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For those tired of trying to “lose 10-30 pounds”

We are living in an extraordinary time. The stability many of us have felt and taken for granted in the West, is dissolving. Our ideas like democracy and free press are being tested. The conflict in our institutions reflects a conflict within ourselves.

Here’s the discomfort I see:

Feeling separated from what your religion teaches and what your Pastor is saying about what’s happening in the world.

Being torn between the tremendous personal pressures to pass exams, run businesses, and support vulnerable populations while feeling guilty about your own problems with all your privilege and “should” be better at handling what’s happening.

Discovering an “uncharacteristic of me” side to yourself who is finding your voice and power.

At the start of 2017, you probably had goals like “cut out sugar” or “lose 30 pounds”. Now, you’re marching for the first time ever. You’re getting involved in politics. Or you’re figuring out your part in all of this.

And you’re probably eating more and exercising and sleeping less.

You know you will need to make your health a priority because you have to be able to take action. This is not the time for passivity. You might be asking yourself, “How am I going to do this? How am I going to get my health on track, lose the weight I’ve been carrying, and feel great?”

You are on the right track. You see, by asking the right questions you’ll start to see the answer that’s been hiding right in front of you.

We are talking about personal power. Personal Agency.

Your battle with food reflects an internal divide. This divide disconnects you from the real you, the one that is the most powerful. When you end the internal divide between the real and unhealthy you, eating well becomes natural.

If this isn’t your first, second or third nutrition rodeo, achieving your health and weight loss goals aren’t about food, discipline, or reading your 1,000th article on how bad sugar is for you.

Traditional goal setting like “cut out sugar” or “lose 30 pounds” is the wrong way to set goals for the seasoned, frustrated dieter.

You know what you need to do:

Eat less sugar.

Eat more vegetables.

Be happier!!!

The real question is, “but how?”

How do I stop the crazy eating?

How do I stop eating the foods that contribute to my depression?

Why do I rebel against the regimes of the diet programs I willingly pay for?

How do I come home from a draining work day and not eat an entire pint of organic, coconut ice cream while watching Orange is the New Black on the couch?

How do I prioritize myself when I have all these new competing commitments?


You have to transform the disconnect between the real you and what brings you into battle. The focus is on you, not the food. It’s a subtle, yet profoundly different goal. Without the right goal, your efforts won’t lead to results.

Why can't a cookie just be a cookie?

I attend A Path Forward to try to understand why food creates anxiety and a sense of failure if I don't "get it right." Why can't a cookie just be a cookie? A Path Forward went beyond superficial explanations and peel backed the "curtain" on the constant cycle of why I can't lose weight and feel good about my body. I realized what motivates this cycle; it comes from thinking I'm not supposed to have needs and should be able to do everything myself.


How we got here politically is from passivity (myself included).

Some of the passivity is from what I call the Good Girl Gridlock. This gridlock keeps you battling food, which is an emotional passivity that feeds the disconnect from your true self instead of transforming this disconnect.

It’s exhausting, demoralizing and eats away your power gradually, subtly and to disastrous results.

You need to set a maximized goal that focuses on transforming your disconnect. That’s exciting, not restrictive. Vitality and weight loss are a side-effect of healing the disconnect that brings you into battle with yourself.

I figured out a non-restrictive way to move forward

"I chose to attend A Path Forward because I'm struggling with my weight and wanted to probe deeper. I learned more about myself and figured out a non-restrictive way to move forward. And, I keep having profound insights post-workshop."
Meghan, San Francisco

I was able to identify a concrete source of my issues

I wanted to get to the root of my endless on and off cycle of dieting success and failure. In a Path Forward, I was able to identify a concrete source of my issues and a potential path to being resolution.

Ray Warner

Ali Shapiro, AliShapiro.com - Truce With Food

Hi! I’m Ali. I support my clients in becoming an expert on their body and health. Maybe you’ve never thought about that before. But wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can trust yourself as an expert on you?

I draw from my own 18 year battle with food, including emotionally healing from cancer, studies in holistic and functional medicine and my Masters degree in Organizational Dynamics (it’s like getting an MBA in coaching). 

I’ve learned a lot from watching my clients and Truce With Food participants go through the transformational process of waking up to their power.  You see, emotional health is directly related to physical health. How you eat influences how you feel and how you feel influences what you eat.

When we approach health from both emotional and physical aspects we can achieve real and lasting change. Let’s face it. Oversimplification of goals like “eat less, move more” just won’t cut it.

It’s time to know, with certainty, what will work for you. It’s time to get to the heart of the matter and uncover the culprit under bad eating habits.

I have food issues like an alcoholic

Though I am thin now, I have food issues (like an alcoholic). I feel like it's a managed condition that is easier and harder at times. A Path Forward showed me why food gets really hard and a framework for figuring out my story so I can return food to its proper place in my life.


That’s why I created A Path Forward workshop.  In this workshop, you’ll discover what is your one, maximized goal that, if you were to achieve this, will make all the other goals possible. In other words, if you can change this about yourself, you will be able to do it all and eat less sugar and get better sleep.

Here’s what I hear from clients ready for this workshop:

“I get so pissed off when people say it’s as simple as “eat less, exercise more. It’s just not that easy.”

I have tried everything. I mean everything. And nothing has worked long enough to stick.”

“I’m so tired. Exhausted. I’m ready to get off this eating roller-coaster because it’s sabotaging my health and peace.”

By the time clients have reached me, they’ve been battling food and themselves for years, often decades.

They’re exhausted from having one foot on the gas, “yes, I’m so motivated” and a lead foot on the brake, “and, I’m just gonna eat this big ol’ brownie and start tomorrow”.

They’ve tried Whole30. Therapy. Other coaches.

They don’t have the energy to do anything extreme or magic bullety.

Yet they still want results and relief. They know what doesn’t work. They know there’s something missing but they can’t name it. The best next step if you’re in this place is clarity.

It’s identifying your maximized goal.


This goal enables you to see everything in a radically different light.

I know this place. Because I was there, 14 years ago. I declared, “I have to give up dieting and accept being fat. I don’t want to die having spent any more time on my f@#$ food.” While only 24, I’d been battling food since I was eight years old, with my first Weight Watcher weigh-in at 11 years old (after Richard Simmons’ Deal-A-Meal didn’t work!).

I was angry. Frustrated beyond words. And felt like an utter failure for “settling” for my own personal quasi-peace instead of my weight loss goal.  Or so I thought.

What I didn’t realize at the time, was setting goals like “lose 30 pounds” or “get to the gym six days a week” were not the right goals. They left me obsessing about food and calories instead of working through my internal reasons for obsessing about food. They were disempowering.

In giving power to the food, I was telling myself I was powerless over food. I couldn’t trust myself. I need rules. And more rules. Which only led to more rebellion!

Once I learned how to set my maximized goal, that gave me the power, I got the results I wanted. With less rules and restrictions! I was able to reverse my Irritable Bowel Syndrome and depression. My skin cleared up. I lost 25 pounds as a side-effect of focusing on my maximized goal.

I’ve been teaching these sound principles for 10 years and I’m excited to bring my latest and most transformational teaching to you through this workshop called A Path Forward.

I don’t approach your nutrition goals like traditional functional-medicine doctors or coaches. A Path Forward is beyond traditional coaching. I didn’t spend eight years in school, including a Masters degree in coaching and adult development, to help my clients slightly improve.

I’m here, like a midwife, to support you into birthing a new relationship to food, yourself and how you will contribute to mending our fractured world.  This is a proven process. Yes there’s mechanics to eating the right foods and working out correctly for your body type. But none of those things will actually happen if you don’t get to the root of the problem.

I connected the dots of my eating habits

I was intrigued by the concepts in A Path Forward. As a result of the workshop, I was able to connect my eating habits to what's happening in my life.


Here’s how A Path Forward workshop works.


  • Identify your maximized goal that enables your health and weight loss goal to fall into place
  • Learn why most health and weight loss goals fail and an approach that guarantees success
  • See your good girl gridlock and how this brings you into battle between the real and the unhealthy you
  • The X factor that eliminates the food battle
  • How you can have it all: to be healthy and powerful
  • Connect with other in your community that are achievers, idealists and trailblazers
  • 30 minute, private coaching follow-up with Ali

Because I’m working with you live, you not only get my proven coaching methodology, guided materials, and interaction with other highly like-minded people, you will get personal attention to your situation.

Space is limited so sign up today and I’ll see you soon.

Who is A Path Forward workshop for?

This is for people who are trailblazers, idealists and achievers. Maybe you decided not to have children or were the first one in your family to get a college, Masters, and/or Doctorate. Or you might be in a cutting-edge health-care role yourself. Or maybe you’re the female breadwinner in your relationship. Or you’re excelling in male-dominated fields like tech, law and real estate. Or you’re a dude who is highly evolved. There are many ways trailblazing shows up.

One thing for sure, is you value truth, exploring and excellence. You’re tired of girlfriend advice to take bubble baths and shop more. You might not use these words, but you’re hungry for self-trust, rather than being dependent on something outside of yourself.

Upon opting into the Path Forward workshop for your city, you’ll get all the details! 

No refunds after purchase. If you cannot attend, you can send someone in your spot.


Saturday, March 11, 10 am – 4 p.m. in Gladwyne (details of our serene space upon sign-up!)
As part of the Insatiable retreat!

Enter earlybirdinsatiable before 2/28 in the coupon code before at check-out to save  $50 on early bird pricing!


Tuesday, March 14, 6:00 pm – 9 p.m. in NYC

Location is Columbus Circle area. Exact location sent upon sign-up.

Enter earlybirdnyc before 2/28 in the coupon code before at check-out to save more than $50 on early bird pricing!

Also, I’ll be coming to Denver (and maybe Chicago!) in May, TBD. Subscribe here to my list to be the first to know the Denver dates.

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