Episode 19: Intimacy and Body Image With Sex Therapist Morgan Forer

No matter what size you are or how you feel about your body, wouldn’t it be great to have confidence in the bedroom? Sex and intimacy is much more complex than we think, but also a lot more fun! Relationship counselor and sex psychotherapist Morgan Forer discusses how we can break down the barriers we have around being sexually free.

Morgan is a licensed psychotherapist and a certified sex therapist in the state of Florida. She received her dual masters degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in Social Work and Bioethics and her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan. She also completed a post graduate fellowship at the Yale Child Study Center at Yale University in child and family therapy. She has been practicing therapy in a variety of settings for ten years and has been in private practice engaging in therapy and sexual consultation for over five years. Morgan is passionate about her work with individuals and couples in many areas, but her specialty is treating issues related to sexual activity, sexuality, sexual dysfunction, sex and communication and new parents and sexual activity.  In addition, she also enjoys providing lectures for parents and adolescents about talking about sex together in an open and comfortable way. As a certified sex therapist and relationship and sexual health consultant, Morgan currently conducts in person, Skype and phone sessions.

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beautiful skin as an invisible “symptom” your weight loss in on track

I’ll never be able to say it enough: weight loss is a side-effect of healing your physiology and beliefs that drive mindless eating.

So much of excess weight is about inflammation of your body and soul. One inflammatory clue is if your skin is on the fritz.

4-26 post

I had my first acne outbreak in middle school. For a decade plus, I tried all kinds of cleansers, antibiotics and even Accutane. What I didn’t know (and neither did my dermatologists) was the solution wasn’t topical or one thing. It turns out, your skin is a reflection of the health, or lack thereof, of your digestive system.


Yes, my acne was a mirror of the inflammation going on inside me.

I recently guest posted over at Renovo to share about the skin care of your fridge. Check it out here.

And while you’re over there, definitely check out their shampoo and conditioner.  I only wash my hair every other day (if that…when you work from home….) and so I can really stretch a bottle, enabling me to invest in non-toxic quality products.

Be well,


P.S. My April posts turned out to be all about the “outside” world of weight loss. In May, we’ll return inward!

Episode #18: How Loneliness triggers overeating

The most broadly accepted definition of loneliness is the distress that results from discrepancies between ideal and perceived social relationships. What we perceive as causing loneliness isn’t necessarily about social interactions at all. It’s our interpretations of things that cause us to use food to soothe, numb, and create pleasure. In this episode we will give concrete examples of how one might use food if they are “lonely” and what exercises you can adopt that will begin to heal this unhealthy pattern.

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non-toxic products to support your weight and hormones

Two weeks ago, we talked about how your “outsides”, like your skin and air, also affects your “insides” and weight. Mainly, what touches your skin will affect your hormones and gut microbiome.

The cumulative knowledge about toxins in beauty products has led to more choices than ever for more natural alternatives. Here are some of my favorite everyday non-toxic (and pro-joy!) products that remind me of the miracle of nature.

Una Biologicals Clary Sage & Thyme Deodorant


Finding a natural deodorant that works is challenging. About a month ago, one of my best friends and I were at a tea class hosted by Una Biologicals founder, Jessica Wilson Graves. We both spotted this Clary Sage & Thyme natural deodorant and pondered if this would actually work because we’re not that hippie. Jess said, “Guaranteed.” Pittsburgh people tend to have a high bullshit meter so I knew if she made that claim, it had been tested by a skeptical leaning audience.

Two weeks later, my friend and I texted, “!!!! The deodorant really does work.” My only warning is if you shave your arms, wait ten minutes before applying. I always seem to forget until I feel a slight and brief burning sensation. Also, Una Biologicals is environmentally responsible within their products and business. Refreshing offerings all around!

Givescent Signature Perfume


Givescent was introduced to me by a friend a couple years ago. I found as I cleaned up my diet, regular perfume gave me headaches, sneezing fits, watery eyes and felt heavy. So I was thrilled to find something made with essential oils that smells…delicious! I just love the sweet almond oil smell. And, Givescent supports the charities Every Mother Counts and Women for Women International. Don’t you just love women business owners?

Young Living Thieves Natural Hand Sanitizer


Nature has such a better solution than anti-bacterial soap. Enter nature’s genius solution: essential oils.

I use this Young Living Thieves waterless hand purifer when I’ve been on the subway or have used public bathrooms. It smells great and doesn’t leave your hands smelling like you just left the hospital.

Triclosan, the active ingredient in anti-bacterial hand soap, is linked to thyroid issues and the unfolding gut microbiome research points to yet to be realized dangers from overuse of this approach to killing germs (especially when soap and water are proven to work just as well!).

As we move into lighter days and feelings, I hope these products will help lighten your toxic load. And not because you’re living in fear but because you’re enJOYing these natural wonders.

Be well,



Episode #17: Eaternity, with celebrity vegan chef and tv personality Jason Wrobel

Want to eat for better sex? Sleep? Muscle? Learn about amazing superfoods that you can start incorporating into your meals right away. If there’s anything that most diets agree on, it’s to eat more plant based foods and our guest Jason Wrobel knows how to do this while making it fun, tasty and extremely exciting. We had so much fun having Jason on our show that you’ll have to listen in to hear us talk about cats, saunas for detoxification, and what happens after you die.

Resources to buy small amounts of super foods and Chinese herbs: Ojio.com & jingherbs.com

Jason Wrobel, America’s Healthiest Chef, dishes up a sublime fusion of food and humor to help you live to 100. He focuses on whole foods and big flavors as the author of Eaternity: More Than 150 Deliciously Easy Vegan Recipes for a Long, Healthy, Satisfied, Joyful Life.  The healing properties and outrageous tastes of his dishes have rendered his recipes hands-down favorites among celebrity clients, and regular folk alike.  J-Wro fans Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Piven, Robin Wright, Sigourney Weaver, John C. Reilly, Flea, Steve Buscemi, Isabelle Adjani and Russell Simmons, consistently rave about his delicious and innovative culinary creations.

After graduating from the Living Light Culinary Institute and earning certification as Certified Raw Food Chef and Instructor, Jason went onto to apprentice with the industry’s finest and most revered talents in New York City, Detroit and Los Angeles.

Jason hosts the popular YouTube channel The J-Wro Show showcasing healthy recipes, lifestyle transformation tips and epicurean entertainment. His television series, How to Live to 100, is the first primetime vegan cooking series in TV history, which has taught people worldwide how to prepare easy and nutritious plant-based foods.