Ep #31: How Eating In Moderation Is Setting You Back & Linda’s Truce With Food Update

A new study indicated that we all have our own definition of moderation and moderating our food is actually a cause of why you aren’t seeing results. In this episode learn the nutrient to look at that’s more important than calories. Learn what flavors to add into your diet so you are finally off the salty and sweet seesaw and lastly the unexpected thing to do to stop justifying just one more bite. Stay tuned at the end of the episode to find out how Linda’s Truce with Food experience has been going.


Ep #30: The Big Fat Truth with The Biggest Loser’s Executive Producer, JD Roth

Award-winning producer JD Roth has built a television empire, creating some of the industry’s most successful and compelling entertainment programming. A reality-TV pioneer, Roth co-founded production company 3 Ball Productions in 2001, virtually inventing and championing “transformation television” – programming that celebrates the ability of people to make real changes and improve their lives.

Nowhere has this been more crystallized than in the arena of “weight loss” on TV, a genre JD first introduced to TV audiences more than a decade ago with the creation of “The Biggest Loser” on NBC – now a worldwide, half-billion dollar brand. That show became what JD affectionately refers to as a “category killer” in the TV business – a program so impactful and identifiable, it defines and ultimately owns the genre.

In practical terms, “The Biggest Loser” empowered contestants to face the truth, and then gave them the tools to dig deep and make long-lasting change. The show also inspired millions of viewers and fans around the world.

JD’s passion for transformation became the foundation of his company’s brand, reflected not just in other successful weight-loss shows including ABC’s long-running “Extreme Weight Loss” (the show airs as “Obese” in over 130 international territories) but also in series like “Bar Rescue” and “Hungry Investors” for Spike TV, “My Cat from Hell” for Animal Planet, and “LA Hair” for WE tv,  – all programming that, season after season, empowers people to want more from their lives, ultimately improving their health, businesses and relationships (JD even made geeks cool with the worldwide hit, “Beauty and the Geek,” nearly a decade ago).

JD continues producing inspiring shows that transform. Previous hits include the ground- breaking “For Love or Money” (four seasons on NBC); as well as NBC’s “Age of Love”; “I Used to be Fat” for MTV; “Flying Wild Alaska” for Discovery; “Breaking Bonaduce,” “The Pick-Up Artist” and “Scott Baio is 45 and Single” for VH1; “Unan1mous” for FOX; “Hammer Time” for A&E; “Fourth and Long” for Spike; “Groomer Has It” for Animal Planet; and the series that launched 3 Ball, “Endurance,” which ran for seven seasons on Discovery.

JD’s new book, The Big Fat Truth, goes behind the scenes of what really causes transformation and how the move more, eat less concept is one very tiny piece of a bigger puzzle in losing weight.


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Can your bedroom predict weight loss?

How’s your summer?

Carlos and I sold on our Philly condo last month; after 11 plus years of homeownership, I love calling someone else (who pays!) to fix things. AMAZING!

Everything magical about our lives together began in that condo: my business, my graduate work, Carlos’ fellowships at Temple and the Iowa Writers workshop, our engagement on our roof deck and marriage. And so many laughs and challenges in between our 11 plus years together. Selling truly felt like the end of an era.

But in all endings are beginnings…

This past weekend, we celebrated five years of marriage, in the fifth city we’re navigating together, Pittsburgh (we also got married here).

It’s been interesting being back in my hometown after 18 years away and living in the city, versus the suburbs where I grew up.  I’m not quite sure what this new era will bring, but I’m certainly curious. And grateful I have Carlos with me for the ride.

One thing that’s helping to keep me curious, especially about topics I’m “certain” on, is our Insatiable podcast. We recently interviewed the executive producer of The Biggest Loser, JD Roth. If there was an antonym of The Biggest Loser, I think my Truce with Food approach would be it.

However, after our episode with JD, I discovered some common ground. How we approach these commonalities, like our mutual belief on the weight loss effects of mindset, are different. But he did get me to rethink a few things!

One unexpected discussion on his Insatiable podcast episode (out tomorrow right here) is why he asks contestants about their bedroom.

You’ll have to listen (or read the transcript) to know why he thinks this is a telling factor in weight loss.  In the meantime, here’s an NBC segment I did that gives my take on your bedroom’s significance to your weight loss goals.


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Episode #29: Why Affirmations and Mantras Suck

“I am thin, I am beautiful, I am worthy of love.” Do reading or saying statements that you don’t internally believe work to make you feel better in your own skin? During this episode we talk about how it’s not about faking it ‘til you make it. There is some truth to the idea of positive affirmations, but not in the way we are all receiving these messages. Your Facebook and Instagram feeds are actually making your self-esteem worse!


Episode #28: Fat Is Not A Feeling With Therapist Bob Shoenholtz

Join us as we interview Bob, our former therapist! The technique of using imagery therapy is a balance of the conscious and the unconscious mind, leading to the experience of healing old wounds and gaining wholeness.  Learn how you can use this transformative technique to heal and understand the root causes of your eating and body image issues.