Episode #65: Protein Powder Master Class: Everything You Need To Know

Do protein powders actually work or even apply to most people? Or are they only for meat heads in the gym? This episode will tell you who will benefit from protein powder, how to figure out the best quality to buy and the 3 questions you don’t even know to ask to get the most bang for your body and buck.


Why can’t a cookie just be a cookie?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 is the last day to sign up for my LA A Path Forward workshop. And early bird Philly and NYC pricing ends this week and next, respectively. The San Francisco one was so fun and powerful. As Meghan, a participant said, “I’m struggling with my weight and wanted to probe deeper. I learned more about myself and figured out a non-restrictive way to move forward. And, I keep having profound insights post-workshop.”

Something I’m constantly hearing from readers and clients is, “How do I resist trigger foods?  Followed by, “What causes certain foods to trigger my downward spiral? and Should I just not bring them into the house?”

I always have to preface with,  I don’t believe in the concept of trigger foods or tips like like “don’t bring them into the house.”

Think about this.

  • Are you triggered by certain foods when you’re “on track”?
  • Can you resist those same foods when you’re being “good”?
  • Are those foods “triggering” on Day 2 of the Whole30?

Those same trigger foods are not triggering all the time.  The food didn’t change.

But the circumstances in your life did.  Understanding what creates the battle with food and yourself is the trigger you need to see clearly.

Assuming there’s trigger foods gives power to the food . Most advice and approaches assume food is the problem. And learning how to resist trigger foods is your goal.

Ironically, tips to resist food build up the power of food, which leads to feeling unsafe around food, wearing you out as you say “F@#$ it”, leaving you likely to lose to trigger foods! As one podcast listener wrote to me, I feel like the only way I can be ‘safe’ in my house is if I keep myself locked away in the bedroom, which is ridiculous! 

There is a much better way. It starts with the question that leads to lasting success: “How do I become the person who doesn’t become triggered by food?” or “Why can’t a brownie just be a brownie?”

The goal for each person is different. In the same way the same foods don’t work for everyone, everyone is uniquely triggered.

When you know your triggers it is no longer about food and you win. This is the key to a Truce with Food.

Einstein said if he had an hour to save the world, he’d spend more time defining the problem accurately than solving it. With health and weight loss, it’s time to accurately define the problem and stop assuming food is the enemy.

That’s what we’re doing in A Path Forward workshop in LA, Philly and NYC (Denver and a virtual session will come later). You’ll discover your maximized goal to get healthy and lose the weight once and for all and know what it is like to see a brownie just as a brownie.

When you know Your Path Forward your focus changes, you understand the true problem, and your goals become achievable. Weight loss is a side-effect of accomplishing this goal.

Juliet and I recently did a Trigger Foods episode if you want more answers and clarity now. The feedback has been incredible for this episode. As one listener wrote to us and said, “ I now understand my (trigger) experiences in an entirely different way.”

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Key questions to ask yourself that will enable you to finally be around your trigger foods and not eat them
  • The physical and emotional component of trigger foods
  • I walk listeners through how I coached a client who found herself triggered before bed fishing out frozen peanut butter cups (my personal favorite too!) and how to prevent it next time

If you want to stop wasting time on goals that keep you battling food, attend my A Path Forward workshop in LA, Philly or NYC. All are open for registration! And early bird Philly and NYC rates expire soon.

Be well,




Episode #64: What Do I Do About Trigger Foods?

Do you find that certain foods are a gateway for you? You can’t just have one? Why are there certain foods that trigger us? And they are never carrots and green smoothies. In today’s episode we talk about the key questions to ask yourself that will enable you to finally be around your trigger foods and not eat them. There is a physical and emotional component that we have to take into account and we want to teach you how.


insights and recipes from my 30 days sugar free + last call for West Coast A Path Forward workshops

Tomorrow is the last day for my San Francisco friends to sign-up for a Path Forward. LA friends, you have one more week! In LA, I’m partnering with the Springs LA for a cooking demo and recipes from their incredible NYC turned LA chefs. The place is gorgeous.

Here’s what one participant walked away with last week during the Pittsburgh workshop, “I have food issues (like an alcoholic). I feel like it’s a managed condition that is easier and harder at times. A Path Forward showed me why food gets really hard and a framework for figuring out my story so I can make food easier.”

I also finished up 30 days sugar-free. I’ve benefited so much, I’m sticking with it. This doesn’t feel restrictive, at all. This choice is about wanting to feel calm and powerful right now.

I’m still posting tips on Instagram. Come say hello! Because I have a Truce with Food, I forgot I was sugar-free most of the time and to post!

In addition to my butter decaf coffee, the tips that helped me the most are here and here.

I’m on Day 29 of being #sugarfree but haven’t kept up in real time here! Really busy trying to turn all this uncertainty into action! Often we turn to #sugar for #energy. Sometimes, it’s from genuine tiredness and it’s best to make your move for a #nap or to do restorative exercise like #yoga, #pilates or a #walk in #nature. But other times, it’s from feeling stagnant. It feels like being tired but really, you just need to move to feel better. This happened to me Saturday. Walked to the gym and figured I’d take it easy. But was stagnant from reading the @nytimes all morning and not working out the day before. After ten minute warm up, was #energized and really pushed myself and felt great afterwards. So if you sit all day, work alone when your an Extrovert or haven’t been outside all day, consider you might be stagnant and need to flush out your inertia to get into a flow! Based on root issue, you’ll #replenish your energy and nix the need for processed #carbs to give you energy.

A photo posted by Ali Shapiro, MS, CHHC (@alimshapiro) on

Like all good experiments, I deepened my learning on what works for me. Here’s my key take-aways:

1. Pay attention to what’s missing. Poor sleep was one of the main reasons I tried going sugar-free. I’m now getting a lot more solid nights of sleep AND the nights where I’m still up from 3-5 a.m., I no longer feel like I’m draggin all day. I almost didn’t realize this because symptoms like being unproductive and cravings were absent.

2. Don’t normalize being average. All of us normalize, “this is how my body is” in various areas. Given my digestive history, I assumed my “normal” was a sensitive digestive system. The infrequent bloating I had is gone and things are moving much more frequently in the “detox department.” My GI tract is more resilient than I ever knew!

3. Healthy fats. Healthy fats. Healthy fats. Adding in my decaf butter coffee is the one edible item I get excited about these days.I now go 8 solid hours from lunch to dinner without energy dips or cravings as my lunch is solidly balanced for me! I’ve been suggesting this with my clients (tea works too) if they need easy ways to get more fat into their diet. Those reporting back love it too! I thought ghee or coconut oil in coffee sounded, um, weird. It took me two years to try it. But it’s delicious!

4. When craving something “carby”, coconut rice took the edge off. The coconut flavor and gooey goodness of this really helped satisfy me on some cold days we’ve had. I mix half a can of full-fat coconut milk with pre-cooked frozen,100% whole grain rice for three – four minutes (until rice is cooked through). Stir, done. If I feel fancy, I sprinkle cinnamon. A couple nights, I stirred in organic peanut butter and called it dinner.

Going completely sugar-free isn’t for everyone. You always want to set experiments that feel exciting and spacious, not dreadful and restrictive. Stretching but not suffocating. That might mean aiming to decrease your sugar. That might mean eliminating it at breakfast and then move onto lunch when you’re ready. Be where you are and do it well!

And remember, tomorrow is the last day for my San Francisco friends to sign-up for a Path Forward and LA friends you have one more week to go.

Be well,


P.S. Nevertheless, #shepersisted became a rallying cry for all of us who’ve ever been mansplained before last week, thanks to Elizabeth Warren. Persist is exactly what our Insatiable Podcast guest Justine Musk did when news of her divorce to Elon Musk went public and the online vitriol was voracious. I know online trolls are bad but some of the things she shared that were said to her were beyond….How did she keep using her voice in one of the darkest times in her life? And how does sharing your own story protect against emotional eating? Learn in this week’s episode.



Episode #63: How Stifling Your Story Causes Crazy Eating with Justine Musk

Justine Musk is a writer of fiction + nonfiction, a speaker of two TEDx talks and a divorced feminist mother of 5 boys (who are awesome). Her work has been published by Penguin, Simon + Schuster and Marie Claire, among others; an answer she wrote about self-made billionaires on quora.com went viral and received attention in the New York Times. She blogs at www.justinemusk.com about how we can learn from what’s inside us to live with depth, speak art to power and tell the stories that will transform the culture. In today’s episode, Justine and I discuss how telling and healing our story is essential to ending emotional eating and how to not lose your voice when it gets hard. We also talk about how Justine survived the online vitriol that came when her divorce to Elon Musk went public and why creativity is one of the most important prescriptions to discovering and expressing your story.

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