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Episode #71: Healthy and gentle detoxing for Spring

If you haven’t been already, you’re going to be bombarded by cleanses, powders, pills and juices galore! Spring is in the air and people want to shed the winter weight, but do these detoxes even work? We find that they set you up for failure and can make you feel even worse, both physically and emotionally. We want to share ways that you can shed that winter stagnation that is both gentle and super effective.

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I Finally Quit Weight Watchers

Rebecca* is very independent, accomplished and an older feminist’s dream. In certain ways, she’s already liberated. She runs her own successful business that aligns with her values; she’s in a true, equal relationship, and she has a group of girlfriends who cheer her on.

But she holds herself back because of her weight. She knows this is a hard-to-release cultural conditioning.

She stops at her favorite bakery or can’t resist the pull of Shake Shack on the way home from really hard work days.

Rebecca didn’t grow up eating sweets or treating herself for life’s twists and turns.

But after being bullied in high school, she gained weight and joined Weight Watchers (WW). At 18, she developed a mindset that wanted a reward for the work required to stay within her points.

The mindset stuck and left Rebecca a slave to the scale.

An electronic device that spits out a number became the defining point of winning or losing. Success and failure determined daily. The more failure, the more she withdrew. She lost confidence in herself in gradual yet profound ways. The less she used her voice.

When I meet a client like Rebecca who says, “I finally quit Weight Watchers for good,” I know that person is on their way to breaking free from dangerous habits ingrained from dieting.

Photo Credit: JoeHawkins

And the powerful champion arises…

WW is a microcosm of a cultural “surround sound” that instills a need for control of all types, including women’s bodies and the way women rely on their weight. This sense of control provides an illusion of safety as you trust something outside yourself to provide (overlysimplified) answers about how your body and eating should work.

[Cue Disney music]: A tale as old as time…

What’s interesting about programs like WW is they plant the seeds of distrust and dependency in you. You cannot trust yourself to know what to put into your body.

Success is a matter of following a rule book and you rely on the numbers they give you. Like children who need a gold star for good behavior, you are given a point system!

On the surface, clients like Rebecca want to retrain themselves from WW-style systems that makes them feel that they’re “on” or “off” with their eating.

Why does a burger, fries and milkshake taste so good yet makes me feel so awful about myself?

On a deeper level, my clients are searching for a mental model and framework that gives them the power of responsibility and the capacity to progress in all areas of their lives. As they grow in this realization, the idea of defining themselves as a success or failure based on what they eat becomes ludicrous.

They’re ready to reclaim the trust and power dieting stole from them.

Rebecca doesn’t stop at the bakery anymore. The thought of Shake Shack is still there, but the unstoppable pull is no longer there. It’s a thought she can ignore.

She’s eating less. For the first time in her life, she’s offered fries and genuinely doesn’t want them.

How did she achieve this?

She’s regaining her power with the support of Truce with Food. This is my signature, once-a -year program, open for registration Monday, March 27 – April 3.

In Rebecca’s words, “I was always trying to catch the next thing instead of facing myself. Now, I’m honoring who I really am and creating the structures to sustain that—not by following a diet.”

Her nutrition and exercise continue to improve because she’s building a strong center and foundation of self-trust. This is the exact opposite of depending upon the counting of points.

And the results are transformational.

She has a deeper, more intimate relationship with her partner who is now the safe haven (not the bakery) when she has hard days.

She’s made profound changes in her business to make work fulfilling and easier, preventing the stress that justified Shake Shack fries.

As she continues to come into her own with the Truce with Food tools, her need to weigh herself fell away on its own. She feels a newfound sense of peace much more powerful than the scale to tell her how well her life is going.

She doesn’t have to control food. The thing is, until she learned the truth about her story and what was underneath her self-sabotage, she didn’t realize how much work food was! It is a domino effect and the changes in her relationship with food are reflected in other areas of her life.

This is agency– independent choices on how you want to spend the precious days and years of your life. Tired of spending it on points and doubting yourself?

Come join us in the online program of Truce with Food! Unravel your own story and discover the power within you. Registration runs from Monday, March 27-April 3. Space is limited to accommodate individual needs.

The price goes up in 2018!

Be well,


*Rebecca is not her real name. She gave me permission to share her story



Episode #70: Weight Watching No More: Linda’s 6-Month Update

We meet up with Linda to hear what’s happened since her last Insatiable visit. Has she kept her weight off? Has she dropped more? Spoiler alert: Linda’s food and life are better! We discuss how diets underestimate you, what you miss out on with diets like Weight Watchers and how she reacts to “falling off” now. this episode will inspire you to bet on yourself.


Episode #69: Heal Through the Hidden Power of Flowers

Katie Hess is a flower alchemist and the founder of LOTUSWEI, one of the world’s leading floral apothecaries. After 15 years of independent research of flower and plant-based healing, her flower-powered community is thriving in over 15 countries. She instigates a revolution with the premise that you transform the world by transforming yourself (with a little help from flowers!). Katie travels worldwide to seek out flowers that reduce stress, improve sleep, and accelerate personal growth. Her work has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Sunset, and Organic Spa Magazine. A lifelong spiritualseeker, Katie has studied meditation and mindful-awareness techniques with several Tibetan Buddhist masters, including the Dalai Lama and the Karmapa, Tibet’s next generation leader.


March 18, 2017: Virtual A Cookie Isn’t Just a Cookie! Registration Open.

A Cookie Isn’t Just a Cookie virtual workshop is open for registration and is happening Saturday, March 18.

There are people who will eat a cookie or piece of pizza and that is all they are doing. Just eating something. But for the majority, a cookie isn’t just a cookie. It is a mix of messages. That cookie might as well be a genie coming out of a bottle to make your dreams come true.

How can a piece of food hold so much power? How is it that eating one hot slice of delicious pizza triggers a downward spiral?

You might be asking yourself, “How am I going to do this? How am I going to get my health on track, lose the weight I’ve been carrying, and feel powerful in how I contribute to the world around me?

You are on the right track. These are the types of questions to ask if we’re going to be able to see what we need to see and change what we need to change.

We Are Talking About Personal Power. Personal Agency.

Traditional coaching gives you tips like chew your food 20 times or don’t bring trigger foods into your house. And cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) will have you question and reframe your thoughts around the food.

But Everything Is Still Giving Power To Food.

It’s time to transform the disconnect between the real you and the one that thinks it wants all the bread.

You’ll learn the story, your story, that disconnects you from the real, powerful you, in A Cookie Isn’t Just a Cookie.

Be well,


P.S. A Cookie Isn’t Just a Cookie is the first step in my signature, once a year Truce with Food program. If you’re considering Truce with Food, this is a great way to see if the program is for you.


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