this and how to cultivate healthy boundaries in the episode.

You can read the transcript here.

2016 has been a wild year for many of us. Pain and sadness aren’t only bad. They return us to what’s important and sacred. I hope you’ll be grateful for the good and the centering.

We live in a beautiful world that is offering tremendous opportunities to remind us what we have and to discover what we’re made of.  I hear it’s star dust.

Be well,


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Post-election thoughts, free coaching offer

How are you holding up after the election?

I myself am still sifting through the outcome, and what it has revealed.


The truth can be hard. Painful. Difficult. It often feels like a death and not an Oprah ah-ha moment.

And, there is tremendous value in a clear diagnosis.

Metaphorically, it was a win for the continuation of an imbalanced, patriarchal archetype. This pattern is the root, root cause of physical and emotional dis-ease.

When a society is built on hyper-masculine values, we devalue the feminine qualities of emotions, the body, nature and intuition.

These imbalanced patriarchal ideas trickle down into all of our systems, including health-care.

That is why we incorporate war into medicine. To fight a battle when our bodies present symptoms – from cravings to weight gain to depression.

We assume the body is the enemy, rather than trying to understand this discomfort more intuitively as a symptom asking for our attention.

No one wins in this dynamic, as evidence of our dismal health experiences, despite the fact that we throw more money into health (or weight loss) than any other country on Earth.


My own healing quest from cancer, depression, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome revealed a rigged health-care system that disenfranchised me in multiple ways.

It turns out it wasn’t what the media and traditional nutrition textbooks were teaching. It’s what they left out. The voices they silenced and maligned. I discovered how people in power, business people who valued profits more than human welfare, were rigging our health-care system (for as little as $50,000! No huge conspiracy theories needed). This includes a lazy and unimaginative Corporate and political agenda that claims jobs and a clean environmental are at odds.

Yet while learning inconvenient truths, I also learned wondrous possibilities. That we didn’t have to accept a diagnosis as fate. That health wasn’t about deprivation but being full of delicious food, emotional power and deeply rewarding relationships and work.

I became so passionate about this idea of health that I spent the next eight years consistently working 7 days a week for 12 hours a day to be able to contribute to a new medical paradigm that’s arising.

None of this was easy. I wanted to quit plenty of times. There were deaths of many ways I wanted to see myself and the world.


Yet, as a result, I felt powerful and savvy enough to work around this malignancy in our society. I love supporting others who are doing the same. This of course is minus the Russian roulette (literally now, thanks Putin!) we are all playing, given the blatant disregard for our environment.

But now, a couple of weeks later, seeing the domination of the masculine archetype over the feminine, I feel eerily back to that place when I was diagnosed with cancer.

A life or death uncertainty about the life and values I hold most dear.

Some say this is the death of democracy. Some in the spiritual realms are saying an old story is dying and a new, more integrated feminine story is rising. That a Hillary victory would have continued the illusion of progress. That electing the Donald helps us clearly see what we need to address.


I believe the meaning of this turning point is yet to be determined.


Having walked the long and winding path myself and in coaching my clients, is that everything doesn’t necessarily happen for a reason.

One of the main reasons I got cancer was from pesticide exposure due to poor environmental regulation. Not quite the neat little “love and light” answer the self-help industry loves to sell.

Why some of my clients have lost siblings and parents to cancer or car accidents or been sexually abused cannot be neatly wrapped up, bow on top.

This is the difficult truth.

However, we do have the power, based on our experiences, to decide what each of our heart-breaking experiences will mean to us. This is how we heal and come out more in love and appreciative of life.

As Maya Angelou said, “Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always on more time.”

Switching careers to develop a health coaching philosophy is deeply rooted in my wanting others to have agency in their health and in the care of their bodies.

My work transformed me from feeling like a victim of cancer. The emotional transformation required to be a successful entrepreneur saved my life as much as what I eat.

It’s not easy to make new meaning out of the past or the current unfolding of life. It might be the most challenging work you do in this life. But it will save your life. The one that is here, now.

Regardless of how you voted, the number one health priority we all need to make is to ask, “What will a Trump presidency mean for you?”

For me, I want it to signify an “extinction burst” of a hyper-masculine war on life. Extinction burst, as defined by behavioral psychologists, is an increase in some behavior prior to its extinction.


This often happens to my clients right before they fully heal a story that keeps them in the all or nothing healthy eating pattern: they will totally overeat or go on a binge. If they don’t overreact, such as going on a cleanse or restricting themselves, and use the tools they’ve learned to heal the emotional “flare-up”, their healthy eating consistently improves dramatically and permanently.

For this election to mean extinction burst, I’m becoming more involved in environmental and health-care/women’s rights. The power isn’t in positive thinking or dismissing how people are feeling. It’s in listening, learning and better, more informed action.

I see many people galvanized from the clarity this election has offered. This is critical because most of our systems are unhealthy like our health-care system. We need all of us, healthy and engaged, to heal them.

And I need to remember, and maybe the reminder will help you also. I discovered the best version of myself when the chips were highly disorganized and overwhelming. And, that progress is rarely linear.

As I look at the patterns of history and the eerie parallels between the downfalls of other great societies, the one X-factor different from other historical turning points is that women have never been as influential in society as they are now.

We have our own resources, independent of our families or husbands, for the first time in (recent) history.

This means we have plenty of groups, men included, who already deeply respect the feminine archetype.


We will all have to come to value the feminine qualities to work towards creative, nurturing, and intuitive solutions.

This will be our obstacle and path.

Are you in?


P.S. I am offering five, one hour, complimentary coaching sessions to anyone who needs space to process what they’re feeling. The drive to overeat and/or drink is high right now.

I especially encourage people of color, Muslims, Jews, LGBTQA, sexual assault survivors, and anyone else I unintentionally missed whose been emotionally targeted from this election season, to take me up on this offer. I want to be a better ally.

Update: sessions have been scooped up. Please check out my free, Insatiable podcast for education, insight and support you won’t hear anywhere else.


Episode #50: Acupuncture for Fertility, PCOS, and Anxiety

What is Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine?  How can this 5000 plus year old form of medicine support your hormones, stress and immunity? We had the amazing Kara dive into the details for us and it went beyond our expectations. Ali and I always joke that Kara is a medicine woman, witch doctor or I even say Jesus, jokingly, but something about what she does is miraculous, although she’ll just say she’s a regular gal with the right tools and knowledge. Listen is as we talk about energy or in Chinese medicine its called chi and how this is the factor in supporting your fertility and anxiety.

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