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There you are, out to dinner at a trendy restaurant with friends. This place is known for the gourmet pizza they stream out of the kitchen like sizzling saucers. You want a pizza so badly. Yet your fork is perched over a salad.

I’m being good ordering the grilled chicken salad, you mentally monitor.

Crunch, crunch, more mental math. You can already tell this salad won’t satisfy you.


The steam rising off the bread is like a smoke signal that your good eating is about to go up in flames. You (of course!) find a loophole to being good. I’ll just go to the gym tomorrow.

No, you mentally monitor.

I’m eating clean and that bread is not on the plan. I’m being sooooo good. And strong.

These mental gymnastics continue.

Plus, what will these people think if I do eat the bread? Especially after ordering a salad! Oh this feels so stupid. I just want THAT. BREAD.

You skip the bread. The official evening out ends. You go home, devour the gluten-free, organic cookies while wondering,



Find out why here.


Episode #8: Simplify Cooking

Cooking is key to your health and weight loss. It can also be a hurdle. Brigitte Theriault  from White Apron Chef joins us to talk about simplifying cooking (no fancy machines needed!), including how to cook without recipes to save you time and remove the build up around cooking.

About Brigitte

“Brigitte Theriault is the founder of White Apron Chef and a 10-year veteran of the personal chef industry. During that time she’s established thriving personal chef businesses in two of the most cut throat markets – New York City and San Francisco. In addition to her work as personal chef, she is the founder of the Personal Chef Business Academy which trains personal chefs on everything they need to know outside the kitchen to succeed. You can find her at


Episode #7: How to be Kind to Yourself When Wearing Your Fat Pants

What does love yourself mean? How can you redefine loving yourself when you’re mad and frustrated with yourself? Today we discuss how to develop a mindset that allows you to be kind to yourself during the roller coaster of weight loss. Hint: it’s all about betting on yourself!

Growth mindset graphic mentioned in the episode.

Building a Boss mindset is what my program Truce with Food is all about. Check it out and see if it’s time for you to bet on yourself! We start the first week of March!

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Know what foods work for you to lose weight. Now.

Thank you!


Our podcast, Insatiable, made “New and Noteworthy” in iTunes. For all of you who have subscribed and/or left a written review, you’re the best. I promise we’re just getting started and have big plans to bring you cutting-edge, nuanced and real life approaches to your health, weight and body image!


Last week on my Facebook page, this article started a lively debate.

In essence, researchers in Israel are adding to evidence that each of us puts on weight differently. No two people metabolize the same foods the same way.

The deciding factor?

Blood sugar control.

I have nightmares where I feel like George Costanza from Seinfeld trying to get people to understand, “blood sugar control is not just for diabetics!”

Slightly kidding….

It turns out, the traditional glycemic index used to stay low-carb, is bunk. I discussed how I know what foods will work with clients blood sugar on Episode 3 of Insatiable, Good and Bad Carbs.

Many on the Facebook page and clients I talked to said they wish these tests were available now.

Guess what?

You don’t need to wait to know what foods work for you.

This research is a “conversation” maverick health experts have been talking about and implementing with great results. For decades!

I don’t want to diminish what these Israeli researchers are discovering. I find specific gut bacteria and individual responses to food, stress and sleep fascinating and incredibly useful.

It also works to change the general mindset that man-made technology trumps Mother Nature. Most scientific breakthroughs point to nature’s wild intelligence which will always be over the head of us mere mortals.

We need to work with nature, not fight her with GMOs, industrialized food and the toxic chemicals in our water, air and consumer goods.

It’s that simple. And complex, today.

Knowing exactly what works for you won’t be a silver bullet. Knowing what to do, doing it and sticking with it are very different things.

(Are the nutrition goddesses smiling on me? This personalized nutrition approach and being consistent with healthy choices are the heart and soul of Truce with Food, which starts March 5!).

You can, however, start a more individualized nutrition approach today:

1. Reboot your system to get a clear read: Processed food, including most “healthy” packaged foods, will raise your blood sugar and alter your gut biome. These foods also cause extreme cravings, bloat and fatigue, making it harder to know what works for your body. Here’s a free three-day clean eating reboot if your system could use a clearing.

2. Know your metabolic type Your metabolic type is a great starting place to know if you do better on a plant-based, Mediterranean or paleo/ketoish-esque diet. I call it slow, medium or fast burner. You can learn more about your metabolic types in my new free 5-day mini-course, Healthy Weight Loss Blind Spots, here!

3. Decrease the processed carbs in your diet. Knowing your metabolic type will curb your cravings, making it easier to get off processed sugar. I promise you no test in the world (unless it’s funded by Big Food companies) will tell you processed carbs work for your body!

From there, you’ll be able to have a clear read on what works for you.

Hint: it’s what makes you feel satiated, calm and optimistic.

Be well,



P.S. My new, free mini-course, Healthy Weight Loss Blind Spots enables you to individualize your nutrition today! If you opted-in to my list in the last month, this was the promised opt-in. We had some technical difficulties. Thanks for your patience!


Episode 6: How to Exercise for Your Body Type

Did you know there’s 3 different body types and each responds to different types of exercise? Ali interviews Juliet on the three body types, what kind of exercise routine they each thrive on and the #1 most important factor for all of us when it comes to exercise.