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FAQ Truce with Food: Tapas Style

I’ve gotten fantastic questions about Truce with Food: Tapas Style. I’m sharing them here in case you’ve been wondering the same thing.

I love your work Ali, I just don’t know if Truce with Food: Tapas Style will work for me.

I totally get this. So many programs promise to be different and yet underneath, they’re all different ways to cut calories or give you a formula (often not based on research) to manage your emotions.

And so the fear is as one interested person said to me:

I totally understand this fear. And most of my clients still have this fear even as they sign-up!

This is a process you can’t fail. It doesn’t require willpower in the traditional sense. In fact, imperfection is actually built into the material and expected so we can research what’s happening. Most science and life breakthroughs happen when we learn from what isn’t working.

Having said that, this process is challenging. But the challenge is being willing to be a beginner and continue to show up when you’re new (i.e. not the best at) at building a new skill set. This can be uncomfortable for perfectionists and those with an all-or-nothing mindset.

Yet as one of my clients shared, this process requires being “uncomfortable in the most freeing way”. We laughed because that might seem paradoxical. But paradox is truth. Once you can be with your emotions, you feel powerful and free. Our emotions control us whether we understand them or not. So to finally have choices other than eat in discomfort, is life-changing liberation.

If you can commit to showing up when you feel imperfect, this process will work for you. There’s not a formula for success or failure here. There is a methodical process that meets everyone exactly where they are in their self-awareness. It’s the opposite of having a bunch of rules to follow that only fuel the battle and a sense of failure.

This is the most common question and fear that prevents people from working with me and part of why I created the Tapas Style of Truce with Food. It’s a much lower risk and still provides a complete paradigm shift around battling food and what else is possible. Part of the process starts when you question that frozen or fear feeling as truth and take the risk to challenge yourself.

 I don’t know if I should do Truce with Food: Tapas Style or wait till Truce with Food in February 2018.

This work meets you where you are in terms of self-awareness so it’s never repeated. It changes you so that anytime you revisit the material; you’re a different person who understands yourself and your needs more deeply.

It’s like when I read the Great Gatsby in high school. I thought it was a love story. In my 20s, I looked at the book as a commentary on class and power dynamics. And now, I’m looking at this book through the filter of race and the construct of whiteness. As you change the filter you bring to the world, which the Truce with Food material does on a life-changing level, you continue to see yourself and your life in deeper layers.

Most of my clients are highly critical of themselves yet not as self-aware. Their judgement often blocks the very self-awareness they need to get out of battling food.

They’re great at managing their image externally and knowing how to “read a room”, yet less adept at knowing what’s internally driving them. They’re often shocked at how liberating it is to see the patterns and connections they discover because seeing and then changing these patterns guarantee lasting change.

It takes about a year of working with the material to feel masterful with it. I created Truce with Food: Tapas Style to create profound shifts in your self-awareness and build a skill-set that will only strengthen and deepen if you decide to take Truce with Food in February. If you want to take both, you’ll be well prepared for Truce with Food and will get even more value out of it.

And, you might not need Truce with Food after the Tapas version. The Fall program is a hearty version of my methodology that is designed to be empowering and life changing on its own.

You say your clients are really accomplished. I don’t feel accomplished right now. Will I be out of place?

No! It isn’t unusual to feel “unaccomplished” even though you’ve had past successes. There’s a painful split between who you know yourself to be on the inside and who you often present yourself to be on the outside. The more conflict you have with food the more you can be sure there’s hope. I created Truce with Food because I knew there was a way to approach the situation differently. I wanted the same thing you want. To feel accomplished and aligned. For life to be easier and more meaningful.

I have gastritis, depression or trouble sticking with a food protocol I know I should. Can this program help me?

Truce with Food: Tapas Style can definitely support you. You cannot heal to the fullest extent or stick with the food changes necessary if you don’t address the emotional patterns that contributed to your physical symptoms.

By the time we are officially diagnosed with a chronic issue, there’s been unaddressed overwhelm or stress on us for years. What my clients come to realize is what I experienced when I wanted to fully get rid of my depression and IBS: being able to transform emotional overwhelm into rewarding outcomes is the missing piece in fully healing and feeling full agency in your body and healing path. In other words, the emotional component is as important as the food.

We won’t be addressing the food (i.e. no food experiments) in the Tapas Style version of Truce with Food. However, the emotional transformation is as critical to your healing and, it will make implementing the food changes easier.

I hope these questions help. If you have a remaining one that still hasn’t been answered here or in the FAQs on the program page, I have a few spots on my calendar for Monday to get clear if Truce with Food: Tapas Style is a right fit for you.

Be well,



Episode #97: Physical Therapy: What is it and when do I need it? with PT Karen Emery

Many people have an image of physical therapy based on a bad experience from a friend or family memeber or that it’s only relevant after a major trauma like a stroke. But that’s not true! One of it’s superpowers is the ability to get to the root cause of chronic pain issues like back and neck pain.

In today’s episode, I sit down with my client Karen Emery, who is a physical therapist to discuss how the you can use PT in your own life. We discuss:

  1. The unexpected reasons you might want to see a PT instead of starting to explore your pain with an MRI or CT scan.
  2. How your doctor might not even be aware of when to refer you to a PT and how you can be a better advocate for getting pain relief.
  3. How to access and find a phenomenal PT for you as well as movement guidelines for health and better posture.

Karen also shares some stretches we can do. Here is a visual of the stretches Karen referenced.


Mastering this is required for sustainable results

Truce with Food: Tapas Style enables you to stop using food to deal with overwhelm. And instead, transform stress in life-changing ways. Registration runs through Monday, September 25. We’re 50% full already and have a great group gathering!

This week’s Insatiable podcast featured my client Linda, who is 18 months out of starting her Truce with Food adventure.

We aren’t working together anymore and she continues to get results.

The key to Linda’s success?

Mastering stress.

If you want to maintain any type of long-term health, weight loss or living full-out vitality, learning how to better roll with the punches than “just barely made it through” is essential.

In the same way effective work-outs breakdown your muscle to build your body up stronger than before, facing your stress or stuckness, rather than using food to avoid or cope when “life happens”,  builds resilience and freedom.

Resilience building is freeing and life-changing.

As Linda explained during the episode, “Knowing I have the tools to handle my emotions within me is huge. It’s a huge shift. There’s a confidence that wasn’t there before.”

It’s the confidence Linda relied upon when she recently got off her antidepressants even though her psychiatrist said she should be on them for the rest of her life.

It’s the confidence that lead to a huge career change that’s bringing up a range of emotions!

In this episode, we get into all the nitty-gritty of how she’s saying yes to the adventure of life, including how Linda’s nighttime eating is back on occasion and she’s not stressing about it (and we discuss why it’s all healthy!). Listen in or read all the details.

Stress, overwhelm or feeling stuck can be an obstacle to eating well and prioritizing healthy living.

It can also be a path to feeling resilient, free and more powerful than you can imagine right now.

This is a life-changing mindset we will cultivate in Truce with Food: Tapas Style.

But … fair warning: this mindset brings upon a hunger for more freedom and risk-taking!

Be well,



Episode #96: Still Not Weight Watching: Linda’s Key to Sustainable Progress

It’s been six months since we caught up with my Truce with Food client Linda. It’s now been 18 months of her learning, sharpening and making the Truce with Food tools a natural part of her life. I wanted to catch up with her so you could see what the real change process looks like when you have a Truce with Food.

We all know we can make changes for a little bit. But what does it really take to make changes that stick? Turns out it’s all about the inner world of your emotions.

Last time we left off, Linda’s health goal was to get off her antidepressants and of course, maintain all her progress.

Has she maintained and made progress now that she’s not in the Truce with Food program? And now off anti-depressants? In today’s episode, we discuss:

  1. How Linda’s dealing with stress and overwhelm without food or her antidepressants for more rewarding outcomes.
  2. How work with her emotions has become a powerful source of confidence, improved many of her relationships and has led to her taking risks with and at work.
  3. What’s happening with Linda’s nighttime eating and why she’s not freaking out about it at all.

Truce with Food: Tapas Style is open for registration

Truce with Food: Tapas Style enables you to stop using food to deal with overwhelm and instead, transform stress in life-changing ways. Registration opens today and runs through Monday, September 25.

As I write this, there are fires burning from LA to Oregon to Montana. Large swaths of the world from South Asia to Houston are under water.

And that’s just the weather.

There isn’t a map for NOW. And the old one is being shredded, just like U.S. democracy.

Yes, humans have always faced “times like these”.

But we’ve never accelerated the rate of ecological collapse, from both a policy and everyday consumption perspective, like we continue to do today.

The narrative of American exceptionalism, which “high vibes” and “only positive thinking” arise from, continues to create catastrophic blind spots.

(p.s. there’s no hierarchy of vibes).

No one is coming to save us.

This is a good thing.

In saving ourselves, we discover the depths of our healing capabilities. In our healing, we discover our humanity and the value of imperfection.

The way to this radical truth is through every body. Your body. The Earth’s body. Our political body. Our bodies have never been separate.

The battle with your body is a battle with life. It’s a battle of being in a culture that devalues any body that isn’t white, male and wealthy.

To stop battling food requires you to stop battling your stress with food. You need skills to transform stress and overwhelm into more rewarding outcomes than food.

Body liberation starts in our own lives.

When we bring resiliency and agency to our work, families and politics, you discover you don’t need perfection to serve as a self-worth bodyguard.

It’s so freeing and powerful, taking risks gets addicting.

My client Stephanie summed it up best in her Food Freedom: An Insider View Insatiable podcast episode when she shared how she now asks herself, “How can I surprise myself?”

R.S. Sin said,  “Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it …”

(My edits would be some women of us fear the fire. Some women of us simply become it….”)

As wild as it is out here now, I’ve never felt more born for these times.  And I wouldn’t have been prepared had I not examined and dealt with my battle with food.

Food freedom required me to stop running from the emotional fragility that lived within me from:

  • Having cancer
  • Being culturally conditioned to believe a woman’s purpose was to be wanted instead of the grit and glory of pursuing her own desires
  • Living a relatively sheltered* life

*My privilege was the foundation of my healing. Privilege isn’t a bad thing. It can be incredibly useful if we leverage it into collective healing.

I want you to feel resilient and powerful in your body so you cultivate a sense of freedom and confidence, independent of what you ate or the number on the scale.

Rather than ending each day exhausted thinking, “I made it”, you can think, “look what I made”.

Truce with Food: Tapas Style will give you the clarity and tools to be a boss in the face of stress, instead of using food to reward yourself for tolerating your stress. Registration opens today and runs through Monday, September 25.

Scholarships are available for those who work in social justice and 10% of proceeds will be evenly split between Black Lives Matter and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Let’s do this!

Be well,


P.S. Each of us battles food in a mentally unique way. Once we get clarity of how we battle, we can change our habits for results that last. Learn how in my free webinar What’s Your Food Warrior Style? Reserve your seat by clicking the button below.

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